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Know Context
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My how the tide has turned...
off again on again...
You'll never know how much that meant!
Let's flip the switch!
Occasionally it's useful to be cryptic.
It's time to read between the lines...
Don't even get me started!
You've got to be a fighter!
Some advice is better unheeded.
I've seen it for myself...
We're still here folks!
How refreshing is that??
BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber expresses desire to be baptized. Over 4 million people volunteer to hold his head under water.
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It's a new day and a good one at that!
Everything is great!
It's been too long!
You need to know the context!
Newest shirt designs are almost finished!
Everything is moving along nicely!
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Would you believe the Bible really says this? We put it on a t-shirt!!
We're already working on our next 5 designs! Any guesses?
Well today was the big launch - I think it was a success!
Check out our new website - it's finally done!
Tomorrow is the big launch day - woo hoo!
So close I can taste it!
Next Monday the fun starts! Save the date: November 11th!
Sometimes it feels like this is taking forever!
Just a couple more items for the site and we can launch!
Let's see what this week brings!
Lets see if we can get some followers!
Things are looking good - going to launch soon!