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Kevin Millar
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Meet Dondre Harris. The 7-foot, 380 pound HIGH SCHOOL football player.
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Don't worry, a full hour #ITFanShow coming your way after @Dodgers @Cubs. Remember about #askkevin & I-T debut of @Bharper3407!
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Keep your #AskKevin questions coming for chance at prizes & see which Q's @KMillar15 answered in the last…
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@ChrisRose: The Chi player who could lead a comeback against @ClaytonKersh22 with a 6-zip lead might be Jay Cutler.” Well Said Mr.Rose
It's the #ITFanShow so need some help which bad shirt to wear on @IntentionalTalk 2day @ChrisRose u have no opinion!!
Will you west coasters vote for @EmmaSlaterDance and I? Thought for a grown man in a onesie that was riding up on him we did pretty good!
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I'm a tad nervous filling in for the great @HeidiWatney on #QuickPitch tonight @ChrisRose for some reason we just don't look like her
#StickIt Well done commercial
No better time than the #ITFanShow to send a video of you doing your best #GotHeeeem! Tweet it to us & watch your show, Friday at 5pE!
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I told the boys in the studio it's time for some #AskKevin on @IntentionalTalk tweet us I'm some excellent 1's and a free prize @ChrisRose
Basically we are live in 2min how's that math @ChrisRose
Shoot 3-4ET damit my bad tweeps
We are 2 hours earlier today live in 7min 4-5ET @IntentionalTalk we got 2 sport champ Matt Holliday might have some good footage #PigSkin
68 Camero got me this am hood flew open on way to school now coasting back home #Scary #NotPro
Spangenberg at 3rd base for the Padres #AmazingAgain
Quackenbush is on the mound for the Padres #Amazing
Reply to @IntentionalTalk with a video of you saying #GotHeeeem! The best will be featured by @KMillar15 and @ChrisRose on the show!
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You can never have enough @KMillar15 in your life. Catch 1-5 squared live @IntentionalTalk 5et
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Coming soon my boy Donald Carpenter Apollo under fire "Wings"…
Where my eyes will be for the next 8 hours #HomeSweetHome
"Fire It Up" my 4 yr old little girl says! "It's Football Sunday"
@42huntman13: @KMillar15 I was one of the kids at the golf course man you made my day” Enjoyed meeting you guys!!
Golfing with my old teammate today in Cali Jay Gibbons still has big arms and still has red hair #StreetSweeper
"We're in this together" ... My niece (now 12) and starting her first day of Jr High got a splitting…
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Dad is a 65yr old kid who has been a life long Dodger fan now at home plate #Dreams
Heading for my first round of golf with @ChrisRose this am... Stay tuned⛳️
@AJEllis17 @KMillar15 @KershsChallenge tears the entire ride home. Finger pointing too. Not sure @IntentionalTalk can survive.
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.@ChrisRose @KMillar15 "walk of shame" after first round loss at @KershsChallenge PingPong 4 Purpose Tournament.
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Sad night losing to these bad body guys @jimmykimmel and @AJ Ellis17 we sucked @ChrisRose #GoodTrashTalking
Team unis on display. How far are we making it in kershaw's ping pong tourney. Which round do we bow out? @KMillar15
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Reply to @IntentionalTalk with a video of you saying #GotHeeeem! The best will be featured by @KMillar15 and @ChrisRose on the show!
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Helloooooooooooo everybody getting ready for some @IntentionalTalk with friend @ChrisRose he loves his microphone!!