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Kim ZolciakBiermann
My sweet @arianabiermann saying good bye to Chanel today and daddy @kroybiermann face timing from London to say his good byes! Never imagined this day. My girls grew up with her, hell I grew up with her! I love you Chanela Bella. I know you are happier now but I miss you. 💔💔 #RIP
One of the hardest days of my life today! We had to put our "little fur ball" Chanel down. We had her almost 12 yrs! My heart is so broken. 💔
@CharissaT: @Kimzolciak @biermann71 Come to London. I will be there!! I'll babysit. ❤️” damn u will be?!
@BamagrlMissy: @Kimzolciak can you tell me the name of the shakes you like so much? Would love to try them.”yes @310Nutrition
@rocozz: @Kimzolciak @biermann71 why didn't you go too?” Umm 6 kids! 😍
I'm already missing @biermann71 and he just took off!!!! I love you sweetheart!! #london #AtlantaFalcons 😍😘
@RLBANKZ: @Kimzolciak cracks me up when she addresses her haters in the most sarcastic ways 😂” u crack me up before I even open ur emails!
Happy Birthday @sladeosborne hope you are enjoying your day!! @briellebiermann can come home anytime now 😜😜
RISE UP ATLANTA!!!!! It's game day!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #myboysouttacontroltoday
Woke up to this! I swear I have the sweetest kids thank you @briellebiermann you made my day I love you pumpkin!! 😍😘😘
@devonnoehring: Omg I'm so excited that my hair dresser and I just bonded over our love for @Kimzolciak” awe thx cutie 😘😘
@jennahbeann: can I get a diamond like @Kimzolciak please😍”@biermann711 designed the entire ring himself!! 😍😍😍
@jstskh: @Kimzolciak @hautespotnail I wish they were round..still pretty!” They were last week!!
Sitting in traffic!! 😩😩 thank you @thehautespot for fitting me in today I was having a moment 😜 love my new nails!! Oh and yes I they are long so I can scratch my babies #idiots
My twins will be 1 next month 😳😳
@FrankieJGrande @Kimzolciak who has her own show just gave her daughter 4 tkt to c ur sis would b nice to c u on her show have them film it
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@HilaryHeartsYu: Don't be tardy is legit my fave show @Kimzolciak”😘
You are what you eat. People who enjoy sweets like chocolate tend to be more generous, happier, selfless & open minded.
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And our angel got 4 tickets to Ariana Grande ... It made her cry! I love it she is sooooo happy 😍😍😍😍 #arianaisobsessedwithariana
Sent @arianabiermann on a scavenger hunt tonight to find her birthday present! It was a team effort thx @cheftraceybloom for you help you are a badddd beyotch!!! 😜😉😁 #13thbirthday
@jocastaanne_x: @Kimzolciak Halloween decorations are on point😍🎃” 😘😘
Four teeth on the bottom!!! 😬😬😬😬😬😬 #ilikehiminscarfsthatiswhyheiswearingIt #boysinscarfsarecool #ifyoudontlikeitsorryheismysonanyway 😜 #kaneskool 😍😍
@arianazolciak Have a fantastic day with your lovely family and friends!!! xoxoxo Happy Special Day 13!!
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Happy 13th Birthday to my beautiful Ariana!! You have taught me so much and I'm so thankful you chose me to be your mommy! You are an incredible daughter, an amazing sister, a great friend and an incredible student. Your love for life is contagious! We are so proud of you and we love you so much whe
Soooo typical of Kaia!!! She is a mess 😂😉 she doesn't like Kane in hats nor does she like @kroybiermann in hats!! Poor Kane he puts up with Kaia's abuse 😜☺️😍😍😍 leggings/scarf from @house_of_mia and tshirts from @meohmytees 😘😘
Kane & Kaia!!! 😍😍 heading out for a stroll!! Im obsessed with their "best friends" shirt from @meohmytees and their leggings and infinity scarfs are from one of my favorite @house_of_mia (I'll do better on posting where I get their stuff I know you guys ask all the time) 😘😘 #twins #3boys3girls #
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@CharissaT: I'll NEVER understand why people exert so much energy being negative. Be light. Life is so much better over here!” Absolutely 😍
Excited for LA!!! @JackKetsoyan been a hot minute 😩 😘😘
Can't believe how sweet @cocacola is! Personally Delivered these amazing goodies to my front door!! Thx so much @katehartman7 @callieriggs you guys are so thoughtful 😍😍
@Kimzolciak asking for extra prayers for this sweet girl who is 9 with an aggressive brain tumor😇💚Thank
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Good morning beautiful!! 😍😍This is how I started my morning although my didn't look this pretty! 😔 this is delicious @310nutrition chocolate is heaven! I use Hershey's chocolate syrup And it adds the perfect touch! 😘 #310nutrition #onthego #chasingbabiesandteens 🏃🏃
Just put a big spoonful of Zaxby's coleslaw in my mouth and it was rancid. I CANT 😩�#whydoesweirdshitalwayshappentomewithfoodod 😠
@PerezHilton: Celebs Who've Never Changed Their Hairstyle!” 😜😉
This weather though 😳
@Kimzolciak your wedding is number one on Bravo. 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘
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I can't!! These two!! 😍😍😍 yesterday at Daddy's game! They kept telling each other secrets 😂 thanks @civiltwilight1 for capturing these moments 😘😘
Love when my girls are home from school 😍😍
@PrentissSimpson: @Kimzolciak can you please tell me the name of the Dr. you used in Miami?” @lhochsteinmd
@waps73: @Kimzolciak The best part of the game was watching your kids wave to their dad.” Aw they love their daddy!!
@Kimzolciak just got compared to Kimora lee! In such a cool way! You both have kids and SnapBack bodies! Both looking great!
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My "niño" off and running with his "perfect pumpkin" his sweet little face melts me 😍😍😍😍😍😍
THX U to R sweet friends @Kimzolciak @biermann71 Can't wait 2open! Thank u for always being there for us! #TrueFriend
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She knows she's beautiful 😜😉😍 such a little diva!! @briellebiermann @arianabiermann are teaching her the ropes 😩 #iadoremygirls
Top pic: Haha! Kane I got Elmo!! Go ahead try it buddy 😉 Bottom pic: it's abt time Kane you learn, Ladies 1st buddy and women ALWAYS get what they want 😜 #thecutestbabiesever #sotheirpersonalities