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Jt Hicks
S/o to the people that talked about big samsung phones, and got their iPhone 6+ in the mail today
The note 4 Edge is hands down the sweetest phone I've ever held! Definitely my buy this year #noteedge #samsung
On my way to look at the note edge and the gear VR.. 🙌
The note 4 and edge are here! best phone on the market by far. #iPhonekiller #Note4 #samsung
S/o to the akron football team on the win!
S/o to akron for being up on Pitt 21-10!
Pittsburgh bound 🙌
Can't wait to head to pitt tomorrow to see this pitt vs akron game w my brothers @garrettmcintosh @N_CHUBB #412
S/o to ios8 lol 😂
They do look slick tho but im a droid guy for life! @THEOPHlLUS
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I'll tell you what.. The cosmetics of the iPhone 6 are sweet.... but at the end of the day, it's an iPhone lol
IPhone 6 boooooo lol ...launch is today
Man I love it here in nyc... I don't wanna leave lol
accidentally deleting projects <<< sick
These are prob the best chopped sample I've ever made... wow
Add up if you have ps4 .. / Phenahm
About to go pick up my tags for this thing! ...proud owner
I liked a @YouTube video from @THEOPHlLUS ASHA - Faded // Prod. by THEOPHILUS
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist ASHA - Faded // Prod. by THEOPHILUS
Check out @AshaAliyaa 's final version of my song "Faded"! at…
shoutout to @Key_Wane ..congrats for that Beyonce song
I liked a @YouTube video from @omitobeats Chris Brown/Ty Dolla $ign Type Beat - South Central (Prod. by Omito)
Was he funny? I think I missed the joke
Off to the land with the crew! Let's go gladiators! #cleveland
CES 2015 here I come!! 😁
Check out what Canadian singer @ashaaliyaa did to my most popular track "Faded"! Link is in my bio. (Or just search ASHA - Faded on youtube)
One of my deepest tracks I've produced in a while…
....just bring out bron ha... too many guests
On my way to lebrons homecoming!
Definitely going to Lebrons coming home celebration tomorrow for sure
Happy 23rd Birthday to my brother @THEOPHlLUS and also @Trouty20!!
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Happy Birthday to my homie and fellow Leo @THEOPHlLUS #23
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Just passed an suv convertible.... how confusing looking
Out here supporting the tribe tonight but mostly these dollar dogs!!
These hs8s are shaking my house. I'm in love
@THEOPHlLUS is one the best producer I ran into thus my career !!!! Can't wait to knock out some more classics of his
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#FADED @THEOPHlLUS @AshaAliyaa Great job on this record you two! And an amazing video by @EvansKarena Let's get these views up people!!!
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Just bought a pair of yamaha hs8s for the low. #winning
The props of living in akron. Catching Tiger teeing off at 2!
Listen for 3:25! My newest: Jhené Aiko Type Beat - "Gifts" // (Prod. by THEOP…:
Thank you @THEOPHlLUS for such a brilliant & intricate sound. You are incredible.
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My new sounds: Jhené Aiko Type Beat - "Gifts" // (Prod. by THEOPHILUS)… on #SoundCloud
I liked a @YouTube video from @THEOPHlLUS Jhené Aiko Type Beat - "Gifts" // (Prod. by THEOPHILUS)