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I ALWAYS give my girlfriend a Brazilian during sex. And be that I mean - she always finishes third or fourth. #WorldCup2014
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A red head made gingerbread So that id be fed Got horny in the kitchen So im gettin gingerhead #barsboutgingers
If your name is Peggy, you legally have to work in payroll.
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Morning workouts..... Tryin to stay healthy and active
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No electro. No metro. A lil retro. Ah! Perfecto
Ny ex left me for a dyke that looks just like me. Does that mean she looka really manly or I feminine. Lawd
Me and @kingjoeybeats are workin on somethin so dope the world isn't ready for it yet
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Small Clip of my song"The End" written by myself, produced by @kingjoeybeats!!
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youd best follow me back red! or imma tell ya momma on YOU!
Therws always one bitch who hasnt learned to shut up yet.
When you joking with your mom then she turns it into a lecture :
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Nobody wants to beat my ass yet. So far so good. #BETAwards
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Almost and hour into it, we still havent done anything
Its like that man, its like that jer heard?
Just another day in my life I guess
Some lady jist hugged me and I have no idea who they are
Theres so many people here
I feel like I should be drinking tonight. Not that I drink thou.
Hopefully ill get these vocals today
The weathers not so bad noe. But as soon as I hit the lot its gonna be like 95 degrees n shit