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Kent Lim
This egg character in Japan is awesome. Egg white blanket :)
'Tis sweet love - gotta love technology!!! Experience the power of a bookbook™: via @YouTube
Retro Funk Tokyo Street Dancing
Crossing the desert 30,000 ft up spotted futuristic base-like structures (Armageddon space arks?)
Nigiri sushi? Kamaboko? Blue man? Panda! This is my Halloween picture for this year. Tokyo GO!
Basic Ramen at end of night. Always a comfort, to end all blight.
Summer only delight. Reisei chawan mushi - chilled steamed egg & treasures of the sea...
Fresh summer tomato, wine soaked, served crisp cold with shredded shiso leaves.
Fresh summer tomato, wine soaked, served crisp cold with shredded shiso leaves.
Tongue-tied ebullience thanks to beef tongue, aromatic juice soaked, graced by touch of wasabi
The epitome of #metrosexual arts is the Tokyo man - pre-shaped eyebrow forms to trim to trendy look!
Just found in JP drug store - would you like to rub some #Placenta jelly!? into your face for smooth skin?
Tokyo - Massive rainstorm. Typhoon-like. Lightning! Thunder! Power out. Trains delayed. Sweaty stinky BO time, packed in human sardines!
How to Get Reduced Prices and Save Money When Shopping on Amazon via @Zite
Riot of color my summer kimchi reimen love!
Sembe (Japanese rice cracker) messaging... Brand happiness and appreciation weaves into mouthfuls of salty crunchy goodness
A flurry of flapping flamingos flummoxed by a furry philanthropically flatulent fox faxed the fat food phobic farmer.
Main Entry: frothy Pronunciation: \ˈfrȯ-thē, -thē\ Function: adjective Date: 15th century 1 : full of or consisting of froth 2 a : gaily frivolous or light in content or treatment : insubstantial <a frothy comedy> b : made of light thin material
A man, his guitar, his doppleganger... serenading my Yebisu Creamy Top Stout.
If you happen to be traveling to Los Angeles, check out my listing on Airbnb! The 'Peed is a vibrant port town!
Coffee, coaster, flower, vase, shadow... Puchi table art, Sunday afternoon
Planning a trip to Tokyo? Check out my listing "Gorgeous Views of Tokyo Bay & Tower" on AirBnB!
Head of fish speaks volumes of delicious whispers. The fern & the lemon concur.
Coffee, coaster, flower, vase, shadow... Puchi table art, Sunday afternoon
Double cup creation! RT @NAKATSUKATAKESH - The extreme extent barristas go to in Japan...
#KFCJapan has 2 new #boneless offerings JP style karaage & western tender - experiment way to join global directive
Bedding down for the night #capsulehotel compact and cozy
Yes, "Pure Colon" warms my heart too in the #bathroom #japlish
Looking for more ways to bring precious bacon into our lives, J & D's - Everything Should Taste Like Bacon @BaconSalt
Slow-mo uber-cool Robot walk #dance - makin' the news in Japan - WORLD ORDER "PERMANENT REVOLUTION": via @YouTube
Pregnant pause before ramping skate park Zushi beach JP
Example of Japanese innovation - May but we're doing Oktoberfest. Tons beer, cannot complain at all. Come Odaiba!
Sum ballooney orange blue #graffiti with mystery shadowman in #gotanda
#Parapara style animation by #Tekken one of his first #Kizuna - Japanese themes brevity beautiful precious life
Made me really tear up. emotional music video. #Muse: #Exogenesis Symphony Part III - Redemption
Powerful music video "Muse - Follow Me (Alternative Video)" on Vimeo #Vimeo #muse #followme #music #video #the2ndlaw
Master Leotard, the dancing Shrimp. This time of night word play substitutes for proverbial sheep, prologue to blessed sleep. Meh veh Vespa.
Japanese food is wonderful - grilled white #anago eel... meibutsu of Hamanoya
Turn of the century folks had funny fads... The Bizarre Phenomenon of Mass Photography via @Zite
Full view unique #kamenote "turtle hands" barnacles! Tastes great!
"Kame no te" or "turtle hands", a Japanese #delicacy! (actually it's a type of #barnacle)
Like Japanese #trains ? #Otaku to your hearts content - keychains, bags, etc. on Red Train (Akai Densha)
Top 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For Themselves via @Zite
Wed start get free McD fries holder with L size fries - fits in car cup holder for fries satiation while driving!

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