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Kierra Sheard
Do you have your copy of #graceland if not get your copy today! Thanks for the love everyone!
LA I'm on my way to see you this weekend!!!! Can't wait!
#goodmorning today will be beautiful because HIS word has gone before me. Psalms 119:105 Your words are a flashlight to light the path ahead of me and keep me from stumbling. #imStraight #living
My journaling space in my home #CantWait
Will you be there? #VirginiaBeach this'll be fun #sisterhood #kcsladies1st
💙💙 the love is real
She didn't feel good then but she still made the best of it! I miss my Mik....she'd be so proud of #Graceland and what God is doing...#living to see Jesus and you again. 🙏 #myClique
#myHittas ❤️ I love my grandparents! #blessed
💜💙 #mifamilia I missed my brother!
#miFamilia #threeGenerations 💙
Hasn't it happen to the best of us... #love is a risk. Emagine what #Christ went through 😔💔
RT @MarvinJames87: @kierrasheard whenever you cry. My eyes just get watery. Lol.<~ lmbo smh such a cry baby!
RT @JJ_Hairston: @BETSundayBest everybody loves it! The sincerity in your worship is so dope sis <~ thank you J! That means a bunch!
😩😩😩😩😩 <~ such an ugly face Kierra L#betsundaybestybest
We over here going in while watching #betsundaybest 😂😂😂😭😭😂 and I'm cracking up bcuz God is so real. Who are you voting for? They're both amazing
RT @JJ_Hairston: been worshipping all night! Praise him sis!! @BETSundayBest #BETSundayBest <~ Lolol smh such a cry baby for Jesus
"Don't give HIM just a little, give HIM everything!" @GeoffreySB7 take us in dang it!!! #betsundaybest
This guy always took me in I was boohooung lol smh #betsundaybest
Do you understand who our GOD is???!!!! The living God! He's great! Mighty in everything He does! #betsundaybest 🙌
This man Micah dog on stampley just has amazing voice control. Great performance #betsundaybest