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Rezha Julio
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My Bacteria, called Yersinia pestis just won the Black Death scenario in Plague Inc.…
!! RT @fowab: Guys, ada Wordpress Meetup BDG tgl 20 Des 2014 di COnCO_space more nfo check
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Schrodinger's douchebag: A guy who says offensive things & decides whether he was joking based upon the reaction of people around him
How I did on Twitter this week: 7 Retweets, 2.73K Retweet Reach, 3 Favorited. How'd your week go? via
.@anafajrin24 ngefans sama Sheldon ?
.@anafajrin24 kepengen bgt kayaknya distalkingin :))
Bukannya sering yah ? #ngacir RT @anafajrin24: Alay dikit lah..sekali-kali.. 😄… ini link Suara Papua ,untuk baca berita lengkap ttg PENEMBAKAN Warga SIPIL OLEH TNI!! BIADAB
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Debugging software is the practice of removing bugs. Programming is the art of putting them in.
My Prion, called BTX, just wiped out the world in 659 days! (Plague Inc.)…
Google releases tools for developing Android apps in C/C++
My Bacteria, called PAX-12, just got eradicated in 810 days! (Plague Inc.)…
Desirable developer skills: 1 Ability to ignore new tools and technologies 2 Taste for simplicity 3 Good code deletion skills 4 Humility
Haha DPR KETAKUTAN, lanjut #DukungFaisalBasri hancurkan mafia > Komisi VII DPR anggap tim antimafia migas kebablasan…
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"One bullet flew out" is a new achievement in using passive language to avoid saying a cop shot someone
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It's unacceptable to stand for anything less than the highest standards of accountability for those we've given authority to take life.
Capek-capek S2 ngelamarnya ke bank juga hahahahaha
After a year and a half of development, PHP_CodeSniffer 2.0.0 has been released with the ability to fix errors:…
LISP = Lots of Irritating Silly Parentheses
AngularJS Style Guide - Opinionated AngularJS style guide for teams by @John_Papa
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Holy shit RT @AngularJS_News: Make 200K+ Developing w/ AngularJS in San Francisco, CA >… #JavaScript
We announced a 10x increase in default quota for Calendar APIv3! 10x as many users, up to 1M req/day. Read more:…
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Wakakaka RT @anafajrin24: Bahagia itu sederhana, ujan2 pulang kerja di rumah ada martabat 😄#efekLaparr
We're sending humans to Mars! Watch our #JourneytoMars briefing live today at 12pm ET: #Orion
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Due to global warming, Santa will be giving naughty children Windows 8 instead of coal.
Everything is okay, until it happens to you.
2 things programmers tend to underestimate: 1. How long things take 2. How long our code will be around 3. How many things we underestimate
If you'd like to try: use `composer update --dry-run --profile` before *and* after a `composer self-update`. Report any issues! #composerphp
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Wakakaka RT @tempodotco: Gubernur FPI Fahrurrozi Menunggak Iuran Warga
.@anafajrin24 masih kalah sama bu dosen 😝
.@anafajrin24 lho itu maksudnya buat aku ? 😂
Untung ga ada aa ses 😂 RT@anafajrin244: Hay kamu , Iya kamu, . . . . . . Jadi imamku mau??#eaa 😁
And I am abusing computer for fun in the first place.
Finally choosing #AngularJS for my front end web framework. I've tried ember.js and I don't feel any fun playing with it.
#SabdaAna RT @anafajrin24: Orang tuh gak ada yang 100% benar dan gak ada yang 100% salah. Karena (cont)
Microsoft has acquired Acompli
.@anafajrin24 kenapa pit ketawa mulu :P
My friends ask me shit sometimes, and I will literally walk over to their computer, Google it, and highlight the answer for them.
How I did on Twitter this week: 11 Replies, 3 Retweets, 148 Retweet Reach. How'd your week go? via