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kike gil
fitness models gym bodybuilding 68,814 followers
Sick morning hoho. I am on the right! #kawasaki #z1000
My new home is getting built! Only 4months left and everything will be ready #joke #soon.jpg
#throwback 😁
🔥 Baked salmon with dijon mustard, garlic and some more spices. Was incredible. 10-13mins in the oven and ready. #proteinofthegods #salmon #callmechef
#brotein #renalfailure
Woke up. #letmetakeaselfie lol
Project Mr Olympia going well. Feeling motivated again, thats why i update ig more often too lol. #abs #fitness #chestmondays
Because 3 are better than 1. The arm pump was acceptable. Lol Trying to make some gains on my #chickenarms #biceps #triceps #pump #nofilter #noSizeYet #ChickenEverything #StillSmall
This is happening right now 4 sets biceps curls with Z bar, dropset last one. 4 sets of alternative hammer curls #gains #biceps
I smell jealousy 😁😜 Enjoy your Sunday! #paella #CarbsOfTheGods
@vadim_miami , me and @hiltonmca Had a great time with you all! Gonna smack 2014 😜 #doievenlift #TheirArmsAreBiggerThanMyLegs #VadimTrainsLegsOnceAMonth (srs)
Missed him so much!! Been 25 days in the USA! #golfr
Was a pleasure meeting @vadim_miami haha. Epic night at #LIV. Will post a video soon lol. Love you! Thx for everything 😁 #miami
Teriyaki chicken 😍 #nomnomnom
In GTA Vice City! I mean, #miami :)
I died #10yoHumour #lol
2 weeks ago! Thanks to Mark Churchill for hooking me up at the #crunch gym here in #NYC. (83rd street) Definitely one of the best gyms i've ever been, fully equiped, plenty of bars for everything.. We need this stuff in Spain! You can contact him for rates or whatever related to this gym at: mark
Today is my birthday! 22 years young shittt! #throwback to 2012, one of my pics that went more viral during these last years! Thanks everyone! #birthday #78yearsleft
Don't know about you but always setting goals helps me stay on track. Happens with fitness also, find your goal physique, look at that pic everyday and think how bad do you want it. They won't stop! I often get "light-obsessed" in these things and i don't stop til im done. It has positive and nega
😂 😂 👊
Second day in NYC! #CentralPark looking beautiful today! I just discovered my new obsession: #Chipotle. Fml
- CAN'T GET ANY BETTER Hands down favourite healthy meal Smashed sweet potato, 2 tuna cans, olive oil, guacamole, black pepper. Prep time: 6minutes (cook sweet potato in microwave) Maybe 35seconds and was in my belly already. If you haven't tried it please do and let me know your feedback!