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ur holding a BB gun u dumb bitch…
Hothouse is my jam
I'm so full of energy man I'm not sleeping for a week
Ashe support is so fun
I'm in one of those weird moods where I'm so full of energy that I can't focus on anything and I feel like my head is going to explode
I want In N Out so bad right now
nothing hurts more than being ignored by cats on the street
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Earth-directed coronal mass ejection from a minor solar flare lights the skies. Details:
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Um, I like it tha best when ur nice to me
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I wish my bf lived next door to me
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I'm so bored of everything idk what to do
lmao what is wrong with my brother
On my tombstone I'm gonna have "died in a falcon accident" cause it will confuse people but badass at the same time
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Ben fell asleep on Skype with me and he's now snoring it's pretty cute
Lmao my little brother is outta control
My cat is hanging out with me for the first time in 4 days I guess we're over our rough patch
Things Californians get excited about 1) Rain 2) Going to In-N-Out 3) When water falls from the sky
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"23 emotions people feel but can't explain" HOLY SHIT
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I wish it was dark outside all the time so that my nocturnal lifestyle was acceptable
I luv Death Cab
when he smothers ur face and ur just like my fUCKing makeup!!! (but I love it)
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!!!!! happy birthday my princess !!!!! i love you so very much ✨💫✨💫✨ 💞
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Destiny really is so much fun I even have fun playing it by myself
Fun Prank: Replace the filling inside some Oreos with toothpaste. When your friend goes to eat one, shoot him in the dick with a crossbow
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So brown eyes I hold you near, Cause you’re the only song I want to hear.
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"She sleeps half the day, she doesn't like to be woken up and she scratches me, she's my cat" - my boyfriend describing me

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