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Kimba Cooper
Control what you can control: -Work hard -Get better -Stay Positive -Smile -Learn each day -Love others -Be a great team member
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Be a better leader. Allow your employees to take more control. They will do a better job and you will have more time to think about stuff.
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The doors will open for those who are bold enough to knock! #Pic for #Leadership
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Looking for some inspirational motivational business/career books to read. Can anyone suggest one? :-) #careeradvice #socialmedia #business
Can you help us get to 7k followers? If we reach this today we may treat ourselves to a sangria! Pls rt #cardifffestival #food&drink
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Wasn't aware of hashtags that turned into emoticons - wonder if there are more >> What are #RamadanProblems? @BBCNews
Signs you are working too hard and how to stop! 《《 I'm sure we've all been there!…
Honey Bees a Quick Guide >> | Honey Bees do not have knees.
Relationships Are The Key To Online Success – Here's How You Make Them… via @RobCubbon #socialmedia
Job Vacancy with us.Carers Advocacy Worker 21 hours £21,258 pro rata. Funded by @BigLotteryWales. Download job pack
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Highly successful people invest in themselves.
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RT"@_businesswales: Watch our animated video on the benefits of marketing"
A review - @GreenCityEvents beekeeping workshop last weekend.
Twitter Best Practices Infographic
Practice Good Blogging Etiquette, Leave Your Readers Satisfied | Blogdramedy
Interesting premise- though I'm not sure about the practicality >> The house that 20,000 toothbrushes built
Live in #Grangetown? Have your say on the new drainage systems.. Greener Grangetown « Sustainable Drainage Systems
My new blog | Honey Bees do not have knees.
I definitely needed this help! Maybe you will find it useful too How to Blog if You Don't Have Time via @MichaelHyatt
Hey @GlastonBees check out my new blog post about your beekeeping workshop "Honey Bees do not have knees."
Hey @GreenCityEvents check out my new blog post about your beekeeping workshop "Honey Bees do not have knees."
Honey Bees do not have knees.
How to smart tweet your way to fame and fortune.…
This is a video about a mediator who teaches us se valuable lessons on reacting to people who don't like you.…
7 Awesome Tips For Rookie Content Marketers
What is social listening and how to use it for your business…
3 Problems That All Newbies Face With Social Media (And How To Fix Them): | @MarcGuberti…
What's the Real Reason Organizations Use Social Media for Recruiting?
This is a great idea that should be implemented everywhere! >>> Paris bans cars once a week | Grist
Be Someone Who Makes You Happy | Sustainable Man
Never Before Have I Laughed So Hard At One Guy's Non-Attempt To Save The Planet
Kimba's blog | Social media, marketing, environmental issues and whatever else takes my fancy.
YouLikeHits – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. | Kimba's blog
How does Facebook decide what to show in my news feed?…
Sherlock Christmas special and three new episodes yey! ... not until 2015 boo :-(
RT @ShaunFrankson ""The purpose of our lives is to be happy." - Dalai Lama"
What does the phrase #likeagirl mean to you? What do you do #likeagirl ? This is such a great campaign! :-)…
RT @Recycle4Wales "Wales might not be good enough for Brazil but we're the 3rd best recyclers in the world!"
Distinction Looking sharp is easy when you haven't done any work.
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Social Media Marketing - 8 Helpful Apps
Why the Smart Reading Device of the Future May Be … Paper
Very nearly reached the 300 followers mark - Would anyone recommend me to their friends? :)
RT @ALifeofYes "The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. - Swedish Proverb"