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"@Kayypalmm: Be thankful if you have a good relationship with your mom." Wishing lol
"@HornyFacts: When your best friend won't stop being a hoe.."
after a longgggg hot day! Much needed ♥
🏊 boutta go swimming �#WatersWarmCauseOfThisHeata#Winin
Dinner? I'm thinking grilled chicken breast with spinach 😓#ThatDietLifee
"@HooperHardin: A lot of you females are becoming the men who broke y'all hearts..💯🙌" # SorryNotSorry 👋
"@darlachampagne: @Kimmykimkim97 well we're planning a squad trip to horror nights and you're a part of squad sooooooo....." ihy guys 😭😭😢
I don't do Horror Nights, or Fright Fest. I'm a super scarey cat & I'd probably cry 😣
This heat puts me in such a shitty mood lol
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When my mom leaves with out me to the store after I told her to wait
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It would be rad as fuck to be able to re watch your dreams after u wake and bake while you eat some dank ass cereal.
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Can I go back pls 😍😍
I finally get listen to my music and my earphones are popped. . Great
As much as I want to...
tht awkward moment when someone does tht #gloupchallenge and theres no difference between 9 and 12 grade
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Yes can I get a pumpkin spice latte and you to go pls
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can i just wake up tomorrow and be skinny & cut as fckk
The thing that people don't understand about volleyball is that it's a mental game. You can't win with the wrong mindset
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I wish we had serve up songs like baseball has walk up songs. #volleyballproblems
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I miss @janelly_HH 💕 she's playing with me rn... Come back to Cali already 😫
I want it to be cold and cloudy with some rain and wind and alllll that good stuff! 🍃🍂🌾☁️☔️❤️
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"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."
idc, i will always love Superman x Brown Boy 😍#NeverGetsOldd
I got family I don't talk to , you think I'm tripeen about highschool friends ? Lol naaaaaah 😂😅
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Tomorrow i start my diet.... Lordddd be with me 😢
One of yall hoes gonna be like "Relationship Goals"...Just wait on it
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The best father-daughter advice I've ever read 🙌
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"@HollywoodLavish: How many females been through this ? 😂�" 😂 😂 😭
Wishing I went to Malibu High so I could play beach volleyball w/ them. . #sad
Am I the only girl who actually doesn't mind beach hair... i love it!
☀🌊 out here 💛
Beach today!!!! Hurry up sun...
Good night, let's see what tomorrow brings 🌛
& Andrei Arlovski #WinnerByKO aye 👏
Another squad get-together 👯💘 #Mayweather ayee 👊 #VolleyballisStillLife
Attracted to bad things that make me feel good
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in love with Barbie & Shadow! 🐶�
I get in the saddest moods at night
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