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a high res copy of the magazine I designed for Oscar's Hotel!
I'm so happy with the reception Oscar's Hotel has had online and offline. responding to commends now! :D chekkit!…
fresh peppers in china town
I found a hat featuring a horrendous golden zelda crest on it. what do you think?
PJ, devourer of delicious tiny planets
Toronto, you have been beautiful, friendly, hospitable and super autumnal. I have to leave you now but I'll be back, I'm sure. 🍁🍩☕️
and of course thank you @NewFormDigital for recognising the potential of so many amazing YouTubers and pushing their creativity.
I've got to also say a huge thank you to my wonderful cast, everyone brought themselves to their roles, and I love that.
I'm super proud of our four person crew effort from start the finish. It was an absolutely insane production!
and so. thank you very much @SophieNewt @LJSGrant and @JamieVsTheWorld for once again sacrificing your precious sanity to work with me!
thank you so much for your support for my new film, everyone. please enter the wonderful world of Oscar's Hotel!
If you come to the TIFF bell lightbox in Toronto right now, you can come watch a bunch of our short films, FOR FREE! It's like RL YouTube!
Got myself in the new @kickthepj movie. I'm like totally the Johnny Depp to his Tim Burton!…
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and so, as the boy slept, he had no inkling of what was the happen next. make up for Mo Nay by @makeupmouse! she did an amazing job. link to my new film in my bio!
what are you guys thinking of Oscar's Hotel so far? did you enjoy the more coherent narrative whilst keeping the crazy characters and style?
brand new film - Oscar's Hotel! link in my bio!
new @kickthepj film! RT to stay a night at Oscar's Hotel with a bunch of mystical creatures from around the universe!
oscar's hotel. one hour.
listening to the green wing soundtrack in public makes me feel like I should be walking at turbo speed followed by slow motion actions.
I can't believe I've been working on this film since July! I'm really happy with the final thing, it's a surreal burst of madness.
Oscar's Hotel is coming out on the 16th October! I'm getting really excited now. who's excited?
floating platforms
needs more mystical creatures. is eerily similar to the forever train in some ways. It's a cool concept and has a great look, don't really like the actual story.
so I'm not a doctor who watcher, I never got round to it, however I just watched the new episode with the mummy on the orient express and...
both the music and the video for frontier psychiatrist are fantastic. I remember seeing that video when I was young and instantly loved it.
when I want to portray absolute utter madness in a film or a story, I use this as a reference…
If you want to see my new film in a big theatre in Toronto on the launch night, tickets are here! see ya there! 🎥🎉❄️
who... are... you?
glass roof / floating lanterns
operation comfy poncho and new slippers - complete!
spinning teacups
the most magical place on earth
I have been in France for 24 hours and have not yet used the only phrase I know. omelette du fromage.
.@DeanDobbs yeah I figured that was the case. I was hoping Nintendo wouldn't do that due to how they portrayed her in other m.
I'm very passionate about what samus stands for as she paved the way for strong female protagonists in video games. also she's a badass.
samus has never been about skimpy bikinis, she's about blasting space pirates in the FACE, and Nintendo feel the need to sexualise her.