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A nigga acting like a nigga πŸ˜‚
Not even wasting my time. #RP @_blindoptimist
Since 2011 I've been called racist, sexist, homophobe, SJW, liberal scum, and now a trans bigot. Does that mean I can run for President now?
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I should just get on Twitter and be told what to think and feel daily.
People beg for tolerance because of differences, but will not be tolerant of your difference in opinion. How do we all miss the hypocrisy?
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But this is to "Spread Awareness"...Ppl are sheep man…
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The fact we're being force feed and taking it is sad. We're that weak.
And now a commercial to promote a show for more money. Smfh
Everything is a gimmick now. Just a world full of gimmicks wanting the attention.
I'm not sure what reaction they want us to have towards transgendered. But I have none.
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my discernment meter is booming off the charts right now lol
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Being force to accept these new norms. Ain't going to be me.
The funniest shit I've seen in awhile. RT @WorldStarFunny: THIS SHIT FIRE πŸ”₯οΏ½hn
What did I say. Lebron is going to try to get the most in NBA history next year. Just wondering what team is going to sell their soul.
Not all black people came from Egypt. Africa is a large continent.
How females be in the club when you try to talk to them #laugh #hiphopvines #revine #c... (Vine by @ElroZayyy)
De'Andre Johnson career end before it even started.
Wild natural hair 😏
We're old.
LBJ is going to sign a one year or two year w/player option deal so he can go into free agency again and make that money. #NBAFreeAgency
So the Cavs are losing Mosgov. Can't keep everybody.
This new TV contract they have coming has the league selling its soul. #NBAFreeAgency
Did the NBA become MLB overnight because these contracts are ridiculous.
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SMFH RT @BreakingNews: Report: Puerto Rico paid all the $1.9 billion in debts due today, sources tell @CNBC
πŸ˜‚οΏ½@MisssLadyBeBeBe switching between her hood voice and professional voice.
You know you're getting old nowadays when you stop paying attention to the new social media craze.
22 with a new 145 mil contract. All I got to say is respect. #NBAFreeAgency
Just watching
You can be laid back, goofy, strange, etc but if you're yourself you would be always accepted.
He better just be hype.
Winslow might just be over hype.
Winslow just keep slipping.
Not Whataburger πŸ˜‚
Not Chris Broussard Lebron D-Riding self.
But I have faith I'll grow to like this pick. Can't be irrational.
And clearly he's oblivious to his own record in NY. He's lucky if Melo hasn't already called and asked to be traded. & he'd better show up
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Should've got Mudiay
Kid skinny as hell.

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