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Kirstyn Willis
"You're dating the city?" - "It's getting serious.. I think I'm in love." #SexAndTheCity
I always try starting a new show on Netflix but every time all I can think is "when will I find something even almost as good as OTH?"
Why isn't Sex and the City on Netflix is the real question
I πŸ’› Miz 🐯
Wouldn't trade the relationship I have with my grandparents for anything in this world
My grandpa is the best man I know. Love him more than words can even express
@kirs10willis One more night and you will be here with us 😘
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My roommates are having fun without me & it makes me sad aka they're drinking wine & eating popcorn
LOVE my new #lennyandeva arm candy from artfullyframed!! 😍😍#inspireire…xbt
My home will always have fall decor inside and out. I'm in love with October and November
Obsessed w wax melts and candles. Especially fall scents πŸ‚πŸ
I've got my future and goals all planned out.....on Pinterest
you don't realize how much you appreciate home until you're no longer there. don't forget where you came from
I'm sorry Ms. Jacksonnn. I am for reeeeal
my grandpa told me my future husband isn't going to be very happy bc this Michael Kors guy takes all my money
when you love your brown eyes but wonder why your parents couldn't have helped ya out with some blue eyes
can't go one day without being told I look like I'm Indian, Latino, or from Brazil lolz
good thing this isn't real bc it's dangerously hottttt πŸ”₯πŸ”₯5xO
2 1/2 days until move innnn
who cares what you look like when you can be comfortable
I relate to Brooke Davis the most when she calls kids "little people thingies" #OTH
obsessed with sonic's mango diet green tea
Indoor cat goes outside for the first time 😹😻im
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ever just want to stay home instead of going somewhere just bc you can look like a homeless person and be totally comfortable with it
called apple to have my other iPhone 6 repaired & it was supposed to cost $299.. I was on hold for 1 HR so they paid for the phone😊#gooddayy
All of the candidates have their political stats and accomplishments on the side of the screen and Donald has "owns 16 golf courses" lmao
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when Haley leaves Nathan to go on tour w Chris Keller and Nathan is so sad and you're just like.. it's okay babe I'll mend your broken heart
it's a good thing I don't live right next to a tj maxx or bath & body works
uninterested in the rodeo πŸŽπŸ™†#notattendinging
Jake Jagielski isn't given enough credit for his perfectness
be a little mix of Blair, Serena, and Brooke Davis
psa: if your doctor ever asks where u want a shot, dont respond with "in the arm.. I never really liked it in the butt." #morethanonemeaning
this is how my diet is going
will never get over my obsession with the city πŸŒƒπŸŒ†πŸŒ‰
just want to throw on skinny jeans and a sweatshirt, but it's still summer. see the problem
My grandpa just said "your grandma and I are going to make a video twerking. She can really twerk." Lolol #happyMonday
@kirs10willis dog is about to be my netflix & chill bae this school year #PuppyLove 🐢😍
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how about making college more affordable for the average law abiding citizen??? I mean just a suggestion idk…
ever get to the road u live on & think "oh I could just pass it & keep going & not stop for a long time until I find some place interesting"
It's a good thing I'll never be faced with the decision of choosing between Chuck Bass and Nathan Scott... Whew

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