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Goodmorning, #RiseAndGrind 💰💰💰💰
Just know she's my awesome #wcw 💑😘🙌🙏🔒💕
when you ask your crush who they like nd they say someone else's name nd you act like you're fine
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Can't trust everyone you kick it with 💯😳🏃
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Bruh I swear ! If you know how we rock & you wasnt worried before , why you worried now ? 😒
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@justmone__: “@ItsFoodPorn: Bacon burgers and cheese fries.”😋😋😋” Damn 😍😍😍🙌🙏
Goodmorning, say it back? 🙌🙏⛅️☀️
I hate when people take a long time to text me back 😒
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Don't come to me with nothing you heard , people lie everyday bruh 😩🙅
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I love doing shit people say I can't do
Bitches out here screaming " SQUADDDDDDD " 👭👭 but fucking each other boyfriends 🙅😐
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I can go from 😤😡 to 😊😜 in a minute .
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Most likely that will be me 😉
Treat your girl right or someone else will
Bouta cut some ass in 2k real quick
Earth 🌎 is 70% water, and hoes still thirsty 😛🙅😂
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Niggas be all bark and no bite
They Need A Word For Tall People Cause Shawty Ain't Cuttin It 😭
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I think the Cardinals goin to the superbowl
I think everyone should have a little bit of childishness in them being too serious all the time is no fun
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Lil buddy stay tryna be like me 😂😂😂😂
Or she just petty af ! 😂😂😂
If a girl gets mad at you over little shit that means she cares
I hate when people waste my time 😴😒
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On & Off Relationships ? ✋
Bitches be having kids by broke ass niggas then wanna complain about the nigga not doing shit.
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She gotta thang for me I gotta thang for her 😏😘
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forget those who forget you
I have haterssssss😜😎 ... Must be doing something right 😂😂 hate on meeee hunny Yes !
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You can't fuck with everybody you meet
Girls love when you do something to surprise them 😊😊❤