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If you truly want to improve your relationships, you must trus... More for Virgo
I said "shoot it's my turn."
At the end of the day, I got what I wanted.
Next paycheck is shoes.
I learn something new every day.
Flavaaaaa flav! 😂😂😂
Forget everything else. All I'm worried about is school, cheer, work, & @salute_smooooov !
@ThatGirl_Keya 🙊😏☺️💁 mhmmmmm.!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
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Literally I was at work today asking people "what should I get my boyfriend for Christmas?"
😔 I wish I could take it back.
Ayeee this awards show is on point.
The fact that my cheer team won Nationals in the very same place that the #SoulTrainAwards are being held!!
I can smell the cinnamon rolls from upstairs. 😋😋😋
Basketball season is about to mess me up. Smh
This is an unusual but exciting day, and you're more inclined ... More for Virgo
Ughhh really? You choose now to do this? That's the last thing I need right now.
I have stuff to work on but I'm not gonna let that change anything. I got this.
I just don't think sometimes .
I guess I should get up since there are people downstairs.
Off early...nap time
You may grow annoyed if no one seems to be working as diligent... More for Virgo
I had a mini vent session in the car 😂😂
God just saw two hurt warriors that needed to heal each other 🙌
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Taking it one day at a time, God got us.
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People don't give Brenda Song enough credit 😻
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Longest shift I've had yet...
Rest of the state, meet the Big 8. Congrats to @SDurhamFootball, @AthleticsOrange and @chtigerfootball . Keep it rolling!
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Stayed under my budget all because of @salute_smooooov !!
I need to stop being so mean.
5 Below needs have a Black Friday sale!!
I will definitely be in Florida for spring break!!
Gotta go to Walmart 😒
If you know me then you know I'm super excited for the food!!!
I'm thankful my Bestfriend @ThatGirl_Keya ! Chick has my back always ! 👌🙌
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As a boyfriend, you should never let another man disrespect your girl...bro or not, that's not suppose to happen.
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These U2 songs Apple put on my iPhone be blowing me. 😒😒😒
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I want to travel the world with the person I love most. 🌎👫
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God is the only reason I made it this far. 🙌
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I really wish I could've went to Wilmington for Thanksgiving. I hate breaking tradition.
Shooooot I might even curl my hair for thanksgiving 💁
My sister really has a picture of Tay on her door 😂😂😂😂