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Kimberly Ryder
thanks buat surprise birthday nya adilafitri n @kimbrlyryder πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
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with the lovely @kimbrlyryder nobar My Idiot Brother terakhir kalinya. thanks yang udah nonton so far…
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Thanks @aischatz for the Mane n Tail Herbal Gro! Smells really good! πŸ’™
Yuk pada nonton Pesbuker skrg di ANTV!
MY IDIOT BROTHER promo! Udah sampe 200k penonton, yang lain jangan sampe ketinggalan!
Yg beli tiket nonton @MIB_movie di MKG1 Cinema21 hari ini bisa dpt poster dan foto bareng aku @alimensan & @adilafitri!
Pemain @MIB_movie hari ini ke Cinema21 MallKelapaGading jam 1pm! See you there! @alimensan @adilafitri @aronashab
This is purrrtyyy... Thanks @panjehh! #kimmunityfanart
Changed my pic & banner. Wdyt?
Stay close to what makes you happy, throw away the ones that keep giving you a hard time... Love, love, love. ❀️
Breathe in the positive, breathe out the negative...
Best of luck, Mr.President! May you be able to bring Indonesia forward to even better days. Merdeka! ✊
Thanks @kimunityofc yang udah dateng buat nobar @MIB_movie kemaren!!! Superduper happy you guys came! 😁😁😁
fave candy shop πŸ‘‰ @eterna_land🍭
Girlfight!!! πŸ‘Š Yuk pada ke Mega Bekasi XXI besok ada pemain MY IDIOT BROTHER dari jam 2-7pm! See you there!
Sampe ketemu besok buat meet & greet @MIB_movie di Mega Bekasi jam 2pm sama @adilafitri & @alimensan juga!
Behind the scenes 'Mendadak Ganteng'!
hihi thanks udh dtg ya! RT @regiAsptr: yeay today nobar MY IDIOT BROTHER bareng @kimbrlyryder sma pemeran utamanya yeay, udah stay di empire
Find me and @natashaaryder on the cover of October's HIJABELLA! Go grab one now!
Yg beli ticket nonton @MIB_movie di Empire XXI BIP Bandung blh foto bareng sama kita loh @alimensan @adilafitri! Kita sampe malem disiniii.
OTW BIP Empire XXI Bandung with @alimensan @adilafitri! See you there! @MIB_movie
SO cute. Ekspresinya dapet! Thanks @rima_ism! πŸ˜„ Siang ini ketemu di Bandung Empire ya buat nonton bareng MY IDIOT BROTHER!
@MIB_movie @kimbrlyryder @MerryRiana @agnesdavonar Nobar Empire XX1 Bdg tgl 13 okt jam 14.15-18.15 .dptkan novel d panitia slm msh ada.
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See you tomorrow Bandung! Yayyy akhirnya besok aku bisa nonton @MIB_movie disana...
Follow me on Snapchat! @kimbrlyryder Original Kate Spade bag from @keylovefa. πŸ’•
Te quiero muuucho...
Back to the heat tomorrow! I surprisingly miss it... #throwback β˜€οΈ
Me & @pakeCARVIL does London! πŸŽ’πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Makasih yang udah nonton FTVku tadi! Kalo MY IDIOT BROTHER udah nonton belom? =D
Jangan lupa nonton MY IDIOT BROTHER ya semua! @MIB_movie
Thank you @pinkflette! I love pinkkk! πŸ’‹
Hi :) Please go to and vote for me di sblh kanan sbg aktris film/ftv terbaik. Thanks Twitches!
Gmn yg udh ntn MY IDIOT BROTHER? Bagus nga? Nangis nga? Hihihi. @MIB_movie
My Idiot Brother besok tayang. Jangan lupa saksikan di bioskop. πŸ’‹
My Idiot Brother besok tayang!!! @MIB_movie
Find us on the cover of October's HIJABELLA! Go grab one now!
This is so pretty, @ayurolibta. Thank you! 😊
America's Next Top Model S20E13
Wooow 200k!!! Lots of love from London to all my lovely followers! 😘
Carvil Denim + Sandal Footbed Clara perpaduan yang oke banget lho Ladies cc @kimbrlyryder #OOTDCarvil
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The architecture is amazinggg.πŸ’™
How come every time you come around my...🎢
Makasih yang tadi udah nonton FTV 'Cinta & Bajigur Anti Galau' di SCTV! =D