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Haven't done this much HW since I started school smh
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Only man above me is God himself
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ignoring me makes me lose complete interest in you. bye
I know a lot of shit but I keep it lowkey.
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She say I got too many hoesss
I Won x Future 😭😭😭💘
I need a bae who will cook for me when I don't feel like cooking
"@treeeece: first you get attached then you get heartbroken now you're a heartbreaker" Basically
And the days almost over so I wanna wish this beautiful being a wonderful 18th birthday 💕 Your…
Not worth going out of your way to talk to someone who doesn't care..
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The huge fire that happened on Figueroa DTLA is so devastating.
Just drank the rest of this nyquil cuz I know I'm not gonna sleep tonight
Am I really just waking up ? Lmao that was not a nap
My baddie & I 😈 Definitely a night to remember!
This morning has gone by sooooo slow, it's crazyyy
Zaaaayyuumm niggas racing on this block. brap! brap!
"@YaBoyRoshi: When your homie skips u when he hits the blunt"
Nigga's be trying to flex on social media,when they know they don't got it like that.
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Ayye. lil homie Peter geeeetin it
Fuck you, fuck him, fuck them
Tryna shmoke, not feeeeeling school today
why be moody when u can shake dat booty
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I wanna go to the snow ⛄💙
ways to lose ya girl: lack of communication, not showing her off, lack of attention, being nonchalant and/or entertaining other b*tches.
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My brother got another raise at his work, he's moving up 👏👏
FUCK!!! I woke up late :(
American Horror Story: Cops
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I've never hated stairs so much in my life until today. My legs feel like noodles 😣
When you're in bed and you drop your phone on your face:
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No one understands how hungry I am rn
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Waking up and I can't even sit on my toilet, fuck.. sore or sorry 💪
Volleyball players have the best asses
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