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You're fully in touch with your feelings today, even if you're... More for Pisces
An unspoken attraction could suddenly morph into an obsession ... More for Pisces
Yoooo Melisha Newell
The oddest thing about your current situation is that the more... More for Pisces
The structure of your brain changes every time you learn something new.
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Holla at me if u need a website for anything!!
Although you might try to maintain your control of the outer w... More for Pisces
Big Cat Week 󾍘󾍘󾍘
Lol the fuckery is at a all time high
The first 20 hours -- how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU
Yo the way that dog jumped on that gate! He was waitn for the B.S.
Everything seems a bit hectic today as your thoughts anxiously... More for Pisces
Cuzin Twiz whatup wit dat email Homie !!??
If unexpected events recently shocked you awake, it's time to ... More for Pisces
Happy BDay Whitney Lawson
You are a formidable opponent once you make up your mind, and ... More for Pisces
Although your friends and workmates are fantastic sources of w... More for Pisces
A permanent change of direction won't come easily to you Fish ... More for Pisces
Unfortunately, even the most basic ideas are slippery as banan... More for Pisces Cuzin Twiz holla at me boi its just a quick sample
Your behavior could be confusing to others today, especially i... More for Pisces
Your vivid imagination often guides you better than the facts,... More for Pisces
Reality is giving you permission now to luxuriate in the rich ... More for Pisces
If you could casually slip into another dimension now, the sky... More for Pisces
If you are shouldering an emotional burden, you have a rare ch... More for Pisces
Everyone seems to have a distinct set of desires today, compli... More for Pisces
Cuzin Twiz fuck wit the Page LEGAL BREAD
Your friends may seek out your wise counsel today because your... More for Pisces
Your career objectives are evolving now as the Sagittarius New... More for Pisces
I take a L because I'm a man of principle #IDontSnitch Always Stand up tall. #Cowards
It certainly seems like everything is requiring more time than... More for Pisces
At work building wit my boy Noodles Eve DaQueen Torres he said whaddup Y.A.P. Forever ✊
My manager should be demoted.. He's just plain stupid
It's tough to know who your true friends are today because the... More for Pisces
Rise and grind !!!
Ahhhhh shit they don't free'd up the #TopGoonOfPhilly. Ar-Ab 󾍘󾭻
What goes around comes back around. Don't be mad when I pull a "you on you". Treat me right Ima treat you lovely...
Stuck on the side of the road in a company car!!! They didn't put gas in it or give me gas card smh
You may have an awkward encounter today when you realize that ... More for Pisces
You could be sending mixed messages today as the peace-loving ... More for Pisces
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