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kike gil
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👍😃DOUBLE TAP I will help you to achieve a lean physique. It's easy when you know how to. Email me at Updated Workout Programs and Meal Plans coming soon. I guess in 1-2 months ill be ready to help you ALL and i'll be answering all the emails then. Thanks for the conti
#Throwback to this last summer in Miami Beach. Take me back there!! Might have put on 2kg of lean muscle since then. Let's go for more👍😃 Photo credit: Steven Marlon
#TheIronNeverLies. Feeling muscle soreness again from my workouts. Starting with creatine, glutamine, bcaas and protein again next week. Time to notice some increase in overall size. Ill keep you posted on how do i like to take these supplements. But remember diet is the main point. Supplements on
Had a great workout today. Lets see if i can add some size to those lil triceps these next months. for meal plans and workout programs (coming soon)
Trying to stay focused. Hopefully lasts longer than last time. Lets get it👍 Shorts by @topphysiqueswear #topphysiqueswear
Trying to get motivated again. Motivation is the #1 in order to get results. Goes before diet, sleeping well or working out. for workout programs/diets. (Coming Soon)
🔥🎼🎻🎶 My baby got installed a Ypipe (mid pipe) which removes the middle "filter" of the exhaust. How do you like the sound now?💦 Sound is soooo nicer. However i lost power at low revs. And didn't notice a much of a difference at high revs. Might have to install a full exhaust and do some other
🌞This last summer in Miami🌞 . Steven Marlon photography
👉Natural👈 gains 😃 Shorts by @topphysiqueswear
How cool is this!? Such an amazing skill by @lizzyzzart !! Thank you🎉😀 I am back in Spain now, will try to be more active. I always get lost in my routine and can't find time to update this or even take a selfie lol. Getting in a good shape now, stay tuned for some serious progress. All the peop
Miami Beach🌞 Unedited photo by Steven Marlon
Hotel room selfie😜 - After 1.5months of getting back to lifting weights and following a diet I'm getting in shape again! - Some of you have asked me if i offer online personal training during these last months and i didn't as i stopped months ago because it took much time from me. - However i might
It was a nice day in Yosemite Park
One of my many dreams becoming true👆😃😃 - Renting a convertible ford mustang and crossing the deserts around Las Vegas. Next stop was Yosemite Park (Have some nice photos from there that will post soon). - Currently at San Francisco. Santa Cruz and Los Angeles left and back to Spain😀 - Idk the so
Flying towards that🚁😍 Photo from the heli
If i die, it was a pleasure! Love you all! 🚁🚁 Shitting myself lol
Las Vegas🎉🎉!
You can even gamble at #lasvegas airport💸😂 Who is in Vegas?
Getting pumped up for a little photoshoot at the beach🌞
😍 #miamibeach
Hanging with @zachdeal here in Miami Beach. I'm not short. This nigga is tall af. People call him Thor. I call him Avatar😂
Throwback from February ☺ #NoFilter
Zelfie. The arm pump was important that day💪
Double Tap if you worked out today 😜💪 In 2 days ill be in the US! Miami, Las Vegas, Yosemite park😍 , San Francisco and Los Angeles! I'll keep you guys posted! ☺
Visualize. #playground
Dealing with my friends lol💸🚀🚘🚘
Starting to gain some size again, 4 days in a row to the gym and 6meals per day. Its been ages since i didn't take it serious.. Feels good . 👉Photo reposted from 10months ago!
DOUBLE TAP!☺✌ Me rocking the TP Bodybuilding shorts from @topphysiqueswear #topphysiqueswear 👍👍
Hey! Felt forced to update☺. 2.5 weeks off the gym already daamnn Shorts are from @TopphysiquesWear. There are many colors available. I really LOVE them. #topphysiqueswear
😍🐶 My breakfast today😜