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That natural filter off the sunset! Can't be God's light...that's my personal message/revelation from God today. #ShiningBright
Babygirl sick, so we in today. Guess I'm bout to throw some meat on the grill...and make some long awaited banana pudding #fever
Oh, so it's Wednesday huh? No filters necessary. That natural beauty, hard not to love it. #FreakinGorgeous!
Hurt to the heart, good people...
Tomorrow is Labor Day. Tomorrow is my birthday. Tomorrow is 9.1.14. 9.1.14 is the #LoveBlindMusicVideo Release date.
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This is a throw back, but can you believe he just turned four in this pic?
One down, one to go...daily morning drop offs. I guess he can be a gator fan, I mean...I guess. He was born in Gainesville *shrugs* I guess #Browns #Cavs #OhioState
I mean...I try. Got to do this every night or morning.
My son and I do just fine, she's the one that's takes all the time, lol. And I gave her a fancy part, lol. 35 minutes on hair, but I'm getting better. That's a come up from the curly afro puff I used to make her rock
He's teaching his lil sis how to butter that shrimp
I couldn't resist a dope shot of the chariot! #FloridaSkies
Haha, look what I found. 10 years ago, almost to the date, I put into production and published IJE Magazine. This was the very first issue right in between four hurricanes. I gave scrappy one his first covers. In this issue I also gave DJ Drama one if his first features, before Gangsta Grills went h
My beautiful grandma. Hair credits: @beauteroom (my cousin) Selfie assistance: @lisali216 (my mother)
We are more than conquerors! #YouCanDoIt and can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!
Cleveland, support your own! It's a sad deal when our loved ones go, but there is closure knowing they're in the right hands to be ushered to rest. He's #DeadSerious about what he does! Follow my twin, my blood @deadseriouss #iSupportEJWilliams #EJWilliamsFuneralHomes #EJWilliams #FamilyAndFriends
Everybody knows where I'm from! #Cleveland I support my folks, because it's us against the world most times #Cleveland vs Everybody. Support my brother from another mother. We spent a lot of years together, I seen this dude grow leaps and bounds and still hasn't cracked the lid if his potential. @ia
"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why" - Mark Twain
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if you're up meet me on and leave 3stars on all my posts for a DM! #newapp #newonlet ♛ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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These two dudes right here! Coming to theaters near you. I swear they just take good pics effortlessly. Believe it it not, they were trying to bomb the pic, lol. (My son on the left)
Not doing to bad on this Sunday. New week y'all...own it!
"History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme" - Mark Twain
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@iAmDrops u will have it! Just be patient 🙊 i believe in u ⭐️
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Me and one of my beautiful cousins hanging out at Clearwater beach.
Days like this...and they ask why I'm not ever moving back home? Well, is this reason enough?
Control... You are either in it, or under it.
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#tbt one tooth days for Ahna baby
"I'm emotionally constricted... yet she thinks we can go the distance, what universe does she live in?" #GravityQuotes
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Did you enjoy gravity? (Of course you did) well you can find more great music @ - The Prince ♛
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ALL Internet Radio DJs here's your invitation to Join The #NerveDJs Mp3 Pool Register on I will Approve your Accounts
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Create an Account Upload your Music and Videos to Feature It $50 then Watch Us Work It!
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La verdad es que yo juraba que era la persona mas sana del mundo
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talking to @myclaudette on the nerve djs conf call about her new tv show and new single #NerveDjs
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