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Kirk Morrison
sportrugby 342,763 followers
Sam Bradford tore his ACL again in the same knee. I thought this would be his breakout season. Tough break for Sam.
My Saturday Night watching NFL preseason & preparing for @FOXSportsLive with the guru of officials @MikePereira
It's right around the corner. August 30th. #GoAztecs RT @Ryan_31088: @kirkmorrison I'm excited for you to cover that Aztecs opener.
Had a chance to cover the Broncos vs the 49ers yesterday at the opening of Levi's Stadium. It's…
Only question I have about the 49ers at this point in Preseason is do they have enough players on defense that are game changers for Week 1.
Impressed with Brock Osweiler's recognition of the blitz, locating his hot reads, and the guts to take a hit while standing and delivering.
Seeing Brock Osweiler in the game always reminds me of how lucky Seattle is that Elway drafted Osweiler instead of Russell Wilson in 2012.
Broncos are a bit deeper as far as depth this year on the defensive side. Was something they lacked in 2013.
I guess I should say covering Julius Thomas w/ a safety as well is a mismatch. Touchdown pass from Manning to Julius Thomas w/ safety on him
Putting a linebacker on Julius Thomas is just a mis-match when Denver spreads you out like they do.
Even though the Broncos go No-Huddle offense, the rhythm in which they play with, never seems to look like they are in a hurry.
Ronnie Hillman running with purpose. Looking like he wants to be that #1 running back come Week 1 for Broncos.
Knighton, Vickerson, and Williams are going to have big years. I see 15-20 sacks from interior defensive line alone for Broncos.
Something to look at for me on Broncos Defense is the ability to generate pressure up the middle with Ware and Miller flying off the edges.
The zip that Kaepernick has on his passes right now is something to see I tell ya.
Carlos Hyde looks like a carbon copy of Frank Gore in 49er offense. Saw him pre-game working his feet the same way Gore does in the hole
Added them just for that reason RT @Harrin42: @kirkmorrison probably against most teams. I'd say highly unlikely against NFC west defenses
A quick gasp of Air by Broncos sideline as Peyton Manning takes off on a scramble and is hit by Aldon Smith. Definitely know he felt it.
Peyton Manning gives nothing away with his eyes.
Looking at the Broncos offensive line before the game, I think this maybe an even better unit than a year ago.
2014 49ers will be able to dictate whatever game plan they want offensively with the added weapons they have.
49ers take a shot at the endzone on 3rd down from the 37. Kaepernick deep ball to Lloyd just off with Talib covering.
Almost game-time at Levi's Stadium. My view for the next 3 hours. #BroncosVs49ers #NFL
Kickoff at Levi's field. Doesn't feel like a preseason game here at all
The kid just doesn't quit. He just finds a way. Matt Freakin McGloin
McGloin is just a Baller.
Offensively Brandin Cooks, Defensively Aaron Donald/Ryan Shazier RT @jewsrus: @kirkmorrison who are you most exciting to watch this year?
Another bootleg by Carr
Yes sir. Looks good RT @2threeBeastin: @kirkmorrison Looking Like The Old #52
Khalil Mack with a tackle for loss following the sack
Khalil Mack 1st sack. Straight Bull Rush. #PurePower
Bootleg/Rollout touchdown throw by Derek Carr for 3 yards.
When Derek Carr is in the game, ALERT Bootleg.
Raiders haven't pushed the ball down the field all night. Screens, boots, hitches, and comebacks.
Another illegal hands to the face on the offensive line. That's 2 on the night.
Poor Execution I see RT @davist23: @kirkmorrison What I can see, raiders seem one step behind, poor play calling on both sides of the ball.
So after the Lions touchdown, see how Derek Carr and Raiders offense start 2nd half.
Poor tackling to start the 2nd half for the Raiders.
Halftime in Oaktown. 16-10 Lions
Raiders bring the Pressure and it results in a sack. Go figure
Raiders have to bring more pressure. The 4 man rush not getting much push.
Orlovsky finding the soft spot in the Cover 2 of the Raiders
Whoever is the most efficient RT @ThaDukeOvErl: @kirkmorrison so who you pullin for schaub or carr?
Thats a good one. RT @One___Nation: @kirkmorrison He is the fade route god.
A difficult pass for many but Derek Carr makes that pass seem easy and effortless. Perfect trajectory.
I saw Derek Carr complete that same pass for Fresno State last year vs my San Diego State Aztecs. He gives the receiver a chance every time.
Offense definitely looking more alive with Carr behind Center.