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to be honest, babies probably should have a go at ruling the world because adults have clearly proven that they can't.
imagine if humans started old and actually got younger until they didn't exist because they were below age 0. babies would rule the world!
when you're between age 20 and 25 you often completely forget what age you are, and a lot of the time, it doesn't even matter.
I started working on cool projecty things at 8am today, I have just clocked off for the day. time to sleep in a cheesecake.
here's my film, Bloom, that was played at @kewgardens last night during kew the music!…
bill bailey was absolutely hilarious! great night in Kew!
Bloom keeps being shown at Kew Gardens! 😊💐
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my film, Bloom, is playing at the kew the music event! awesome!
If I buy a quadcopter, the first thing I'll do is re-create the opening to ocarina of time, the first person sequence with navi!
the entrance to the cloud kingdom has opened
I'm working super hard on something special that I'll be announcing at summer in the city next month! woop woop, raise the roof!
some gifs from my brand new space adventure!
this is all I need on repeat whilst I'm drawing. I get lost in a floaty world where stars are totally edible.…
hey other side of the worlders! have you seen my new space adventure video? show it some love! :)…
I'd like to also say a huge thank you to my crew @SophieNewt @LJSGrant and @JamieVsTheWorld as well as @itsamemyleo! you guys rockity rock.
thanks for all the lovely comments on my new video! we worked so hard it's unreal! *sleeps forever*…
We worked super hard on PJ's new video and @itsamemyleo was absolutely brilliant. Here's a behind the scenes photo :D
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snacks? check. fully charged macbook? check. pens and sketchbook? check. LED's incase of power cut? check. bring on the next storm!
thor got angry last night, did anyone else see his rage? I got a few photos of the lightning!…
I have a brand new video! It's got space monsters, stop motion and mystical weapons in it!
are you ready for a brand new super surreal space adventure? retweet my new video to defeat space monsters! :D…
tonight is not safe to be travelling in my spaceship. I need to find a safe planet to land on. preferably an anti-lightning planet.
some pictures I just took of the crazy thunderstorm over brighton!
gold lightning in the skyline, gold lightning in the sky