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•Queen James•
May the booty get fatter and my stomach flatter. Amen
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#Virgo takes their time with commitment. Once committed they are dedicated and strong in the relationship.
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Don't make excuses for why you can't get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen.
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I think I literally go to the prettiest school in the country
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Never allow #Virgo to feel unneeded or unnecessary. This will certainly turn them off in a hurry.
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I really want some cookout 😋😋
Back in my hometown 😁😁
Most comforting words from another college student: "don't worry I haven't started either"
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My husband is the best!!
Maintaining a positive attitude cultivates healthy interaction... More for Virgo
Had a great night of non stop laughs and snapchat videos with @ThatGirl_Keya 😂😈😊
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This better be hilarious. Waiting in line for an hour.
@ThatGirl_Keya lol I don't blame you .. those in between class naps are life 😂👌🏽
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First day of classes done. Now where's Keiara so we can eat? Lol @kei_ashh
First day of classes. English at 7:50am. Pray for me 🙏🏾
If you're wondering what I want for Christmas!! 💍🙆😍P3u
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Might as well go ahead and get it out my system.
Now imma be up all night 😒
@ThatGirl_Keya I love you so much babe I hope I show my appreciation more than I say it happy 8 babe 😘😘😘
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Thank you God for giving me this wonderful man 🙏🏾
I have the best husband in the world!
All I'm about to hear is Madden Madden Madden
The selfie sticks are Bluetooth 😱
Literally wearing my favorite tshirt, running shorts, & roshes. 😂😂 no need to dress up.
Having a spouse who supports you in every aspect>>>>>>> Beautiful feeling
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I guess I should start walking
Unexpected events trigger intense reactions today, and you may... More for Virgo
I've been walking so much! My legs are killing me!
I guess I'll go watch tv and see who's in there.
These are the days you've been eagerly waiting for as the irid... More for Virgo
My mom and Jerome's relationship >>>
When your sister moves into college today<<<😭💜@ThatGirl_Keyaeya
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Dont let your bro's fucked up mentalities influence you and make you mess up w/ your girl. Be your own man
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24 hours & I'll be at my new home 😈#HPU199
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When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that's love.
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