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•Queen James•
Pen and paper have become my best outlet.
Find someone that you can dream with.
I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life! Thank you God for this blessing.
I wish we could do what Haley & Nathan did. #OneTreeHill
It seems as if you're being schooled today on a lesson you alr... More for Virgo
Discussing your plans with a close friend provides a welcome s... More for Virgo
#Virgos aren't stubborn, it's just that when they know what they want, they aren't going to change their mind.
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Dang it's after 9:00 already
I hear a storm coming...
Really not trying to drive all the way Greensboro
So who invited me to the Noknok app? Lol, if you want to know what I named you in my phone you can just ask.
Honestly, I'm just tired of talking about it.
Laying here in silence. Sometimes it's the best way to think.
"And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you." Psalm 39:7
Going to church isn't an automatic bid to Heaven.
If your relationship isn't making you a better person, it means you're not with the right person.
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If your looking for a reason to give it your all today, this is it❤⚾ #PrayForDana
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I really need to get a Central shirt though. That might have to be a move this weekend.
This week and then 2 days and I'm done!!!!
Jerome probably forgot about tomorrow too. Knowing him, he's gonna have on basketball shorts lol.
I shouldn't have taken a nap earlier. I'm probably gonna be up all night 😒
So does that mean I have to look nice? I probably won't even get anything.
Completely forgot about awards day tomorrow.
I'm going to the crib.
Welp, missing my husband.
Relationships Where: You just chill at each others house🏡 make each other laugh😜 cuddle💑 take pics📷👫 & tell each other everything😃👍❤
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Being with your lady can keep you out of a lot of trouble.. 🙏🏽💯 >>>>&
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Man, can we eat? I am hungry!!
Molecule? More like MoleCOOL! *silence* Just trying to form a bond with you guys, Am ION point when I say that? *student pukes into beaker*
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A pragmatic idea might come to you today in a dream. Or maybe ... More for Virgo
I really can't deal with this much longer.
You are aware of exactly what must be done today, but you may ... More for Virgo
Make me yours, let's be the couple in the neighborhood, with pretty, smart, athletic kids, that everyone hates because they love us so much.
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About to hit the bed in a few
#Virgo women make wonderful wives. Quick and efficient, they can handle any situation thrown at them.
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I guess I'll do some history work when I get Friday!

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