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I want the madvillain poster so bad
Follow @Khadeem_H and Look out for his video on coming out on saturday showcasing a…
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Already planning for tomorrow while u thinking about today
Look out for a video coming out on saturday showcasing a day in the life with EMG and a preview of my upcoming mixtape "Astro Traveling" @king_duro1 @kidlme @hundredmillz @dopeediamondz 🎥 @shphotostudios #thedopelife
Lmao i always see the most on the bus
F*** school man
Stare into space and tell me what you see
Chasin ambitions with no hesitation
I feel like everyone is trying to skate nowadays #hipsterthoughts
Ragged with the contra
Rose is making that yung comeback
Anime is highly underrated
Back from the hiatus
If you scared to play how can you win
🌲 📷 @shphotostudios #supreme #huf
💣 📷 @shphotostudios #adidas #adidasoriginals
S/O @rbrooks_5 & @Khadeem_H for nominating me weeks ago... I had nothing better to do today. I'm not…
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Took that shit like a man 👨
Thanks for the nomination for the ice bucket challenge from @thatguystunna and @reddzneveryu. I nominate @kidlme @hundredmillz @dancingdani @dopeediamondz and theo abraham. Have fun and don't forget to donate!
Came a long way
Add da snapchat: Khadeem_h
Gonna leave this here. - TF Televisions (Prod. By K-HAM CA) *Snippet* by @Khadeem_H… on #SoundCloud
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Sorry for the delay, here's the new beat! Televisions (Prod. By K-HAM CA) *Snippet*’ by @Khadeem_H on #SoundCloud…
Dropping a new beat later today
Releasing new music tomorrow
Alotta ppl only hear what they want to hear