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Killer Mike
Smh. Damn Breh. even the "models" that post t&a all day sleep lol. This shit boring? ;). #bakedwakes
.@KillerMikeGTO I've only ever seen this in the afternoon. You handle the morning 4:20 too? You're a true hero.
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Finally listening to @KillerMikeGTO's R.A.P. Music album. I've been sleeping bruh. Apologies
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The Camaro was a real Prize!!!!! #TruckstopPickUp
Thank u Lil Rock! Dope show
Lmfao RT @Rory_Carroll: @SavantLegato @therealelp @KillerMikeGTO Wait until you hear Taylor's verse on her version of "Welcome to Atlanta."
.@KillerMikeGTO shouted out @SLJONESY on stage. highlight of the night.
Retweeted by Killer Mike My Potna Tip Dropped Paper Work y'all hit this link and pick that Shit Up mane! #HuslteGang
My Potna/Friend/Homie Dropped! Go get that shit! Now mane! Salutes the King. #HustleGang Going Strong fool!!!!! #WestSide #AtlHoe
@KillerMikeGTO To this day, whenever me or my bro hear someone say "Well God damn" we immediately respond with "Must be two sides!"
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Thank U RT @Coachbarthe: @KillerMikeGTO bruh. I finally got to see the VH1 documentary. You were awesome!!
I'll hug them RT @BListPundit: Some of these kids going at @therealelp over Taylor Swift need a hug from wise, yet jovial @KillerMikeGTO
El Can. I got 4 already & a possible RT @ARandomPlaya: @therealelp #KM can you guys adopt me and make me your son and a rap prodigy
Calls Yeezy for Back Up! :) what happened RT @BlakkkSteel: @KillerMikeGTO Start a TV show with El-P about how to roast Taylor Swift fans
LoL. This made My Night!
Yessss!!! RT @NotZyven: Hell yeah @KillerMikeGTO and @therealelp on Shade 45
My favorite hip hop moment of 2014 is a tie between @KillerMikeGTO on CNN and @BunBTrillOG in a toothpaste commercial. #HipHopTakeover
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Yeah Heaux! #GangtsaBooVox RT @johndawsonsucks: I wanna do illegal things with @KillerMikeGTO & @therealelp when RTJ hits Memphis
#RUNTHEJEWELS pre order!!!… y'all hit us up!!!! Extra fun shit when u pre order
Yeah I feel dumber after our exchange :( The agony RT @d____oh: @KillerMikeGTO ok well I'm glad I cld impart some knowledge (jk)
My response when I get asked for my phone number by random "I rap too" dudes. s\o @aka1frank for the meme! *note Frank Shit Jamming
😩😩 someone tell me what the hell is fleek I'm a lowkey nerd I can't keep up with these new terms
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:) RT @GoddessCru: "Money, cars, hoes. This is my agenda/Pretty women call me often, broke niggas call me Mr. Render" - @KillerMikeGTO
😂 "Trade in your drug habit for a hobby. I have traded in my drug habit of syrup to just smoke weed and collect hot wheels"@KillerMikeGTOO
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Almond Shaped Eyes, Subtle Rounded Noses and Full plump lips wrapped in gorgeous brown skin. #BlackBeauty #Grace #nobleFeatures #BeautifulCreatures #SalutesTheseSisters
You already Know who umma be for black history month! Wooooo
No gallon No Excuse 8pints = 1 gallon. I'm on number 4. #FuckSoda
Just found out an article I did for #PlayBoy Magazine dropped! #LifeGoalReached lol!!!!! Thanks #Heff and staff #RTJ2
Trill RT @sagesebas: Coincidentally been listening to @KillerMikeGTO Run the Jewels when I run, shits inspiring
"Life is getting too good to die early." - @KillerMikeGTO
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Glad to see one of my favorite artists @KillerMikeGTO taking his health and fitness seriously. Good work big homie. Run Them Jewels.
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Deal RT @sloannyc: @KillerMikeGTO keep it up. Selfishly I want decades of music from you.
We gotta do it! RT @JTNug: @KillerMikeGTO Shit, you're inspiring me to hit the gym some more.
U can shortcut and take what ever road u like to, I prefer the high road. @KillerMikeGTO
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Trill RT @Paul_Grossmann: I just wanna be done with this class, chill at home and listen to r.a.p. music @KillerMikeGTO
Ugh Idk how tf anyone expects me to do work today. This weekend was too dope. Thank u @KillerMikeGTO @therealelp #runthejewels 💯👉💎
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After "Fasted Cardio" aka work out b4 u eat, it's time for Oat Meal and an apple. I need a boiled egg tho lol. Life's getting too good to die early lol gotta keep pushing fat boy!
Fuck!!!!! 1hr 3.2 miles (I was going for 3.5) and I feel high ass after a joint lol.
Conditions create a villain, the villain is givin' vision The vision becomes a vow to seek vengeance on all the vicious @KillerMikeGTO
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Got my ticket for @KillerMikeGTO & @therealelp today. I hope my health insurance covers what's about to happen at this show! We gone party!
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