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Player's secret weapon in Destiny's multiplayer is...sitting:
The more damage you have in the new Smash Bros., the harder you'll hit:
How Riot is trying (again) to deal with toxic players in League of Legends -- and to better reward positive ones!
Destiny's raid doesn't take that long, if you know what to do:
Fantastic Arcade is streaming! Go behind the scenes of some of the year's most interesting video games
The latest Final Fantasy music game is totally rad:
Picking up a new iPhone today? Check out our list of the 12 best iPhone games:
A Sims 4 mod that lets nearly everyone become pregnant:
There are more interesting ways to kill your enemies than just shooting them:
Square Enix's new CLOUD gaming service is called SHINRA. And they're working with AVALANCHE Studios. Get it?
I wish I could tell you D4 was amazing, but...
This week's big TGS news was Final Fantasy XV, but there are a whole lot of other Final Fantasy spinoffs too:
Swery's D4 for the Xbox One could have been a wonderfully weird experience. Instead, it's just bad. via @Kotaku_UK
Very cool interactive embed lets you get up close and personal with the original Doom's pixels
There's a Resident Evil-themed shooting range at the Tokyo Game Show. Naturally, we checked it out:
Remember when they turned the Game of Thrones cast into 90's stereotypes? Now there's cosplay:
The moment when a Diablo III player reaches #1 on the leaderboards:
EVE Online's hurricane cruiser, turned into a LEGO beast:
A good, long look at 15 minutes of gameplay from Battleborn, the next game being made by the creators of Borderlands
The Wasteland 2 intro will never beat Fallout's:
Your favorite anime characters duke it out in this new fighter:
Scalebound is Platinum Games' first stab at fantasy:
Japan's big Xbox One exclusive has one really cool thing going for it:
Hands On with Square Enix's new streaming service:
Some Tokyo Game Show items you can buy, others you can't:
Hands on with Bravely Second:
One of the first people to get an iPhone 6 dropped his phone on the sidewalk during a TV interview. Whoops.
Deadpool movie confirmed, will be out in 2016
I own one of the weirdest Pokemon collections around:
"Reverse pregnancy"? It looks like The Sims 4 mods are officially starting to become amazing:
Microsoft explains lack of Halo on PC
A guide to obtaining and upgrading gear in Destiny: via @koTAYku
A cooler way to use your phone to play video games:
Neal Stephenson's Kickstarter game is dead
The small, weird way Nintendo changed Mario Kart 8's online multiplayer:
Retro gaming parkour on a moving train:
Destiny owners say Bungie can't address their customer service problems
Final Fantasy XV's combat, broken down:
Ask Dr. Nerdlove: The Neediness Problem
$46 million from games you purchased went to charity:
No, THIS is almost every sci-fi starship ever, in one giant chart:
The best gaming moments for the past two months, all in one place:
KOTOR fans, you might want to check out the teaser for The Old Republic MMO's next big update:
The internet reacts to Final Fantasy XV's new trailer:
Wow, all three Final Fantasy XIII games are coming to PC:
These people tried to figure out how Destiny's loot system works, confirming that the Cryptarch is indeed a jerk:
Terrorists are using first-person shooters to spread their message:
The latest, ten-minute Borderlands trailer is insane, but informative:
A Sonic Boom game originally scheduled on the same day as GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One is coming out earlier now. Hmm.
The Dukes of Hazzard meets GTA V: