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wanna see me turn into a super saiyan?
👞 the 🉑
the property market is a scary place it's a scary place to be, I don't know If i'm ready to be an adult, I guess we'll have to see.
gosh darn it storm, I need to do my job and film a noir scene with a cat and you're making that PROBLEMATIC!
I'm nervous and excited and my hair smells like strawberries.
alternatively I could bottle up a shard of lightning and a clap of thunder and hold it ransom until the storm gods go back to bed.
I have a plan, i will fly into the clouds, catch a bolt of lightning and throw it at another bolt of lightning. I'll stop this storm!
the storm in Brighton is rampaging through the city. stay safe, everyone! be careful of shrinking ⚡️
I'm putting the kettle on which can mean only one thing! *slurrrrp* ☕️👦🎥
welcome to the toilet world! allow me to flush us deep within the pipes of toilet world. don't touch any unidentified objects.
now let's get an egg in our shoe and beat it!
If you dislike your neighbours just dig holes around their house until they move ya dummy!
slurp is taking a new direction! I wanna do themed episodes, so, would you kindly submit FILM themed questions today? interpret as you will!
FUCK IT, after I finish my next big project, I'm going to hawaii. with pudding. pudding can take you places. that's funny.
guardians of the galaxy premiere was cosmically insane!
vin diesel selfie
so #guardiansofthegalaxy was everything I needed to fill my cosmic needs. It was perfect. thank you @MarvelUK!
next time I need to go to an important event, I'll use a more reliable source of transportation... like walking. and that concludes my sass!
ok @SouthernRailUK, but I don't care about the £14 ticket, I'd rather be on the red carpet with my friends right now, where I'm meant to be.
do you think it's easy looking this fabulous @SouthernRailUK? I am seriously unimpressed with your trains.
hi @SouthernRailUK your horrendously unapologetic service today has made me an hour and a half late to the guardians of the galaxy premiere.
I'm very much looking forward to the guardians of the galaxy premiere tonight! the real journey ahead is which bowtie do I wear?
I've got an awesome lil project launching next week, check it out here! :D come join my film club!
to be honest, babies probably should have a go at ruling the world because adults have clearly proven that they can't.