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•Queen James•
I seriously hope he has fun though. I wanna hear some stories when he comes back. Lol
Well Hubby's on his way to Miami. 😫
God is just so good. Always there and always reveals Himself right when you need Him. All knowing. Thanking Him for all things. 😊😊🙏🏼💛💛💛
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The Best Follow Train Has Started🙌🏾 Follow Me🙆🏽 &a@SamanthaCartelrtel💁🏻 🚄Hop #TityFollowTrainowTrain💨 Then #VinciCartelnciCartel
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What you gonna do when I put that pretty thing on you 😉
Well, Hubby leaves for Miami in the morning. 😫 Half way through two weeks of not seeing him. Longest ever.
I guess I need to get up and go to lab
This Chic-fil-a line 😒
I need to go to Charlotte Russe this weekend 😁
Pay close attention to your key planet Mercury as he begins da... More for Virgo
When a female wants you to notice her nails
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On judgement day God won't ask YOU about somebody else. So why be so concerned w/ somebody else's life? Fix yours!
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I feel bad for kids who will never see good Disney channel shows Halloween episodes 😔�GC
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If a #Virgo says no, hang it up. They will not be changing their minds.
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#Virgos are attracted to partners who are helpful, supportive and who like to have fun.
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About to order some food.
boys: theres a website where you can just order a ton of roses and deliver them to someone 🌹�4k
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Fetty wap - 1738 1738 = 5:38 military ⌚️ Fetty = 5 Wap = 3 5 + 3 = 8 Matthews 5:38 = Eye for an Eye. Fetty does not have a Left eye.
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More black people like this should be famous.
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I think he loves me yall. I really do...
I'm hungry...I have like no food left in my room lol
When the most dramatic part of the movie ends up being the funniest part 😂😂😂👌TWP7iBI
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Thanks for waking me up to that babe. Thanks a lot! Lol
As long as they know who he belongs to. 👌🏾
That's why I don't like him posting pictures. He looks too good. All girls wanna see on their timeline is a light skin guy with pretty eyes.
Why is she so freaking gorgeous?!!?!?!! I just don't understand!
Thank God For Life, Health and Strength 🙏💪✊💯
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I'm just gonna listen.
Turning over a new leaf. If there's anything you've ever wanted to tell me but didn't, now's the time. I'm done with grudges.
You used to call me on my shell phone
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We must learn to love, embrace & encourage one another! Not put down, back bite, etc... God is #LOVE! You don't know what people go through.
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I think subway is calling my name 😋

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