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Barbie Rose ♥
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Smile for the camera big girl ;)
Boys who have proper grammar
"@Ahhfiqq: HAHAHA 😂😂😂 R@fcksmmiemi#InMiddleSchoolool everyone edited their pictures like this”"
I have different hiding spots around my house where I keep my little bag with my weed & supplies in c: <3 #thug
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Belieber: Justin Bieber is so yummy. Justin: Why do some beliebers call me 'yummy'? I mean..I'm not a sandwich..
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Mm one of my fav bands #nw MTV Icons : 30 Seconds To Mars
Thanks :) RT @ImieAirBorn: @KimmieDimple untung la org slim ;D
When your ex hits you with that I miss you bullshit s s w w e e r r v e e bitch✋
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Wth are you referring about that bitch? Whoa then fy
You may be prettier, but I'll out boob you on every level.
I eat a lot this week so I have to workout hardcore
Thank you babe ♥ RT @LyssaDianeXO: @KimmieDimple eeeee ur body perfff :(