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Suppose to be working always chilling
Till the end #Back2back #Earlier
No better way to end a good day
#pratice #training #balance
What time you waking up?#Vamp.Life
How I spend my days now.#river #beach #Sunrays #ray bans
Do you already have app for iPhone? — Had
What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway? — Taking pix
Do you still go with Breanna? — Are you nosey?
Do you still go with Breanna? — Sadly no
What was the last drink you had? — Hennessey
That face when the foods on point #Chef.Ken.R.De'
This year gotta be right
Where im at now
Stupid mother fucker #your.lost
None believers have their eyes opened by angeld while my ora attract...:$
Smooth rude #masereti
How all good things come to happen
Smoke Good , Eat Good, Live Good.
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Receiving this in ya inbox means wake yo ass up now not hit me up when u out
Should I get my tongue pierced now or after a relationship?
How females look when they bitching only when I'm high doe...
I smile but I hate waking up in bed alone
"@FemaleTexts: I'll ride with you through bullshit, just don't bullshit me." I won't jus dont get mad when i ask you dickheaded question...
The type of stuff a bestfriend does for you after a break up. #turndown4whaaaaaaat
When black guys find something funny we separate.
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N.2.S... white girls rarely carry sunblock or lotion to the beach. read all labels or ELSE!!! sideeffects might include... lame dark jokes
See my beds all comfortable nd full of fun stuff
I'm not the type of toy you play with nd throw back in the toybox either bring me to bed or share
No Barbies in my bed. Which means no reason to stress, sounds like a perfect beach...
There's never a better high than heing to high
We gon see what's up later...
Goodass break
Making niggas dreams come true would be that shit doe...#legalizeit