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I need people to talk to while I'm grounded. DM me
lean on bruh
You were meant to show people how to live, learn and love not hate, fear and envy.
Your true purpose as an infinite being isn't to work in a cubicle from 9-5 just to survive.
You're more than just your physical body. You are an infinite being kept in a finite human vehicle. A ghost in an organic machine.
I don't understand why some people can't understand that we're all living on the same planet as equals. #EndRacism #EndSexism #EndAgism
Liquid Light in the mixing process. Check it bruh🔥 #edm #bass #drop
My dream is to tour the world showing the world that music comes in all forms and can be appreciated by all people everywhere.
Even if you're not a fan of my music, understand that a lot of time and effort goes into engineering an audio track.
And even if I'm not signed I've come a long way since starting back in 2010 and I have never been more confident of my abilities.
I taught myself how to make EDM against all odds. When I started I didn't like the way I sounded but that just fueled me to learn more.
Talking about solutions > talking about problems
Hey you! Show some support and go like my facebook page!
You know you're on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back... #Truth
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I fucking love coffee
*insert shameless self-promotional statement here*…
I don't get how a disrespectful person can expect to be respected.
"Liquid Light" oh it's #lit #edm 🔥🔥🔥
This world is a straightforward place. We just get confused and lost in it sometimes but that's part of learning
You already are equipped with the only tool you need to succeed and that is your mind. You just need to sharpen it
Only you have the power to take control of your life. Don't fall victim to blaming others. Instead, overcome your problems by facing them
By focusing on becoming aware of our awareness we begin to see patterns of habits. At that point you can free yourself from bad habits.
People don't have full control over their conscious awareness that's why we fall victim to distraction and procrastination.
Time itself isn't moving forward. It's actually our minds that are moving through time.
A mind in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by itself. If you had more thoughts per minute time would seem to slow down for you.
Getting better everyday. #practicemakesperfect
I can't stop moving forward #motivated #edm 👍👍👍
If you don't have anything important to say don't say anything at all
Your reality is a projection/reflection of your mind. Therefore, changing your mind changes your reality.
Breaking the 4th wall of life
"The Alien Within" #edm
Moving forward in a backwards world is hard. Always obstacles in the way
Goooodmorning world #hypebeastmode
Letting fear rule your life is no way to live.
Some people make it look easy but it never gets EASY. You just get used to the pain!!!
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I love life
#update more bass more melody. gonna be released later today 😎 #hypebeast
Those who ridicule the existence of UFOS, aliens & other dimensions do this act out of ignorance & not out of any intellectual superiority.
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Spread knowledge Raise awareness Encourage empathy Embody love
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"Kidults" rule the modern world
But a nightmare is good because you can wake up from it. AKA becoming lucid
Since life is a realistic dream and not a lot of people are aware that they're dreaming, life becomes a nightmare for them
Since we are all fractions of the universal consciousness we are all technically the same person going through different lives
This universe is just a shared realistic dream-state created by a universal consciousness that broke into smaller consciousnesses
So by shifting your awareness you create a miniature butterfly effect in which you set a chain of events in motion.

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