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Oh Friday!!!!! You BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL CREATURE!!!!! Come into my arms!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
My 🐍🚫 wanna go to sleep 😆
Yes, that is @anthonypadilla twerking his ass on my face. Yes, that is Anthony shoving his nipple in @kalelkitten's face. And yes: that is Kalel spilling orange juice on my head. Needless to say, you need to go watch the newest DRAMA KING on and the newest UNKUT on
NEW #DramaKing is here & it’s a HOT ASS MESS. We talk about @IGGYAZALEA’s paparazzi fiasco and I get a little… WET.
"YOU DEFINITELY PHOTOSHOPPED THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR GRINDR PICTURES" 💁💁💁 Imagine if everyone was honest on their first date (That goes for you Tindr THOTS, too 😂😂😂) Go to to watch an honest first date with @officialdaveywavey 😈
As usual, Halloween is 2 weeks away and I have not purchased one fucking thing for my costume, as though it’s still July.
NEW VIDEO! If Gay Guys Were Honest On Dates ft. @kingsleyyy
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CANNOT deal with you horny bitches still drooling over Evan Peters, president of the Crab Hand Fingering Association.
Pitbull released his album cover today. I now know what Slenderman would look like if he was an environmentalist.
that look of pure joy when you get to go home early 😆😆😆😆
Kalel and I just shot an episode of @kingsleyyy's new show! Oh man things got awkward 😂
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If American Idol took place in a shower, I would totally win.
No video today you guys!!! I can't find my memory card 😩😩😩😭😭😭 American Horror Story: Messy Gay Who Needs To Clean His House.
when your grandma gets the D 😂�
I cannot be bothered with girls who KNOW they are not fat, but constantly say they are just so people can say they are not 😒
today was a fucking mess.
My phone is such a ho. Trying to connect to every wifi network I pass. LIKE YOU JUST FOUND OUT THEIR NAME. CHILL.
If the weekend is Destiny’s Child, Friday is Kelly, Saturday is Beyoncé and Sunday is Michelle.
Somebody asked me if I thought there was a limit to the size of a dildo and I was like NO BITCH - you can stick this tripod up YA pussy if you fuckin want to 💁💁 New ASK KINGSLEY up on my channel (link in bio if you're one of those LAZY BITCHES that can't open a browser and type out
Just uploaded a video ASK KINGSLEY | SCARIEST MOVIE EVER?!?
When you’re trying to end a phone conversation and the person won’t shut up
People who wanna live on the edge go bungee jumping, sky diving, parasailing… I turn on my read receipts.
Go to right now to see what happens when Michellé's ratchet ass comes to my apartment thinking I want a fucking ESCORT 😒😒 (a FEMALE escort 😒😒😒😒😒 like excuse me, bitch??? 💁💁)
HAHA! Go watch!!! RT @HARTgotBEATs: Michellés ESCORT SERVICE!!!:… via @YouTube Feat. @kingsleyyy
Props to @IGGYAZALEA for going off on this desperate ass paparazzi. You should have ran him over with the damn cart.
So glad you guys are liking #DramaKing & #UNKUT - check out yesterday’s new episodes!!!
Ladies: If a dude grabs your ass, just turn around and grab his nuts with every ounce of strength you have. It’s only fair.
If the sun was a person, we’d totally be frenemies. I love it and it’s pretty, but sometimes I want it to fuck off.
LILLY'S FACE!!! I just fucking CANNOT!!! AnTyways: there is a NEW EPISODE of #UNKUT on AND there's a NEW EPISODE of #DramaKing on and they BOTH feature @iisuperwomanii & @missblairfowler and if you're reading this, it means yo ass is just SCROLLING thru Ins
If I hear “All About That Bass” one more time, I am literally going to staple pictures of trebles all over the fucking place.
Check this out guys!! And leave a comment <3 <3 RT @dailydot: YouTube's @kingsleyyy is the king of pop culture:
Where is the logic of screening people for ebola when they LAND as opposed to before they get on the fucking plane?
If my grandma falls down the stairs while American Horror Story: Freak Show is on, I hope she has her life alert button.
Just shot something scandalous with this sexiness @officialdaveywavey 😈
Whenever I see one of those tweets that are like "If you're reading this, you're beautiful"... I'm like 💁💁💁 DUH BITCH!!!
Literally STOPPED HER and had to take a picture. She was killing the fashion game - bish has a PURSE that doubles as a BELT and cute ass STRAP on her THIGH and the friggin thing MATCHES her HAIR!!! I just could NAWT!!!!! #Slayed #FashionKilla #DonatellaWho 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Every single day, around noon, I start getting sick of everyone’s shit.
Today is not Wednesday. No. Today is American Horror Story: Freak Show.
NEW VIDEO ON (link in bio) - I'm sick AF and sound like the crypt keeper (why did auto-correct just try to change "crypt" to "deputy" like WTF BITCH???) anTyway - go check out da video and laugh at my struggle because tbh being sick is annoying and I'm over it and why can't NyQu
Just uploaded a video I'M NOT AFRICAN-AMERICAN. I'M SICK.
If I was ever rich, all I would want is a chef. I can clean my own house and drive my own car; just make me all the food.
People need to learn there’s a time and place for everything. When someone is trying to make a difference, fucking chill.
Raven posted a video on Instagram promoting a charity for kids’ tuition and all people could do was bash her eyebrows
Sometimes.... when I'm driving.... I don't understand HOW some of these muthafuckahs got their license.