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Wethersfield Av Pimp
Today is bout to suck dick
This oh gawd track needs a dope ass visual
Im finna do a song bout breast.
I been floating like im jesus word to my grandma
I mma make a shirt with a built in mpc. Bang beats out in the hpod while im walkin
I need to invest in some new dcs and a g shock
"@_ChelsieB_: We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police." Idc if jimmy got shot. Im goin ape if that pizza late
We cant relate If you aint never sold weight Never ran from cops I was too fat to skate!
Dont be fooled. Light skin bitches still the devil
Suddenly I wish I had a banjo
"@MissWhite_Girl: I gotta go find me a new bitch cause the bitch i got now be actin like she dont know how to act" Replace dat bitch
Ill never understand how a dude is gonna enjoy gettin kicked in the balls thou
Somewhere out there is a girl takin a shit on a guy and he is absolutely loving it
Im a different kind of jackass
"@BananHTX: “@DJZeeti: twitpic a selfie that will make niggas say DAMN” maybeeee" @samaashley1996
The internet has made me expect every white girl to have a fat ass
Bass will melt ya face when its cranked up right
Im gratefup thou. Football made me a man. Everyd child needs to do a sport
Hopefully hes stay healthy. Half the hood wish they had another shot
Sweet baby Jesus, some of you people are hot. Or at least the pictures of the people that are supposed to be you are hot.
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He gon be doing drills everytime he fuck up in school