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CHECK IT OUT BRUH. Brand new EP out now.…
Any night owls up rn?
#trippy #trap #digital #alien #dragons #edm 👽👽👽
Logical creativity is where new ideas are born. so why does everyone just blindly follow other's footsteps? It's senseless...
I wish America would just reform it's schools already because it's all such bullshit.
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That moment when you finally get your license👽#Hyp3Gvngg
Alter your perspective. #gethype #edm #trippy #bass
ayy new ep out next month #gethype #edm 👽👽👽🐉🐉🐉💯💯💯
You deserve to be with someone who doesn't make you compete for their affection and never has you guessing where you stand with them.
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The truth is plain as day to those who know where to look
Gonna start selling some art #Minecraft
Art for sale! #creeper #minecraft #papercraft
i like clingy. I'd rather have someone who blows up my phone and shows they care than someone who texts back 12 hours later.
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for my fans and supporters out there 👍👍👍👍👍🎶�#EDM#emojispamMo/GW7rcXRP5G
Don’t broadcast every high and low of your life. Just live. Don’t try to convince the world you have a life.
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Yeh lets ban a flag to deal with the issue, not make steps to have a more integrated multicultural society. Anything but that
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get hype. new ep coming soon #edm #🔊 #🎶
a relationship is a bond not a title
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United we stand, divided we fall. Now which would you rather do? #thinkpeople
edm has evolved 👽👍 #progress #motivated #somuchbass
one with the sun #edm #loudaf #wip #☀️#🔊
I have no problem cutting people out of my life when I realise they're not trustworthy. I got no time for shady people
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More music to come #motivated #edm #🔊 #👍
just started this one today #landofwaves #instrumental #hiphop #🔊
lol I feel like no one knows what I am capable of #programmer #developer #indie #games #wip
Miscommunication is just the worst
So much to get done. So little time. Better tweet about it.
A human is monkey that can use the internet and that is why we argue
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Ok so half my followers are ghosts and the other half apparently don't fuck with me so fav this if we're still cool
PA is beat. I just wanna be in Jamaica already.
hard work pays off👍 #progress #edm #🔊
prepare to be findmucked #🔥 #🎵 #🎶 #🔊
Y'all playing with that nigga charlie thinking its all fun & games until you wake up & charlie clogs ya toilet smh fuckin charlie bruh
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If only our government gave a shit for the alive and walking wounded like they pretend to do for dead people.
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I love the few people that actually have the courage to follow their dreams
Hmmm, a generation growing up without exploring their emotions, that should be healthy :)
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best part of doing backgrounds is shit like this
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Now I even get spam from people I haven't added! #fuckfacebook
In the future selling art will be harder than ever... If only because it will be difficult for people to identify "art" and its value
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