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tennis cars rollercoasters 269 followers
I will be dead till the day I die
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don't believe the hype
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I'm not light-skinned & I still don't text back.
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i hate making eye contact with someone i know, but don't really know
i wanna know how it feels to be loved
u don't have to understand everything, just listen
if i were a leaf, I would be this leaf 🍁
cant think of the last thing I bought that wasn't food tbh
My mom is too old to wear ugg boots
#oomf needs to be a model tbh
sick of being lonely
almost got raped in the woods today
She got that million dollar 😍👅
Me & my sister are having a 'who can slam the door louder' contest
Yea i rob and Steal i'll kill me a bitch.
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i always have tickets to everything & i never go
This girl & her friend asked to take a picture with me in Kroger because she thought I was so cute ☺️ #Aw
im not even rude, I'm just not going to let people talk to me any kind of way. & don't ask me stupid questions