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Rezha Julio
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Remember to learn something new and challenge yourself daily… Otherwise you slip into middle-management.
The more I try, the harder I'm able to understand people.
Full Circle Magazine #90 has arrived!
BREAKING: Millions of #Xiaomi Mi Accounts Hacked; Change your passwords immediately
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~@jcinnamond explains why #golang is a great Object Oriented language in his lightning talk from @dotGoEu…
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The first release candidate for Brackets 1.0 has been posted:…
CodeIgniter v3 is moving to MIT license -
Hey party people, Bootstrap v3.3.0 is out today! Tons of accessibility improvements, bug fixes, and more info on v4:…
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Google Fit is a go! Today, the Google Fit APIs are fully available on Android, Android Wear, and the web.
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Puan: Indonesia Health Card and Smart Card Available Next Month
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Awesome. Check out @freebsd performance tools. Thx @brendangregg Many of these works with OpenBSD and co too :)
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OPENAGE: A free (as in freedom) clone of the Age of Empires II engine.
Yum RT @detikcom: Prioritas Menkominfo: Internet Cepat & Merata via @detikinet
Good bye AngularJS, Hello EmberJS
Re-election of the DSF Board: Call for candidates - Over the last 12 months, the Django Software Foundation (DSF) ...
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The Don’t Be a Dick Public License is now available in Ukrainian and Finnish Happy Sunday.
48 hours left to score the @humble @mozilla Bundle, our collection of 8 awesome indie games:
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Dive into OpenShift with SSH
Tokopedia dapat Rp1,2 Triliun, diakuisisi, minggu yang produktif untuk industri tech Indonesia
Node v0.10.33 (Stable)… This disables for the common case SSLv2/SSLv3 (POODLE) and upgrades openssl to 1.0.1j
"Windows is checking for a solution to the problem" Number of times Windows has found a solution to the problem: zero
Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" has been released, now available to download —…
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I want an invite to Google Inbox.
Bugfix releases issued - Today we're issuing the first bugfix release in the 1.7 release series, along with bugfix...
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Exoskeleton: Faster and Leaner Backbone for Your HTML5 Apps -
Linux iotop: Check What’s Stressing And Increasing Load On Your Hard Disks…
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Ember 1.8, Ember Data, Ember CLI and Ember Inspector is really closing in on our hopes and dreams for Ember. Incremental OSS is the best :)
.@Firebase is joining Google Cloud Platform. Now it’s easier than ever to build mobile apps:
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Holland building world's first-ever road (well, bike path) out of solar cells.
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Google wants to help you leave iOS for Android Lollipop . Engadget…
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Hi guys, what do you think about this ?
This is the name of #Ubuntu 15.04 — And It’s Not Velociraptor…
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A pretty fancy Grunt plugin that extends HTML image tags with srcset and sizes attributes.… #rwd
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And so it's begun. Fork of Debian Linux *may be* created If #SystemD will be substituting SystemV in Debian
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Nooo RT @twitter: We’re testing & exploring ways to include Tweets in your timeline we think (cont)
nmap --script ssl-enum-ciphers -p 443 twitter\.com |grep "SSLv3: No supported" ||echo "Site vulnerable to poodle" # Check for Poodle vuln
.@anafajrin24 iya, tapi cuma kamu doang
node-hn-api: A Node.js Wrapper for the new Hacker News API -…
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Awesome. Develop your own filesystem with FUSE - No kernel programming required… thx @developerWorks
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Developers, get ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop! Check back 10/17 for Android 5.0 SDK & updated Nexus preview images.
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