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Kirstyn Willis
trying to figure out how I'm going to be back in southeast mo for a week and then all of winter break without going crazy....
Can't get out of my head, and I need you to save me. If I am delusional then maybe I'm crazy in love with you
I'm not sure if I've listened to anything but Justin Bieber's new album since Friday... 🎶🎶
I'm confused by your uneducated opinion on so many things.... Apparently, so are you lol
Does Kylie Jenner hire someone to follow her around & record her walking into places for her snapchat story ??
Start where you are with what you have and give your best.
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it's that time of the semester where your stress level is a solid 86 on a scale of 1-10
When I see her snapchat stories, this is how I envision @kirs10willis lives with her dog.…
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PLEASE try and tell me your cousin is better than mine.... ILY @acyoung97 😍#april19thhV
do what you love. love what you do
I think today is a good day to watch a gossip girl thanksgiving gone wrong episode
I'm in 8th grade crushing all over again lolol…
Somebody go see jb w me in April :):)
@kirs10willis poppy I do too. Don't have too much fun 😋😋
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Wishing @JessicaMN13 was in CoMo this weekend 😅#comebackk
nobody from the past is beating you right now
yes, Netflix, I will always still be watching tvd
God’s put a dream in you. Don’t let others talk you out of it. Don’t settle for mediocrity.
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actually looking forward to getting stuff done this that what growing up means
so who's going w/ me to see JB in STL April 19th ?????
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oh my goodness. #Purpose is 🔥🔥🔥
Literally fell asleep in the floor using a binder and notebook as a pillow. Being in your twenties is so glamorous
I need to marry this beautiful human being
3 bath & body candles for $29.... Good day
I'm convinced coffee literally makes me see a brighter, happier world lolz #goodmorning
@kirs10willis if I don't return in an hour. Send an amber alert
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my roommate is walking to the gym, and I am highly concerned. She weighs 95 pounds, so pls me know if u see her flying around in this wind
so sad when you finish a series on Netflix and feel like you've lost a part of your it's an emotional time
I've been in a KUWTK trance, and it's time for me to snap out of it... I HAVE THINGS TO DO. leave me alone, toxic hypnotizing famous life
Campus is peaceful.. Happy Veterans Day 🇺�#MiziDQ
I still love this school with all my heart. #MIZ
Transferring to Hogwarts
My solution: sitting by the Christmas tree with @kirs10willis with a big ole piece of pie
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Yeah at 7:44 pm. It's not 10:17, and I would like to be updated @MUalert…
Wow Miz what is going on
Campus threats and tornadoes are being called for's gonna be a weird Wednesday
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On a normal day I either 1) drink coffee or 2) take a nap midday. Slight problem: today I did both. When will I sleep???
I need to be doing homework, but my roommate insists I start watching How I Met Your Mother.... Priorities
a plane ticket to New York City on December 19th and I'm ecstatic 🎄🏙🎁#NYCatChristmasstmas
"The ugliest person I have ever seen is a human being without compassion."
Athletes of color on MU football team will not participate in any football activities until Tim Wolfe is removed…
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wake up an hour early to live an hour more
It's November. Isn't he weather outside supposed to be "frightful" or something??? c'mon Mother Nature
and tvd makes me want to be a doppelgänger vampire w a Salvatore brother on each arm…
Know what's nice to look at? Cute guys. Know what's better? Cute guys with a dog 🤗🐶
i seriously just want to wear a huge sweater with a scarf and leg warmers and fuzzy socks. cmon november get ur crap together
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Ppl complain abt Christmas decorations being up too early but why celebrate Christmas for a month when u can celebrate for 2?🎄#tistheseasonn

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