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some say if you eat a star your stomach glows. I can confirm.
I ate a slice of the sun and it gave me heart burn. I tried to cool it down with a chunk of pluto and now I feel... cold. so cold.
I just played rayman legends with @JamieVsTheWorld and it's amazing! they got it completely right. go play it right this second!
I bring the sunset to the party.
I should note that I blasted through ALL of game of thrones the week I was sick and I love it. It's like skyrim the SERIES!
holy weasels I just watched the new game of thrones. that was intense.
I finally got some new pillows for my super sofa! one glitched out.
hey folk on the outside of the yolk, check out my new video! :D It's FUTURE themed! :D…
how're you guys enjoying my new video? ^__^ I'm gonna respond to comments now :D…
It is time to step foot into the future for a new slurp! retweet for future sweets and treats! :D…
I'm almost finishing editing my new video which means... tonight you get sweets and treats in the form of a video! :D
.@TheHazelHayes my family do not understand technology. I cherish this text from my nan.
my mum's response upon seeing the pictures of me and my friends at the Spider-man premiere last night. wat
OH- I forgot to say, the amazing spiderman 2 is FANTASTIC. It felt like someone ate a comic book and threw up all over me (in a good way).
but srsly, there's nothing worse than your feet aching after a long adventure because you bought cheap shoes. INVEST IN SHOES! shoe-be-do.
out of all items of clothes worth spending good money on, it's shoes. you spend a good majority of your life in shoes. I live in a shoe.
ahh yes this will do nicely. really has that majora's mask, moon crashing down to earth peril feeling. I like it!
this hotel doesn't have enough disco balls for my liking. LOBBY BOY, fetch me the biggest disco ball you can find!
oh my god guys, we met Spider-Man! actually webbing.
on the red carpet at the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere with Jack and Tim!
I'm watching @danisnotonfire iron a shirt for the first time ever. THE HORROR!!
I apologise, that was probably the most immature thing I've ever tweeted. *falls on sword*
please keep abnormally large penis off the seats