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When Allah gives us something and we thank Him for it, He will give us even more. We can't ask for anything better (لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم)
Treating someone nicely no matter how badly they treat you isn't a sign of weakness. It just means you already know your self-worth.
من أفضل الأعمال يوم الجمعة الصلاة على النبي، يقول ﷺ: (إنّ من أفضل أيّامكم يوم الجمعة فأكثروا عليّ من الصلاة فيه فإن صلاتكم معروضة عليّ)
Allah knows what's in people's hearts, we shouldn't judge anyone because we don't know. (إن ربك هو أعلم بمن ضل عن سبيله وهو أعلم بالمهتدين)
We're not the strongest, richest or the smartest, but we're also not the weakest, poorest or the least intelligent. Always be thankful.
We are all equal in the sight of Allah. The difference between every human is how righteous they are. (إن أكرمكم عند الله أتقاكم)
الذي لا يذكر الله كأنه ميت، لا تحيا القلوب الا بذكر الله سبحانه وتعالى. قال ﷺ (مثل الذي يذكر ربه والذي لا يذكر ربه مثل الحي والميت)
The beautiful thing about prayer is standing next to each other, where your money, race or name doesn't matter. The way you'll meet Allah.
@KKAlThani this will only happen when we realize that we are here for a reason, and life is a station و ما خلقت الجن و الأنس الا ليعبدون
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We shouldn't plan on being better people, we should start now. We don't know when we will leave this place. (وما تدري نفس بأي أرض تموت)
We are all planning to become better people but we are not willing to start now. How many people do we know who passed away all of a sudden?
If your life is filled with darkness, turn to Allah. He's the only one who can give you light. (ومن لم يجعل الله له نورا فما له من نور)
How do we expect to be happy when we rarely read the Quran? We know it's the cure but we don't use it. (قل هو للذين آمنوا هدى وشفاء)
We all make mistakes. The best people are the ones who make them, learn from & don't repeat them. (كل ابن آدم خطاء وخير الخطائين التوابون)
Treating someone nicely no matter how badly they treat you isn't a sign of weakness. It just means you already know your self-worth.
Sometimes it's much easier for us to forgive someone rather than hold a grudge against them. (وإن تعفوا وتصفحوا وتغفروا فإن الله غفور رحيم)
When we are going through a problem we should depend on two things: patience and prayer. (يا أيها الذين ءامنوا استعينوا بالصبر والصلاة)
"None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." - Prophet Muhammad PBUH
اللهم انت قلت في كتابك الكريم (إن الله يغفر الذنوب جميعا) فاغفر لي ولوالدي وللمؤمنين والمؤمنات الأحياء منهم والأموات
Allah says in the Quran (وخلق الإنسان ضعيفاً) reminding us that we need Him and we have to be dependent on Him every second of our lives.
من أنت لتحتقر هذا العامل؟ تأكل وتشرب وتنام مثل بقية الأنعام، وهذا يعمل تحت الشمس ليوفر الخبز لعائلة وراء المحيط. أيكما يستحق الاحترام أكثر؟
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We cannot expect for Allah to guide us if we don't work for it and ask Him for guidance. We are responsible for that. (ويهدي إليه من ينيب)
When we compete with others we limit ourselves. When we compete with ourselves there is no limit to what we can achieve.