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Kirstyn Willis
tvd stresses me out more than college
I have to average at least 20 emails from Mizzou each day. #ridiculous
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um how am I ever supposed to believe it's Elena when KATHARINE IS BACK
You can't complain about being a broke college kid if you buy Starbucks everyday. There is a reason you're broke lol
"bc if we didnt have to search for the love of our lives, we would finally be free to realize that we are allowed to b the loves of our own"
coffee saves my life....and my grades
Netflix is giving me impossibly high standards when it comes to relationships... and when I say high I mean vampires
I can be away from CoMo for just a few days and still miss it like crazy
bad decisions good intentions
sleeping in never felt better....and yes, 8:50 is sleeping in
Does the number 17 actually exist anymore? Without 38 attached? I don't think so
Daily morning prayer that I don't get a parking ticket. #JesusIsOnMySide
know you're blessed when you're in bed & call for ur roommate & she comes from her room to urs just to hand u ur Mac charger😊@JessicaMN133
reasons to love life: fall and the Salvatore brothers #HappyHumpDay
so many vampires in mystic falls that I'm starting to wonder if I'm one
idk what your plans are tonight but mine involve the Salvatore brothers 😻
Callin' Baton Rougeeeee 🎢
I would be so impressed with myself if I could make it through an entire day without taking a nap
If you say "I'm not trying to be rude" you're either about to A. Be rude or B. Start singing Ignition
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We've reached that time of the year where you can comfortably wear boots in the morning then awkwardly change to shorts and sandals by 1 pm
Oh the struggle before coffee
thx for being a super cool roommate. luv yuh @ Aspen Heights Columbia
Lol it's Friday and everyone looks like shit..... Except for @kirs10willis You make me sick
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College is just a continuous question of "okay now what do I need to do next" but instead continually choosing Netflix over those things
obsessed with Stefan Salvatore
We turn our backs, then turn back around 🎢
I think I may have started an awful addiction tonight... The Vampire Diaries 😍
My head says nap, but my body says nope you drank way too much coffee for that sweetheart
Should've just called it like I saw it
I believe in second chances but it's also important to respect yourself enough to not place yourself in situations that went bad before
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When you can look outside and see people sitting around in sweatshirts and sweatpants... That's when you know I'm one happy person πŸπŸ‚πŸ˜»
This weather!!! Almost #sweaterweatherπŸ˜πŸ‚πŸ
The temperature outside right now is what I've been waiting for
Update from Arkansas State this morning: Missouri used 1,750 of its allotted 4,000 tickets for Sat's game. ASU has sold roughly 20,000 tix
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Better make up your mind. What do you meannnn
winter break where u at
Sex and the city marathon never leaving my room
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Oh and how does one get better looking than Nate Archibald
my phone changes haha to "Jana" at least 3-4 times a week... thanks a lot @jmstanfield πŸ˜’πŸ˜…

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