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I'm sorry James harden all you had to do was explain you were doing the Lil B cooking dance - Lil B
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I wonder if these chicks really be liking their boyfriend's mixtape....
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Seen a nigga post a pic of his self and say thirst trap with jhard Dick in sweats I shed a tear for his mother
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Mad chicks that can't get the nigga they want wondering why this nigga with mad muscled want them he bout to fuck ya credit up ma
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Broke niggas come home with muscles getting naked on IG trying to trap out of shape women with low self esteem
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When you tryin to be faithful but these hoes keep tryina bring you down
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if i had a dime for every time i heard a nigga bitch bout the over-saturation of bullshit in the rap game.
why are rap niggas okay with complaining so much?
Oh look, it's explosive shit o'clock.
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but seriously. niggas love to bitch
and i hate niggas that hate on @IGGYAZALEA ! the fuck you niggas doing but hating?
i know maybe 3 people who have kids that are still having fun. and they all have bookoo cash
i think its all fake
i dont understand peoples infatuation with babies. i eat, say words, and poop EVERYDAY! wheres my cheers?
maybe because im in the middle of reserved and outrageous.
maybe its cause im not light skinned
like, BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
i dont never get no retweets
How many more restraining orders are you going to issue me before you realize that I’m the love of your life?!
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I demand to know who is in charge here
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If yo girl got a fatty n you dont hold her hand while yall walking you finna get replaced
Just wasted 6 something at @McDonalds cause they cant make a simple plain cheeseburger. This shit is not rocket science! !!!!
Bithes be hella wreck out here
If she worth a damn she gon have every nigga in the hood tryna fuck.
We can ride clean if we sell dope
I only envy skinny couples in the summer time. Fuck all yall.
Id rather be makin money than taking care of some kids
Niggas will do the most fucked up shit a d then look at you like you wrong for a punishment
Ive listened to @rapsodymusic at least once a day for a whole year now.
I drank myself sober...shit, I hate when that happens.
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There's nothing better than the first season of #Pokemon.
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Bitches be trippppppppppppiiinnnnnnnnnnn N N N N N N Nn N N N N N N N N N.
Your a mook if you eat french toast. #facts
And I dont trsut niggas that use emojis still. Fuck all yall
Im not a "festive" nigga.
Whats life without waffles?
All these happy mothers day posts and im just happy I havent gotten anyone pregnant. Yall be good doe. #happymothersday
My mom still says nigga with the hard r. Like. "Nigger" lol
No one that fucks you while they have a bf/gf loves you. Why lie to yourself?
Niggas will actively chase a bitch who dont want them and scream friendzone bs. For what my nigga?

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