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Konrad ILgner ϟ
Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion - YouTube -
Charges brought over killing of Zimbabwe’s famous ‘Cecil’ | euronews, world news -
Petition: Recall Shell's Arctic Drilling Armada Now -
Joe. My. God.: ZIMBABWE: American Dentist Exposed As Killer Of Beloved Cecil The Lion -
☼ Have Scientists Found A Way To Feed The World Without Warming The Planet? | ThinkProgress - #climate
☼ Ramen Is Killing the Planet (Dammit) | SFoodie | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly -
☼ Sea level study: James Hansen issues dire climate warning. -
☼ The ‘Family of 5’ Primary Forests: A Snapshot of What Remains | National Geographic (blogs) -
☼ Demand for Palm Oil Contributes to Deforestation & Wildlife Crime - Planet Experts -
☀ How to Wear Vegan Clothes and Vegan Shoes | -
☼ │Bon appétit ! Exposed: Crocodiles and Alligators Factory-Farmed for Hermes 'Luxury' Goods -
☼ Australia Renewable Energy Gets Hacked & Attacked | CleanTechnica -
Achtung! Die Fa. klaut personenbezogene Daten von allen Plattformen und macht damit Geschäfte bei der Löschung!
☼ Bilder, Urheberrecht und Personensuchmaschinen – eine elende Kombination | Seo-Blog : tagSeoBlog -
☼ Petition: Stop Trafficking in Polar Bear Products -
☼ Witness Chile's Calbuco volcano erupt majestically with an epic soundtrack! (video) : TreeHugger -
☼ Petition: Stop the Faroe Island Whale Slaughter -
☼ Steckt bald keine SIM-Karte mehr im Smartphone? -
☼ Australian Officials Fear Spill After Spotting Oil Near Great Barrier Reef | ThinkProgress -
Climate change denial is a severe brain desaese!
☼Pipeline Spill In The Heart Of Canada's Tar Sands Industry Leaks 1.3 Million Gallons Of ...
☼ New Bill Seeks To Ban Oil And Gas Drilling In The Arctic | ThinkProgress - #climate
☼ Senate Rejects Effort To Teach Kids About Climate Change In School | ThinkProgress -
☼ Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Because there are no spare Earths -
☼ The Northeast's Electricity Bills Have Dropped $460 Million Since They Started Paying For Carbon | ThinkProgress -
☼ A New Court Ruling Could Threaten California’s Ability To Regulate Water Use Amid Drought | ThinkProgress -
☼ IKEA + Sun Country Highway = More Free EV Charging | CleanTechnica - #climate
☼ Zooplankton Are Eating Plastic, And That's Bad News For Ocean Life | ThinkProgress -
☼ Al Gore: Climate Change Fight A Boon For Global Economy - #climatechange
Frau S. verändert die Welt...: einer mexikanischen Schüssel Buntes. - #vegan
☼ Sweden Is The "World's Most Sustainable Country," According To Study | CleanTechnica -
We’re Already In The ‘Worst Case Scenario’
Where are the drunken climate change deniers? Study: We’re Already In The ‘Worst Case Scenario’ For Sea Level Rise -
☼ What is Electric plugs for each country? - Definition from -
☼ 16 ‘Healthy’ Habits That Are Not Only Totally False, But Costing You Money | Online Education Wiki -
☼ Top 10 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week | CleanTechnica -
☼ The Five-Year Plan To Save The Polar Bears | ThinkProgress -
☼ When the Heart Stops, Cutting Off Brain Signals Could Save It -
⭐ Ranking der 10 Städte mit der weltweit höchsten Bevölkerungsdichte | Statistik -
⭐ • Länder mit der größten Bevölkerung 2013 | Statistik -
☼ Bevölkerungswachstum: Auf der Erde drängen sich bald elf Milliarden - DIE WELT -
☼ Solar Power Per Capita & Wind Power Per Capita Leaders (Charts) | CleanTechnica -
☼ Gamesa Wins 70 MW Wind Energy Order In Uruguay | CleanTechnica -
☼ Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Park Officially Inaugurated -

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