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just mobbin'.
Elevation beyond all negativity.
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learning how to depend on myself each and every day.
nigga shout out to my day ones they don't need no damn replacements .
I can't wait until it's warm again 👌😏
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When are we getting California Boy, The album? @LILBTHEBASEDGOD
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I have 2 completely different sides to me.
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I really get paid for nothing at my new job.
Add me on snapchat: steezie
complaining about all these hours but I don't complain when that check comes in.
In the mood to make a masterpiece today but I can't cause I got work soon.
Do talent matter anymore or nah? Or is it more about a buZZ? quick success just curious..😳
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I need them racks before the show.
not feeling this 4-11 shift I got today.
Just a young man with some dreams
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@JGaddy_30: Sometimes I feel like all I got is myself”
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my trap is still bunky.
extendo's rolled up.
nobody fuckin w me tonight.
every rapper in raleigh has shot pictures or a video at the free expression tunnel.
not having a car anymore sucks, I hate asking people to take me places.
The way african parents hype weed you'll think someone will run mad by just one drag
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cracker barrel 9 till 4 then 5 to 11 at the launching pad.
@PrincessDaij: “@steezieNTG: do I love these hoes? apparently.”😂😂😂” 💀💀
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discovering some gems on soundcloud right now.
do I love these hoes? apparently.
Lowkey starting to no gaf about holidays, I feel like there's too many
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If you ain't got a ft w/ me yet what you waiting for?
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"You goin shopping. F-ck goin shopping." - Lil B
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certain things will never go back to how they used to be.
you dress in all black but have the most colorful mind.
do I really need to tell you what I'm all about?
I might not drop till next summer.
cause when I was there..... they didn't care about me.
you have to destroy yourself a couple of times to really know yourself
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higher than all of you.