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one with the sun #edm #loudaf #wip #☀️#🔊
I have no problem cutting people out of my life when I realise they're not trustworthy. I got no time for shady people
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More music to come #motivated #edm #🔊 #👍
just started this one today #landofwaves #instrumental #hiphop #🔊
lol I feel like no one knows what I am capable of #programmer #developer #indie #games #wip
Miscommunication is just the worst
So much to get done. So little time. Better tweet about it.
A human is monkey that can use the internet and that is why we argue
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Ok so half my followers are ghosts and the other half apparently don't fuck with me so fav this if we're still cool
PA is beat. I just wanna be in Jamaica already.
hard work pays off👍 #progress #edm #🔊
prepare to be findmucked #🔥 #🎵 #🎶 #🔊
Y'all playing with that nigga charlie thinking its all fun & games until you wake up & charlie clogs ya toilet smh fuckin charlie bruh
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If only our government gave a shit for the alive and walking wounded like they pretend to do for dead people.
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I love the few people that actually have the courage to follow their dreams
Hmmm, a generation growing up without exploring their emotions, that should be healthy :)
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In the future selling art will be harder than ever... If only because it will be difficult for people to identify "art" and its value
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people cant tell me shit about who i am. i know what i do, what i say, who i am. opinions from people i dont fuck with dont phase me
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If you don't think that it's an amazing time in human history to be alive then you probably live in a cave or under a rock
Gotta love your life to live your life
it's easy to think the world is out to get u when ur a dick
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keep it 💯 #monday #funday
Isn't it crazy that we're just born into this world where everybody seems to know what they're doing when they actually don't know at all?
It's whatever though it's going to be so hard for people to understand something so simple I give up. Unite as One people. So simple. One.
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I played my new album for my mom yesterday. she said it was good and smiled but I know she would say that even if she thought it sucked ass
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damn son #yee #edm #glitch #🎵 #🎶 #👾
tbh u can go outta ur way for people and they'll still treat u shitty
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bae: come over me: i cant im a government hidden myth used as clickbait for shit facebook articles bae:ill suck yo-
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I don't know what's worse, Kim Kardashian releasing a book of her selfies Or a wrap around line of people buying it.
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Mayweather is gonna be so mad when someone finally reads this to him
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When the heck is Check It Out!, with Dr. Steve Brule comin back? Just realized what's been causing this emptiness in my life...
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Be proud of Earth, not the corner your ancestors claimed with murder and a flag.
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"Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want" - #HarveySpecter
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i really outdid myself on this one #bass #edm #💣 #🎶 #🎵

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