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This guy slaps your girlfriends ass, what do you do? 😂�
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you can't change the past so stop looking back at it and stressing over it and look to fixing your future instead
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A little tb/tu lol 👯🍷 bcus my sister looks like a dime here!
When your mom tell you to run to the car and you can't find any shoes
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proud of myself... i didn't watch netflix all day today!
i wonder why i don't react to my emotions, it bugs me.
Awww seeing kim today made me happy 💗
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tell them what i hoped would be impossible
@Kimmykimkim97 we look like professionals, we bouta hide in cakes and shit at parties for money 😂😂😂💃
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YA'LL SHOULD GO CHECK MY RAD VIDEO I POSTED ON IG W/ @paultrv_ & I #toofunny #volleyballmoments
why is there crumbs on my keyboard?!
where were you when i cried at night?..
nancy is sooo skinny omg, what have i been doing all summer? getting fat!