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really wish 90% of my followers weren't gamers pls unfollow me
The Office is under "because you watched American Psycho" not quite sure why but I do love American Psycho and The Office very much
watching Room 237, hope this is good
You Can Only Have True Hate if You Have True Luv
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my brothers are a lot of fun to hang out with when they're high because they laugh at all of the things I say
who wants to join my cult
@MarkIsMarkers: My sister called me a hippie earlier. I replied by saying she's a death demon. Seems right” accurate
The stupidest shit I ever read is "if ur girl isn't jealous she doesn't care" or "if ur girl ain't crazy she ain't in love"
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"Autumn the type of girl to sell her soul to the devil for some new thigh highs"
@violuht don't understand how you're hot 24/7
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don't understand how some people have the time/energy to be so concerned with what other people do 24/7
damn the internet really is cancerous
if ur a woman who hates women learn to love urself
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I'm so bored
i wish i was like my phone and when i got too tired i just died
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when u find someone who balances u out and understands u and is on the same wave frequency as u hold onto that shit seriously
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woke up in another panic why why why I just wanna sleep :( :( :( :(
"I told this bitch I was going to sleep so now I can't really go on twitter" - my little brother
thank god that my mom gave birth to two boys that can kill spiders for me in the middle of the night
just had a spider the size of two quarters in my room fuck