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gonna go back to this look soon.
Texting is by far one of the WORST forms of communication. Misunderstandings are common and emotions can't be conveyed properly.
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"pull-up shooting at the avalanche🔫
I don't understand how people are ok with owing me money.
big dreams, good music & expensive taste.
mix ciroc with some blunts cause you only live once.
music is my medicine.
glad I'm off tomorrow but I still don't have moves for tonight.
looking for something to drown in
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if you use nexus for production hit me up I'm about to drop my own expansion soon.
I cannot go out w/o a nigga saying "lets work" or asking for beats. I cant even enjoy myself.
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@steezieNTG new visuals fam! The Gift- Sonyae (prod. & dir. by P.A.T Junior) ...Leave of Presence 11.28.14.🎁🎁
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call me kurt angle , call me kurt angle, call me kurt angle, call me kurt angle, call me kurt angle, call me kurt angle , call me kurt angle
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People don't really rock with you, they just trying to get on.
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I'm about to give em hell!
Ion want that ho.
talkin' bout you got it come & show me.
she only care about the money she don't care about you.
mixing and mastering beats.
no time for temporary people.
I guess I'm staying home tonight ,
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Leave me alone.
I like expensive pasta.
pet peeve: people who have no respect for my time.
2 pay checks in one week , ain't he good ‼️
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make my day & I'll make yours.
shallow bitches get shallow love
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I don't go outside no mo' nigga.
"@C2MD_OD: @steezieNTG got my laptop workin foo !!!" I'm off my dude I gotta come to your studio soon
@steezieNTG he's the man bro. for real. glad you find enjoyment in his music
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Just got off work I'm about to hit the stu with Aston Martin.
This is monumental. "Rent Due" by @LILBTHEBASEDGOD is featured in Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, XBOX One, and PC…
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omg hahahahahahaha they added Lil B - Rent Due to the new GTA V radio
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at the end of the day the talent will overcome anything.
everything bishop nehru sayin I can relate to.
don't ask to come chill girl I'm busy making beats.
my thoughts are like a bright symphony.