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P Money #MAD
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It's @CharlieSloth next giving us another essential Fire in the Booth #FITB from @KingPMoney
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On @huwstephens tonight; It's Album Time w/ @famyboys, @KingPMoney in #FITB, @coastsband session tracks & you pick R1's last song of the day
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#Samsung lol *waits for the beef*
I wish you guys can see those off cam moments lol
Oi @Dialect1 HYPE SESSION SENDING FOR @OpiumArtist #lotm6 PRE ORDER NOW!!
ITS FINALLY HERE #LOTM6 @KingPMoney vs @bighofficial 28/9/14 PRE ORDER NOW!!!!… ://
@KingPMoney @bighofficial big h's lyrics are shit he's some Edgar David's looking squeaky voice bellend. #teamP
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"Stormzy's disease had me dreaming bout celebrities nowadays I'm on Rhi more than Thierry" #MoneyOverEveryonevol2
My brother better bring me back them Skittles from Jamaica I swear he'll fly back the same day he lands.
Imagine on USA xfactor, They spoke on the VT and interviews in their accent, then the music starts… & they sing in a scouse accent.
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Snap shot from my latest video Originators P Money x Heavytrackerz collaboration. Coming to you ever…
@KingPMoney "just a week ago" "just a week ago" hahahahahaha
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I don't like being on the phone. I will watch it ring and text you back. That's just me. Don't judge me shullup
not everyone can keep it real I understand tho its just how life goes sometimes
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I've never seen a show wid sooo much rude boys in one spot & it's all love, yo big up yourself @YoungsTeflon
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What's the point in a DEADLINE if you can go over it. Kmt
Arsene might have to hold a dead leg still
800 million spent in a few months on a few individual people and they tell us about recession etc etc. Kmt. Football has dumb money
"@FutballTweets: Hernandez presented with his bench at Real Madrid." omg looool
I can't stop laughing, I can hear the voice and the flow saying "sanogoooo 17 games that n***** scored no goaaaalllsss" I'm so done.
"@GottiOnEm: Mixtape soon dropping out of position vol.1" lmaooo I'm going smash something
"@Biz_Kartel: “@GottiOnEm: Link up TV Ozil behind bars”" FFFFFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSSSSS
Omg MUTD got Falcao on loan!!!??? Oh shit
"@FunnyVines: Who dat who dat That I-G-G-BYE" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
"@FunnyVines: When ninjas get in motorcycle accidents.." omfg
Saturday night = get hype night! Follow these steps from @KingPMoney's pre-show party at #LeedsFestival:…
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"@JAGSKILLS: @KingPMoney yes ninja! Can't wait for you to rock tonight!" Exciting times, it's gonna be mental!
havin flashbacks to how nuts @KingPMoney was at Leeds fest 😶
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