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Kipenzi C.
Have u ever wondered y #lux bags cost so much? Well here's a look @ y! The making of the MJ Travel bag by @LineijInc
I'll be doing most if not all to promote my collection @LineijInc! Thanks @DigUnDiv for this!…
Well @mcnulty_tara thank u for following me!✔️out my passion when u can. hope we interact!
Well Ms. @Shantell1030 happy u found me & hope u enjoy my #tweets!✔️out my #luv when U can.
Thx for following me @kausmukherjee! ✔️out my passion when I get a moment! hope we interact!
Thx for taking time from your travels to follow me @Ellsworth2534! Hope u enjoy my #tweets!
OMG! Thank you so much @sherylunderwood for following me! Please👀@ my collection when u
Thx @rogerhamilton for following me.✔️out my #luv & share our #philanthropic activities!
Thx for #following me @QueerStoriesQDM! Hope u💜my crazy comments! ✔️out my#lovee when u can!
Thx for following me @premiere_avenue. I'd love to work w/ u too. Here's a👀@ my
Thx for following me @DaiseyPeebles, hope u enjoy my rants.✔️out my project when u can.
@ehsonsinaki just sent you a message.
@VirginAmerica your social media team is pretty bad ass too! High ✋👍🏾👍🏾
@ehsonsinaki yes actually. Are you still there?
@luxury__travel this sounds like a place I need to visit and soon!
This means our #fearless leader is on her way home! We're so happy to have her back! Thx #Istanbul for a great time!
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Aww it's nice to know I'm loved! I have the best team ever! Thank you #TeamLineij @LineijInc @digiyesica @luxury__travel @geoff_deweaver #RT
Ok @VirginAmerica I don't know who handles your HR but u should give them a raise! Sue @ LGA is the BEST! #selfie
Check out DORITOS® Crash the Super Bowl Baby Earthquake Crunch
Shopping in #Istanbul for winter wear is the best! Our founder is wearing our Catherine tote & @melissamasse dress
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Win The Ultimate Wellness Getaway 2 CA, complete w/✈️, luxe🏨, workout attire, a private yoga class, & more. via
Thank you @Ellsworth2534 for following me. Hope u💜& share my new venture@LineijIncc often!wwwLINEIJ-ATELER.comyp
Thank you @Shopifybuilder for following me. Hope u💜& share my new venture@LineijIncc often!wwwLINEIJ-ATELER.comyP
Thx @Shopifybuilder for following me. Hope u💜& share my new venture@LineijIncc#sustainablee#technologyys
Thx @rogerhamilton for following me. Hope u enjoy my & support my new venture @LineijInc, sustainably sourced luxury
Sometimes when creating gorgeous! things the road isn't paved. For those days u need a bag that's functional & chic!
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The perfect #Turkish breakfast to start my day!⏱ 2 get these creative juices flowing. #Lineij #luxury #designer #RT
PRAGUE: My Least Favorite City in Europe - via @GL0
Happy 2 be able 2 work w/ other #smallbiz. If u have 1 maybe we can work together! #RT @Shopify @oGoing @ShopSmall…
How did our founder come 2�#fashionn? She came by it naturally. Her auntie was model Barbara Cheesebrough@essencemaggy
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@fsmith827 my nerves!!! Lord have mercy.
Are you watching #HowToGetAwayWithMurder? @fsmith827 my goodness these 1st few min!!!!
I need to be there like right now! @TravelLeisure @cocorocha
Thank u for following me @letgotogrow! Hope u💜my randomness & will follow my company@LineijIncc 2.#LaunchingLineijjv
@Karga7 I've noticed there are no travel shows with female hosts. Why is that? If you want to change that I'm game! And so is my crew!

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