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Boys who have proper grammar
"@Ahhfiqq: HAHAHA 😂😂😂 R@fcksmmiemi#InMiddleSchoolool everyone edited their pictures like this”"
I have different hiding spots around my house where I keep my little bag with my weed & supplies in c: <3 #thug
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Belieber: Justin Bieber is so yummy. Justin: Why do some beliebers call me 'yummy'? I mean..I'm not a sandwich..
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Mm one of my fav bands #nw MTV Icons : 30 Seconds To Mars
Thanks :) RT @ImieAirBorn: @KimmieDimple untung la org slim ;D
When your ex hits you with that I miss you bullshit s s w w e e r r v e e bitch✋
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Wth are you referring about that bitch? Whoa then fy
You may be prettier, but I'll out boob you on every level.
I eat a lot this week so I have to workout hardcore
Thank you babe ♥ RT @LyssaDianeXO: @KimmieDimple eeeee ur body perfff :(
If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
RT @AsrulBolt: Give yourself credits if you woke up for sahur by your own. Not many teens can do that hahaha
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It's so wet & gloomy outside I'm about to eat some pizza, drink some juice and watch Netflix
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I'm proud of my heart. Burned and broken but somehow still works
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You can't do better
Doesn't matter you're thrash,metalcore,groove,death or heavy metal.What cares is that metal makes us is one big family......:)
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I feel so sorry for Lea Michelle, I can't imagine what she's going through #PrayForLea
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Bad things always happen to good people
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RT RT RT @AliKhuraysha: Bila orang tuh sudah tiada, barula kita mau hargai orang tuh.
CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO LOSE YOUR IDOL? some of you are so sick, stop making jokes. #RIPCoreyMonteith
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Good luck getting my heart back
I'm done, I had enough ☺
Tidak pandai sabar ini anak. Malas eh macam budak - budak ja. Kasi jual kau sama om. Baru kau tau sana. Haha
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No one really cares unless you're pretty, famous, popular or....dying.
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New clothes or shoes please 😩
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I just hate that smile. You killed somebody, why are you smiling?
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It's my momma's birthday today! Happy bday mom!! 💕💕💕💃
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Just cry your heart out, cry as long as you want. It will make you feel better and stronger. I promise :)
Here's To Never Growing Up #NowPlaying
Guys with sense of humor are such a turn on.