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Tyson Kidd
wwewrestling 573,000 followers
What's wrong with dropping a little 'brother, brother' once in awhile?
I'd say @Jonathan_Coyle makes a great point with his schedule and timetable @natalieevamarie I'm the same way, I want to get to point B now
@Justin__Gabriel: My dream match as a fan of our sport would be @KalistoWWE vs @KingRicochet. What's yours?!?” @KiddWWE vs @KiddWWE
Couple of the reasons why I do this..... #WWENXT #Cats&Facts
11 years ago today the patriarch of the Hart family passed away. Stu is far from forgotten and the Dungeon lives on
Putting my cats on my gear, I feel like more of a ninja than usual. Should've done this long ago. Cats & facts
There's two things in life that don't lie: Cats and Facts. #MainEvent @WWE
Might come down to the ring like this one day I'll have to ask my cats permission. See more on #totaldivas tonight! Still can't believe the reveal on this wedding, blew my mind. What's your favorite Smackdown moment? #Smackdown15… Things aren't always what they seem. Measure a man by his actions fully, from beginning to end. Not just portions
Tonight is for my girl... Man's best friend. #Fact #RAW
Hey @united thanks for everything, and by that I mean absolutely nothing
I'll make it to #WWEToronto tonight, my bags however.......remains to be seen… This match alone, like any match of mine, is worth more than 9.99. Sit back and enjoy the K I double D #FACT
Watching Takeover for those curious The fatal four way was great because I was in it...I'm not just Nattie's husband
@WWENXT: @TitusONeilWWE & @KiddWWE” 3rd time I've beaten these 2, with 3 different partners I may add #fact
@haggerty76: @KiddWWE How's your dad Bret doing” no answer can do this justice
Bunny did a great spin kick, mines a touch better though. Rumor dispeller, fact dropper #RAW
@WWE_Obsessed1: @KiddWWE Are you wearing pants?” Shorts. Who wears pants in a hot tub???
To the victor go the spoils, 2nd time pinning @WWENXT champ @WWENeville in 3 weeks. Uncrowned champion #FACT
Left everything in the ring at #NXTTakeover Fatal 4 Way was a war, exceeded most expectations. I'm only beginning
@BlackIce392: @KiddWWE where can I get tht Mike Tyson hoodie from?” From the great @rootsoffight
A few thoughts going into NXT Takeover. Pick your guy and stake your claim…… Last night on Raw was an appetizer #NXTTakeover in 2 days will be a 6 course meal #FACT
How embarrassing, you forgot to wipe the lipstick off @MmmGorgeous See you at #NXTTakeover buddy
9.99 days away from #NXTTakeover Fatal Four Way will be absolute chaos, which I thrive on Fact!
10 days until this and a lot more @WWENXT NXT Takeover looks to be like Terminator 2, better than the original #RAW
Anyone checking out @WWENXT tonight in Jacksonville?? I think I'll stop by and see what's going on a true pro always brings their gear.....
@NatbyNature: “@isaacfrazier6: #TeamNattie What is your favorite #WWE superstar right now. ♡” easily @KiddWWE - but I'm biased.” Also wise
I'm late to the dance but just finished watching @HeymanHustle DVD and it absolutely floored me Gripping story that has truly opened my mind
Usually imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don't be flattered @MmmGorgeous as usual I do it better #WWENXT
From my experience, @MmmGorgeous is one of the toughest humans on the planet and has the heart of a lion......... @WWENXT #FACT
Making my return in video game form for #WWE2K15 Very excited
Watching NXT Takeover and G1 matches with @DBSmithjr
I didn't ruin anything @WWENXT , I was simply looking to see if they could continue their subpar match when I was kicked in the face #FACT
FACT-The wait is over for 170 countries, the @WWENetwork is available
Chaos getting ready to ensue in the @WWENXT universe #Raw…
Unorthodox training for unorthodox opponents #WWENXT
For bookings contact me at every convention or wrestling show needs a bit of Mason!
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Nobody makes video packages like @WWE does. Lesnar vs Cena should be sick, the last one was crazy. Fight of the summer #RAW
Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel is on a roll, hell of a performance from @DaveBautista
@NatbyNature: Makaveli loves his big brother so much.” They make it hard to get things done around the house