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Kim Dotcom
I've been playing 'Destiny' for the last couple of days to detoxify my mind. First person shooters are my meditation. Great game!
The last 9 months were an incredible experience. I have learned so much. Thank you to everyone at the Internet Party and the MANA Movement.
New Zealanders have chosen National and John Key to lead. I congratulate the Prime Minister. Please do your best for all Kiwis. Good luck.
We have a new advance voting record in New Zealand. Well done!…
Pre-election-night-fun-disorder :-)
New Zealand Whistleblower Reveals He Was Told To 'Bury' Unflattering Info About The Gov't Spying On Dotcom
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It is all in your hands now Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's change the government Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's fight for OUR Internet Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's end poverty for good Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's have some political fun Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's shut down the GCSB Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's shock the establishment Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's hack politics together Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's stop a National disaster Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Let's make history tomorrow. Vote ✅ INTERNET MANA ツ
Time: New Zealand Set to Vote in General Elections Marred by Cybercontroversies.…
VOTE - every one of us can bring change this election. Tomorrow it's time to have your say. #GetUpStandUp #nzvotes
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If you are working tomorrow, it's important your employer gives you two hours paid leave to vote in the election.
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Here's my last pre-election #notthe6oclocknews. Please RT. Cover corruption & couragewith :
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Thank you @KimDotcom for your vision to disrupt the status quo. History will remember this #BeTheChange
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You can trust me: I love New Zealand. Internet MANA is fighting for a better future & for your rights. This is about 'us' and not about 'me'
#InternetMANA will set about eliminating poverty - with more jobs, better housing, and food in schools:
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We should be the ones to decide if we give up our liberty for security. #Snowden at the Moment of Truth:
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See this example of blatant manipulation by our media to create the perception that National is winning.
Ombudsman 'appalled' by ex-Customs lawyer's OIA allegations via @nzherald
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Ex-Customs lawyer claims he was told to bury info that could embarrass the Government via @nzherald
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The more people vote the more likely is a change of government tomorrow. Get your family, friends and neighbors to vote this year. #nzpol
Congratulations for the highest advance voting turnout in New Zealand history. Thank you all for voting!…
If the reader comments in the Mainstream Media (90% on our side) are anything to go by Internet MANA will get over 5+% of the vote tomorrow.
Must read: Fran O'Sullivan reports from inside John Key's rectum and gets trashed by reader comments. EPIC FAIL :)…
Must read: “John Key is now juggling so many scandals he cannot keep track of them."
New York Times: Kim Dotcom, Online Renegade, Shakes Up New Zealand Election…
I will take the growing evidence of systemic corruption international
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Only word for revelation from Customs lawyer is "corruption". Everyone needs to examine their part in this culture
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One thing I've learned in the last 6 months: Kiwis cannot trust their Mainstream Media. The New Zealand Media bias is unethical & dangerous.
Dear Kiwis, Dirty Politics Mass Surveillance Government Corruption You've seen the evidence. Be the judge and vote. You're welcome, Kim
Moment of Truth - Government lawyer turns whistleblower to inform the New Zealand public about government corruption.…
"The New Zealand public should be taking this very seriously because it attacks the whole integrity of the system of governance." Ombudsman
This is major: "We may as well kiss democracy goodbye." Reaction by the Ombudsman to government whistleblower in my case.
This is major: Ombudsman appalled by unlawful NZ govt conduct in my case. Inquiry into Ministerial offices launched.…
This is major: Government lawyer speaks out about systematic & willful law breaking by the NZ government in my case.…
Feature on @KimDotcom in @nrc . "The German hacker who's shaking up New Zealand"
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