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The five best game songs most people haven't heard:
Mario Kart's most hated item is actually its best
Infamous: First Light: The Kotaku Review
Titanfall is introducing a new game mode with no titans:
Assassin's Creed Unity delayed to November, because 2014 is the Year of the Delay.
A bunch of new games are coming to the PlayStation Vita:
7 weird alternate endings to Japanese RPGs:
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 has a ton of new stuff. So many keyblades!
I guess in Minecraft, even inhospitable, barren icy planets look pretty.
Things are looking grim for the new live-action Lupin movie, now that the first reviews are starting to appear.
Unmasking Japan's mysterious Batman:
The series' developers have been wanting to do a prequel to the first Yakuza for a long time. Now's their chance.
For a brief moment, this otter's manners were excellent:
Bungie is getting tons of requests for beards in Destiny. via @Kotaku_UK
Atlus is asking everyone not to spoil the new Persona. Again.
Don't search for "Pokken" images. Just don't.
Minecraft-Doctor Who partnership results in awful pun (and a blocky Dalek):
Don't be silly, Hello Kitty is a cat:
Who the hell is watching porn on their 3DS?
id Software lives dangerously, decides to change classic Quake
IKEA catalogues are mostly 3D renders now, not photos. Lies, then, but very pretty ones.
Yikes: Internet prank goes too far, sends schools into lockdown
Fully functional Lego band is kinda mind-blowing
Weird list time: the nations that officially have the most successful fighting game characters
Here's what's 'exclusive' in Destiny on PlayStation: