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جاء المطر باكرا في #??? هذا العام، وآلاف المواطنين ما زالوا في العراء بلا مأوى بعدما هدم العدو بيوتهم! كن لهم يا الله
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The is what the Prophet PBUH said about the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah
(يارا الفرا) كانت تجتهد، وتبتسم كل عام لحظة تكريمها من المتفوقات .. قتلوها بصاروخ أثقل منها، راحت يارا ! #???
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This is what Wikipedia had to say about the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz. A cup of coffee is not worth it.
Netanyahu: "We will not stop until we destroy all the tunnels". That must be the biggest tunnel I have ever seen.
(فاجعل أفئدة من الناس تهوي إليهم وارزقهم من الثمرات لعلهم يشكرون)
Traumatised children sit in #Gaza hospital. Their mother had just been killed and their house destroyed. #c4news
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Remember this Dua in the last ten days of Ramadan:
What we should be doing in these remaining days of Ramadan:
#Palestine #Gaza and yes it's football final today I'm sure most of us are watching @KKAlThani
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Some tips about reading the Quran in Ramadan. May Allah accept the good we do:
A very good Dua we should be saying a lot
تضمّه ويضمّها وكأنهما روحان في جسد ! الصورة لطفل يضم شقيقته الصغيرة بعد استخراجها من تحت الأنقاض في حلب !
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The best advice from our Prophet PBUH
The Quran is the only path that will take us from the darkness to the light