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Killer Mike
I know RT @adphotsauce: @KillerMikeGTO that's because it really happened! MoonShine Kennedy Blood money. It's not in the history books!
Wow Joe Kennedy popped up on board walk!
:) #PolygamyWorks. stop fronting. Lmao #DoNOT @ shay y'all snitching ass bastards lol.
These Perdue vs Nunn commercials are getting Nasty! LOL Georgia Politics
I get 420'd turn the music up and watch Vahalla Rising just cuz it looks so damn dope .
LoL word RT @ProLicks: @KillerMikeGTO dude, careful, you're in danger of legitimizing a politician with pictures like that...
Villains always have the illest Logos and gear!
My Korean Friend tell my about "stress positions" that parents made them stay in for discipline. Man parents be wilding lol
S\O to yo Avi lol RT @KeishBaby: @KillerMikeGTO not parents, but caretakers. Cutting board, extension cords, switches.
Shalom. Damn y'all lucky Bruh! RT @SullyKWP: @KillerMikeGTO Nah. Jewish mom's prefer the good ol' guilt trip.
Rare. I have never had to really. But I will. RT @illeonredman_l: @KillerMikeGTO ? Did u whoop ur kids?
Took me longer to learn. I got beat RT @_natillygirl_: @KillerMikeGTO never. my mother had to give me "the look" and that was it for me.
The hot wheel track is an urban legend. That's real huh? RT @iamnotajerk: @KillerMikeGTO belt, wooden spoon, hot wheel track, broom...
I have felt the wrath of that cord. My lord My Lord that cord. RT @Cocoa_Puffs77: @KillerMikeGTO yep. Belt, switch and extension cord
Did he teach Karate? RT @Nicoooletti: @KillerMikeGTO my father once kicked me on the stomach when i was 8, don't know if that counts.
U are gonna go far! RT @olmanime: On this @KillerMikeGTO Ric Flair
Think I'm gonna see some regional & even racial splits on this but: have your parents ever whipped you until u had marks. With what?
When it is in your best interest NOT to fight why would you? That lady let her emotions get the best of her.
Any one see the world star vid of the mom and dad in family court....
R.A.P Music by @KillerMikeGTO, now that's a motherfucking rap album. One of the better hip hop records of this century. A classic.
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How Atlanta became rap's future: "We know what needs to be heard. And everybody's listening"
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Didn't think the @KillerMikeGTO show could get any better, until @Pill4180 came out. Been into dude since that 4075.
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Pill is in the house at @KillerMikeGTO set. Y'all remember Pill? #AI14
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My god I hope! RT @kcvierra15: @KillerMikeGTO any chance of a Gods in the building pt3 with you and @DMX
:) RT @GarbageWizard: @KillerMikeGTO fucking murdered everything just now
@KillerMikeGTO killed the 40 watt. What a fuckin time
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Broooooooooooo Thank U! Broooooooooooo I just looked in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ILoveMyHomiesMan salutes @corysontag #Broooooooo!!!! LOL
Y'all hear that thunder? That means #AI14 is heating up! @KillerMikeGTO is on the move. Doors open now @40WattAthens
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I don't eat shay won't let me RT @MIC4311: @KillerMikeGTO's bout to carbo load before he hits the stage.thats a lotta bread dude. #Options.
The new rider for mike: orders from @shaybigga
When the promoter Has @hotwheelsofficial on your rider, u know the show is gonna go well!
Hard tickets 4 @KillerMikeGTO @40WattAthens tonight are at Wuxtry Athens. Hard ticket sales END at 6! Online ends at 7pm! Doors 8pm! #AI14
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Me and @trackstarthedj are on out way to fux shit up Athens Ga!
After 7pm all ticket sales for @KillerMikeGTO are at door of 40 Watt. Door price is $20. Thank you! See ya soon! #AI14
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My uncle "Bishop" N.H. is being laid to rest. He was always super cool and never judge me for my wild ways and rap sh!t. In the last two yrs since I losty Grandma, his sister, Bettie we got closer talked more and he even let me use his church for the "Ghetto Gospel" vid. At any rate he was a good
This is real. #Oct27th #RTJ2
Was that player shit RT @gator_ade: @KillerMikeGTO a little blast from the past....The Purple Onion?
In southern they do :) RT @AgentPothead: @KillerMikeGTO @SwaggotyAnne Forange maybe, but foreign/orange don't rhyme!