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Getting my sleeve started in June. So stoked.
The same Christians that like Nascar, like Third Day. #worship
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How anyone enjoys opera will forever puzzle me. It causes my ears to bleed. #worstgenreever #pleasestoptheviolence
If you didn't play "Alive" in your #worship set today, you didn't celebrate Easter right.
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Easter: the weekend you have 18 musicians on stage, and only 3 of them accept the Planning Center invite.
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'Introducing the newest members of our Family'… New blog from Ps @BrianCHouston:
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Not sleeping tonight. 3 days. 7 hours of sleep. Let's do this. #Easter
I've been working more hours than I like to admit, and yet I still push myself to the gym every night. #Easter #Commitment
You know it's almost Easter when you spent 17 hours at @CityofGrace and we've only just begun.
Please don't name your baby after food and add an "a" at the end of the name. It constantly reminds me of that food. #badbabynames
So proud of my main squeeze @hannahlouuisa for working so hard to get through college.
Convincing @hannahlouuisa that a Justin Timberlake song is Michael Jackson. #priceless
I hate cheesy Vines. So lame.
Star Wars Episode IV with at @terrycrist3 and @hannahlouuisa I'd say this night was successful.
Late night designing for @CityofGrace
When @hannahlouuisa butt dials me and I can hear her rapping while she's driving. #priceless
Background vocalists: one hand holding the mic, and one hand slapping your upper thigh to keep the beat. #worship
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@knockemouttimmy dude, you were THE man on lights!! always loved your work
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When I sing the wrong words, the media guy gets fired for not following me. #worship
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Seeing my pastors from Australia. I feel home. #teamchurch
Watching the new #AncientAliens looks like I won't be sleeping tonight.
I just download SEQUI - FREE TYPEFACE and is awesome!
Had a dream last night that MCR and P!ATD formed a supergroup that laughed maniacally as the internet melted beneath them.
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I am so blessed with having such an amazing girlfriend. @hannahlouuisa #babe
For some actual photos from the For Today show. #fightthesilence
I wonder how many people are wondering why Will Farrell is playing drums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers right now?
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So apparently they built a speaker capable of producing sound at 154 decibels. It can literally kill a human.…
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Call times that are before Starbucks opens should be illegal.
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Almost ready. #cog #cityofgrace
What vocal effects does the band Skillet use for their music? I want to tell my sound guy not to do that. #worship
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@WorshipSoundGuy I've been pushing for a mobile drum riser for years. 1 golf cart motor. That's all I'm asking for.
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Wanted: A #soundguy with a healthy respect for low end. #drummer #worship #music
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I now have the Holy Grail of party games. #cardsagainsthumanity
It's not home. But it helps. #australia
Being a sound guy at the Grammys must be really tough....mixing a backing track and a lip synced vocal is probably difficult... #Grammys
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Happy Australia Day m8. I shall return one day. #australia #australiaday #strayaday #mate
Having a rough day. I'm blessed to have this babe to take care of me.
Dear One Direction, I know you grew up with Lion King but Story Of My Life will never be in the Lion King soundtrack.
Stealing this from @hannahlouuisa Dinner at Cheesecake Factory with a dime. ;) #datenight #cheesecakefactory #ShesABabe #blessed
We're so fancy that we can order an appetizer tonight. @hannahlouuisa #cheesecakefactory #datenight
The collection/addiction keeps growing. #nudie #nudiejeans #style #clothes
I ran out of room in my closet and this is only half of my shoes. #firstworldproblems #shoes
So insanely blessed to be able to call this beautiful girl my own. I love getting to do life with her and everyday is a new adventure with her. @hannahlouuisa
I feel like I'm playing audio Jenga.
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@studioquotes "maybe she's born with it, maybe it's melodyne"
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