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Why? Why would anyone make a game with so much terrifying shark in it?
The Gamecube turns 13 today. What were your favorite games?
This week's 'Shop Contest demands the White House disclose its hidden Pokemon.
Japan's @BiggestinJapan tells us what he loves and hates about Super Smash Bros. 3DS so far.
A creepy animatronic talking Rocket Raccoon answers reporters' questions in Japan.
Super Smash Bros. is wrecking some people 3DS handhelds:
Not one of this week's 'Shop Contest finalists advertised Destiny, just like Microsoft.
Yes, there are Pumpkin Spice Oreos now. Of course Snacktaku reviews them.
Super Smash Bros. 3DS was on the Saturday Morning Stream menu today. Check out hours of archived footage here:
If Top Gear reviewed high-performance starships
The Saturday Morning Stream brings you Super Smash Bros. for 3DS live from Japan.
The cast of Archer, recreated in Sims 4. We live in an age of wonders.
Guardians of the Galaxy's Star Lord dance recreated in Destiny
Our list of the 12 best games for Mac is starting to look a lot like our list of the 12 best games for PC...
President Obama showed up in Smash Bros. today
...ah yes, down on the ol' weapon farm, helpin' Ma and Pa harvest the pulse rifle crop
A good spot to farm for weapons in Destiny:
Wow, people are actually trying to buy Smash Bros. demo codes:
A closer look at Smash Bros.' most surprising new character: Spoilers ahead!
I'm pretty glad the original Doom wasn't a modern shooter
Okay, I'm interested in Pokémon's legendaries again:
Nintendo employees are streaming the new Smash Bros right now for our amusement:
Captain Toad is almost too cute to handle:
Super Smash Bros. players come up with the best mind games:
Sean Connery was wrong. Always bring a knife to a gunfight in Destiny:
Gaming jobs explained.... a video game consultant tells us what he does:
I'm a video game consultant, and this is what I do:
'Speed Mario Bros.' is Mario on meth:
Tip: Destiny's got a special store that only shows up on weekends:
US Smash Bros demo out today for some, next week for everyone else:
Nintendo is streaming Super Smash Bros (and other games) all day today. Watch right here:
New-gen GTA V dog is looking good:
Blizzard is nerfing two huge Hearthstone cards: Leeroy Jenkins and Starving Buzzard
Destiny's squads are just too small.
7 ways video games remind us that no matter how badass we get, they're always in control:
A 14-year journey to the Pokémon World Championships: via @Kotaku_UK
Hyrule Warriors characters look awesome as 2D sprites:
​Let's examine Grand Theft Auto V's new-gen trailer
Spinning LEGO rotor is brilliant on so many levels:
Virtual reality roller coaster lets you ride the internet:
Grand Theft Auto V will be out for PS4/Xbox One in November. PC in January. New stuff coming.
New screenshots from the upcoming Yakuza prequel:
If you like Danganronpa, you need to read these light novels.
People say this Sailor Moon wallet looks like a vagina:
Impossible GTA V flying has to be seen to be believed: via @Kotaku_UK
Every monster dies in this badass Minecraft fighting animation, starring Herobrine:
Porn star accidentally ends up on math book cover:
Players have already started to mod Destiny: