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"Just don't make a lot of babies and don't have em by dumb b*tches" - Wayne Black
My daddy gone train my son to be a pitcher at birth. And ima teach him accounting
They gone lose tonight after this tweet RT @LilTunechi: YMCMB-Young Mo'Ne Cash Mo'Ne Baseball!!!
Lmao RT @Bunyan__: No matter how bad ya day going just remember it's not as bad as Lebron real father day
I'm just waiting to be the first nigga to decline the ALS challenge
I'm never gettin a broke chick pregnant. And I will never pay child support. I rebuke those evil things out my life.
No RT @WhoTFisChris: "Nut in her 1x for the team!"
Early round of applause to all the freshmen girls that's gone get pregnant before the semester over.
😭 RT@WhoTFisTeee: 😂😂@Oscarda3rda3rd: I'm still waiting on bobby Shmurda cap to come”
My friend girl don't have a twitter or FB. She got a few followers on IG and none of my homeboys know her.
Don't fuck with a hoe that participate in Zeeti "tweet a pic" challenge or them hoes that always answering twitter questions.
What's Brianna Perry IG ?
Tammy R ice challenge >
I unfollowed the Miami Heat IG page & Wade and followed Kyrie & Cavs page.
I'm just tryna listen to the BreakfastClub at work on my lunch break.
Thank God school done started back, hopefully some of y'all can focus on ya schooling instead of social media.
It's about to be 6 years since my freshman year at Tech.
Tammy Rivera just moved to #1 with the sexiest lips to me. Draya #2 & Sheneka Adams #3
Tammy R. so damn beautiful to me. Jesus! @MzFlame86
And that 458 don't do the lil lane! @ferrarimotorspo motor_head_ @supercarsmiami
If ya Dream ain't scary, you ain't dreaming big enough young boy RT @_DeeMula: I'm so scared of the future
Booty so big I'll put a ring on it, but for now I'll tattoo my name on it.
Extra $10k along with my both of my salary jobs.