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K. Strachan O'Regan
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feeling high as a motherfecker
Whether journalists state that it was a prohibited ballot or an interdicted vote at that, therein, illegal-- one...
yasssssssssssssss mon the tonsillitis
Amidst serious issues, there's always going to be a minority hankering immaturity and being complete cunts-- but...
So yeah.. someone stole my bag last night. Not only did my phone have thousands of memories on it, tons of...
Aw nooooooooooooooooh! The audio isn't working on the others! Only managed to revive the duet video of muh wee...
Mummy love you so much <3 <3<3
So.. If you're ever receiving 'lady' pain; refraining from asking your Italian friend to pop to the chemist for...
"Honestly felt like I was moses partin the deep sea" "Fucking cazim like Lord of The Rings. Was honestly that...
Right you know it's time to go hame when yer brother just pissed on yer leg
Because burning someone's flag provokes a positive reaction and embodies a nice unifying sentiment doesn't it?...
Is it too early? 󾦃 — at Brisbane
So, @BBCNews, @SkyNews, are you broadcasting and talking about Hong Kong but not about Catalonia? Why?
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JK can go Rowling right aff a hill. Absolute doughnut.
Sri Lanka’s killing fields documentary :)))))))))))))) WUT...
@NomesJoan @KimberleyRegan @CataloniaYes Certament, amb la seva actitut tan sols ens deixen la opció de la independència. I això m'encanta!
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@KimberleyRegan @jordi_cardus @CataloniaYes La raó més gran per la que Catalunya pot guanyar és l'actitud del gobierno español i els mitjans
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Good interview on @NPR with Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayya answering the arguments of ISIS:…
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@DerekSmith76 @NicolaSturgeon Airstrikes mean one thing, more civilian deaths. IS will hide in residential areas surrounded by civs.
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Clap along if you feel that's what you wanna do. Because it's now 37,228 new @theSNP members. Total 62,870. Join in:
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This is not humane. What kind of government IS THIS?!!! This poor man suffered horrifically. This is beyond...
I must be the only politician around who can't walk down the street without being asked for high-fives or kisses. #SexySocialism
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Last official poll about independence in #Catalonia YES 58.8% NO 31.9% Is an #indyref the best option? YES, 73.6%
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The Tories are wasting the NHS’s money through privatisation and competition. We’ll save the NHS
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Sorry to badger on, but I think everyone needs to see the latest from the cuntyfuckwits, I promise, it will not...
I recall in 2004 when @theSNP reached a total of 10,000 members. Now, in 2014, we've added 10,000 in less than 3 days to take us to 35,000+
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Salmonds interview this morning; I hope this enlightens his benevolent, humble, humanitarian aspects- a start...
Tehe :3 Can you imagine this being David Cameron? Or anyone else for that matter?
Its comments like these that make me want to bury my head and cry for everyone back home and Scotland in general...
Filed my complaint in regards to this backwards biased corrupted report - I reckon everyone should do it too.
Just overheard 2 Yes voting pensioners on the bus, heartbroken because their generation has let down Scotland's youth #the45
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We, the 45% need to also now do out bit for @CataloniaYes bu showing them the same support they have so kindly shown us #indyref
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1,800,000 Catalans have demonstrated in the streets of Barcelona demanding independence and an #indyref. Impressive!
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Breakaway Bid: Catalan parliament approves November independence vote #indyref #Catalonia
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@JordonSteeleJoh @ScotlandIndy The British State-Establishment & UNELECTED House of Lords has ultimate power. Democracy does not exist in UK
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