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นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล
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"And I would have liked to have known you....Your candle burned out long before Your legend ever did" Sir Elton Hercules John.
Let's pray for the sunken ship. Hope they will find more survivors.
Thanks for coming out tonight to the Memorial Coliseum guys! I had a blast but it was way to short! Next time ok? = ] get home safely.
"@taeccool: Oh yea~~ "@OKCATofficial: BEST SELLERS @ SOOMPI SHOP -! OKCAT! OKCAT! OKCAT! OKCAT! OKCAT! MEOW!""nice!!
"@yuyao97: @Khunnie0624 don't go without saying bye :( annyeong!!! I love you oopppaaa" time to go~ byeee people~^^ talk to you next time!
"@debbymelandy: @Khunnie0624 if end this fantalk without replying me, I will start liking junho from now on!! :b" junho is a nice guy! = ]
"@Oktaviana__: @Khunnie0624 who cares about the haters because there are lots more who love and support u!!!" Great minds think alike = b
"@meawmia: @Khunnie0624 พี่คุณ! ตีแบดกันนนนนน~!"กี่โมงดีครับ?
"@sqxy but if u r an idol, u can't do anything u want, so hopefully u can do the things that u hope to do..." I too am just a human. = ]
"@Cia_NS: @Khunnie0624 can you say "fighting" to me oppa?? I have an economics test tomorrow and I fell so tired now :(" fighting!= ]
"@_eerraa:I like to give you the hug for being strong and for going after someone you love despite all the consequences! :)" hugged = ]
"@michellewmk: @Khunnie0624 I gave up asking for you to reply :( ." never give up!!
"@leemool98: @Khunnie0624 오빠 덕분에 영어 놓지 않고 공부했어요 영어 인터뷰 하는거 반해서 나도 저렇게 하고 싶다- 하면서 영어 공부 했고 오빠 덕분에 꿈도 찾았어요!!..." 축하 드려요! 꼭 하고싶은 일을 하게 되길바래요!
"@aurevoirclaire: @Khunnie0624 Always follow your heart no matter what oppa~~ You know what I'm talking about :)" oh I know exactly what~
"@Bunny_Miso: @Khunnie0624 พี่คุณละเมอเป็นภาษาอะไรคะ" แล้วผมจะทราบได้ไงครับ?ฮ่าๆๆ
"@got7_mjr: @Khunnie0624 Is BamBam cute??(^ー^)♥♥" yes my lil brother! Will try to take care of him!
"@_iM92: @Khunnie0624 Please say hello to Dubai hottest 🙏♥️" hello dubai hottest!!!!♥
"@leticia_lim: @Khunnie0624 any recommended places in Bangkok for nice food?? :)" greyhound cafe! In siam center 3rd floor~
"@sesiliajesslyn: @Khunnie0624 if you could choose to live anywhere in the world where would you prefer to live?" The Atlantis!
"@aikojazz: @Khunnie0624 let it rain let it rain~~" I know I've got you by my side~