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If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
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I’m not anti-social, most people just suck.
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I like people at first but then they ruin it.
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How about I roll up, and you pour the drinks.
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So I got my charger with me 😏🔌🔋
If your girl don't swallow , that hoe basic😂😘
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Bruh I just saw a lizard, I been scared Lowkey 😂😂😂
Damn I hope I brought my charger with me Cuhh 🔌🔋
I can be your West Indian plug
Broke boy I don't speak your language
@_DizzyHendrix you must be talking about another Erika cause this one right here ain't one
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Glad I rethought that 😂😂🔥🔥
& to think I was gone wear a hoodie today ☀️☀️
Sneak dissin but be all in my face nigga
Sneak dissin niggas make me laugh
There's no way I should be this bored
A couple niggas don't like me but that's life, fuck em 💯
If she choosin let her get her choose on
Niggas ion even know like wassup
I hope niggas don't speak to me cuz I ain't tryna talk
If it ain't about money I ain't tryna talk 😎✋
Go head, I'll return the favor 👌
I'm too chill for anybody to beef with me
i need my own space sometimes 😓👐 frfr
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Don't Ask💭Me Questions❓If You're Not🚫 Going To Accept My Answers💬😑
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@ayoee_dayday Goodmorning punk 😁😘💕👋
@keshawnnaa Goodmorning sis ⛅️☀️😬💕👋
Females will mess with a guy who has a girlfriend but won’t mess with a single guy cause he has “too many hoes” 😒
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#transformationtuesday I still look the same or nah? 😺😸
Idc if my ex upgrades, downgrades, left grades, right grades, etc. What they do after me isn't my business, when I'm past you, I'm past you
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Niggas wanna be me I guess that's why they hating
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im just ready to go home and get a good nap in
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Y'all ever miss somebody, but feel stupid for missing them?
One thing to get you cut off is LYING TO ME...
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I love being up early enough to see the sun rise ⛅️☀️
I'm so peaceful right now, like nothing could make me mad at the moment 😊
I think I lost my headphones bruh nooooo 😩😩😩