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Kirstyn Willis
I should just throw my wallet in the trash as soon as I get Victoria's Secret coupons in the mail bc it's basically the same thing
It's 12:36 a.m. & I can assure you whatever is owning your mind right now, is real. Take advantage.
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be with someone who treats his mom like Lucas Scott treats his
hold on to whatever you find, baby. I don't trust myself with loving youuu
Leonardo DiCaprio you are fiiiine πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
"the intriguing part is that we can be completely still and thousands of things, both good & bad, are going on around us."
Who needs to watch KUWTK when you have Kylie on snapchat
Thankful that you're my roommate, @JessicaMN13 😼🐯
lol never sure whether to laugh and keep watching Kylie Jenner's story or to just stop and never look again
If you say Will Smith isn't one of your favorites, you're either lying or you suck
You're not fooling anyone Cosmo and Wanda
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Got The Great Gatsby w Leonardo DiCaprio for $1 tonight so I feel like that's a win
BeyoncΓ© pourin everybody's college tuition into a hot tub
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I have puppy fever that never really goes away🐢🐢
#ToMyFutureHusband lol you don't exist bc never getting married
DAM // Fetty πŸ‘…πŸŽΆ
#GrowingUpWithMyName "whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?" hahahahaha I've never heard that one before
occupation: professional online shopper
this is why @JessicaMN13 is my favorite 😻❀️❀️f
An apartment like this would be nice πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒJr6
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a lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep
sometimes I want to ask my dog to go get me something but then I think oh wait, nvm.. you don't know how to human
#GrowingUpInASmallTown means you hear things about yourself that you didn't even know about
nyc has my heart β€οΈβ€οΈπŸŒƒοΏ½Rq
this is basically the kind of thing that makes my heart happy & at the same time shatter into 50 thousand pieces…
in pinterestland I have a multi million dollar apartment in the city with a gorgeous vacation home & lots of designer shoes-how's your life?
This is what Paris looks like from the Eiffel Tower.
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get stressed out then remember brad pitt dropped out of mizzou 2 weeks b4 graduating & moved to LA w no acting experience &now worth $250mil
1 month and 1 day until move in day 😁🐯#comoomo
if I'm up past 2 am, I'm probablg listening to John Mayer
it was a better time when Zac Efron was in high school musical
ready to walk outside and actually need a sweatshirt or light jacket πŸ‚πŸ
my deearr, we're slow dancing in a burning room
seriously mosquitos WHY DO U TRY TO RUIN SUMMERRRRRR
kind of find it impressive when a guy knows how to treat a girl right these days
The Gallows may have been the scariest movie I've ever seen lolol
@kirs10willis yesss for sure, can't wait to see you soon 😘 love you so much!
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So glad we ran into you guys tonight @jmstanfield!! Wouldn't have been the same without you to jump and scream right beside me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜± love you❀️
WHY can I never just go in la boutique and NOT spend any money?!? 😫
I swear, Murphys is the most chaotic gas station in town. It's like a constant traffic jam. #isitmyturnyet
Why #PrayForKentucky? We have the best basketball in the nation. 😏
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living in Southeast MO means sleeping with the covers over your head bc there's a mosquito in your room but too tired to find & kill it

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