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Finance final was 🍰🍰🍰
Will see if this all nighter pays off πŸ™
It doesn't add up
How can a persons elbows be so ashy...
Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved
I swear everybody wanted to be like these couples.. And none of them are together anymore πŸ’€οΏ½
Retweeted by Ahmed
THIS JUST IN: Johnny Manziel will start on Sunday for the Browns. (via @espn and @FOXSports)
Retweeted by Ahmed
Hoe really thinks the Cowboys signed a god card out of free agency
Retweeted by Ahmed
devil in a new dress
Pain is temporary, GPA is forever.
Retweeted by Ahmed
If loving worms is stupid I don't want to be smart
chill pad deluxe
Fam the Lakers going 69-13
Guys wallah I can't breathe, it was a boy tooπŸ˜‚οΏ½
Retweeted by Ahmed
Momma I love you
Phones at 1%
I lost my iPhone charger...
greatest album: College dropout. greatest mixtape: friday nights lights
Retweeted by Ahmed
Having to stay in your car until 6 aclock because you forgot to bring change for the parking meter<<<<
my leather so soft
Fam I've seen trees run faster than Mertesacker
Retweeted by Ahmed
united still won't finish top 4 lol
Retweeted by Ahmed
You ever slip on ice then try to get up real quick before anyone sees you but you slip again?
I still cant believe you got me this watch
Retweeted by Ahmed
Twista had this shit on in The Source!
Is a cigarette really worth standing outside in the freezing cold
Odette Student Appreciation in the Odette lobby, come get some veggies and pizza😊
Retweeted by Ahmed
@Kob_Zaq LOOL β€œ@DFkinLopes: When your whole outfit on point but your mirror ain't big enough”
Retweeted by Ahmed
Look at all those chickens
Life's getting better each day ☝
Retweeted by Ahmed
Already 21 shots for Kobe in the first half, I Love it !
Retweeted by Ahmed
When she finally lets you hit
Kobe ends the 1st quarter with 17points on 7/13 shooting, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.
Retweeted by Ahmed
philly getting torched
Worst Sunday to wear my eagles cap
Retweeted by Ahmed
fuck drake where's wheelchair jimmy at?
Barber gave me that boosie fade
"La, la, la … Wait β€˜til I get my money right”
Retweeted by Ahmed
If you're not bumping nancy ajram you're not living life