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Retweeted by Kimberly
Really feeling Britney Spears tonight 😂😏
thank you mom, for making me so fucking bomb
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Not everyone is from California and that's SO sad like some people are literally from places like Delaware or Iowa
Retweeted by Kimberly
😿.... sweet baby jesus 😻👅
Hard Summer, pls come faster. I can feel the vibes already 😭😍😍😍
LA boolin coolin'
I lost my cover up 'n it was basically brand new why why why... 😣
Rise 'n grind 💪
I've drank about half the bottle of this nyquil and I am still awake. Okaaaaayyyy...
When u forget to lock ur bathroom door and somebody walks in…
Me and my friends have done some of the craziest stuff that ill always remember  #skwaad
Retweeted by Kimberly
Can they like not show scary commercials at this time
Retweeted by Kimberly
When you forget to bring grab a towel to shower and have to run to your room after 😭😭�
Retweeted by Kimberly
seriously going to invest in a g pen idc. just something i can shmoke on when I can't sleep, without having to get outta bed.
Hate being sober....... I all start simpin' smh.
when he comes back in the room and you act like you wasn't just trying to figure out his passcode.
Retweeted by Kimberly
When you're mad at your parents and they tell you dinner is ready
Retweeted by Kimberly
Love or confusion?
I wanna do something crazy like not chillin typa stuff
Retweeted by Kimberly
I just wanna lay up, beautiful soul, smoke til we reach the stars and not worry about a damn thing.
What a sad way to know somebody, a love that could have happened but never did
Last dance with Mary Jane, one last time to kill the pain 🎶
Loyalty & communication can take you far in a relationship,s/o to those who got it.Sounds simple but so hard for people to provide
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It's so hard being nice to people who don't deserve your kindness
Retweeted by Kimberly
Okaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy. So annoyed
my interest for you is real as fuck
Retweeted by Kimberly
Listening to Britney Spears idc I still love her 💖
Okaaaaay bae didn't compliment my hair today wtf I look bomb F you
Retweeted by Kimberly
Seen a big ass pint of activis at my grandma's today... ayy 😈 bout to come up#ionevensipleanthoo 😂
I need to get better asap so i won't have to keep letting my cold be an excuse for me to pig out 😂 fr though smh....
Amy looks sooooo bomb! I'm speechless 😻

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