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Rezha Julio
[DS/EN] MyRepublic Enters Indonesian ISP Competition
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Warisan Pemikiran John Nash (at @freedominst) [pic] —
Grinding and brewing your own coffee taste so different #latepost
Code and Cold blend cappuccino
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Google I/O Extended 2015
Be careful who you trust. The devil was once an angel.
Another reason to not use uber RT @dailysocial: Polda Metro Jaya Tangkap Lima Sopir Uber
Video-game sales may reach $92bn this year—more than films and recorded music combined
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Remember when apps were called programs?
WikiLeaks Begins Releasing Leaked Saudi Arabia Cables…
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Google I/O Extended 2015 (with Adiyat) [pic] —
Google I/O Extended 2015 (with Adiyat at @BINUS_UNIV) [pic] —
Writing PHP is like peeing in the swimming pool… Everyone did it, but we don’t need to bring it up in public.
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Fact: Beats by Dre are mostly plastic… Plus metal weights to give the illusion of quality:
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Elementary OS moving out from SourceForge
Donald Trump reportedly paid actors to cheer at campaign event. LOL
Google Is Now Listing SourceForge as a Malicious Site
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.@anafajrin24 foto model hahaha 😁
Malu kalo gila sendiri RT @widhiholic: Gila kok ngajak2
.@anafajrin24 pasti mau upload foto *uhuk* ya? 😝
The CEO of Nestle is an absolute cock… Find water somewhere else dickhead. There’s plenty around, just not there.
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Whooaa! Is Donald Trump running for president ? If he wins, everyone in the White House are gonna get fired!
LastPass Password Vault Hit by Hackers: The attackers may have all they need to start bruteforcing master passwords.
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Cobain deh 5 kali naik @gojekindonesia gratis sebelum tanggal 18 Juni dengan menggunakan kode "542533480" #gojekgotmehere
Hello SCTV (at SCTV Tower) [pic] —
Kesepuluh kalinya naek @gojekindonesia. Nyampe tujuan ga pake telat. Terima kasih 😘 (at SCTV Tower) —
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Jangan pakai CMS Lokomedia yah, ntar gw ngintip database usernya >.<
Third time using @gojekindonesia, biasa macet-macetan 10 km sampe 2 jam, sekarang cuma 30 menit. Thank you!
Worldwide *Developers* Conference? Sounds awful.
SourceForge's bundled crapware installer is using virtual machine detection to avoid detection by researchers.…
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Warning: Don’t Download Software From SourceForge If You Can Help It via @howtogeek…
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Who owns the Web? *Spoiler alert.* Everyone does. #FoxYeah -
Anyone who says video game music is just a bunch of beeps and blips hasn’t been listening close enough:…
A complete lack of willingness by us to stop texting while driving is the single biggest reason self driving cars will become the norm.
MongoDB announced 10,000,000 downloads! Or, as their other two partitions reported, 9,999,323 and 10,001,403 downloads.
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Verifying myself: I am kimiamania on 1SdSvZk_-YmsENySyQWB24hMvp1tcS_X_Xm7 /…
This is our new #ubuntuphone: Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition. It will be available from mid-June for 199,90 euros
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