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Kevin Menchaca
"@BettoOfficial: Cosas por hacer antes de morir." Haaaahaha Perfectooo mañana mismo comienzo! Haha XD
Get #FeaturePoints on iOS or Android to earn awesome rewards for trying free apps. Use for 50 bonus points.
Get #FeaturePoints on iOS or Android to earn awesome rewards for trying free apps. Use for 50 bonus points.
"@japones_facil: ディアルマルさん se ríe pero nos preguntamos, ¿está fácil la clase? 😶 A darle con ganas. がんばって!�" genial!
"@IllinoisActor: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" LOLZ I"ll doing that next time! Hahaha
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Im going sofa testing haha best thing ever!
Not sure if a guy likes you or not? Show him your tits!
#TuckAHoe #Funny #Hoe #Motel #Swag #Dope #CoolShit #Hilarious #tbt #Fun #photooftheday
I just need a rutine to follow... thats all I need. My stability is missed :(
The reason I don't follow back everyone is because I don't want my timeline to be a mess. Sorry just make it worth my #follow
Admiro mi capacidad para soportar gente que merece una patada en la cara.
When I miss you, I re-read our conversations and smile.
I wish I had the power to ignore you, like you ignore me.
Everybody deserves a @realmandyrain ;) hahaha im such a dork haha
I need new haters. The old ones are starting to like me.
Your gonna miss me when im gone :')
cam meekins - inhale >>>>> goddamn that song is amazing. It's like a song about my life.
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Does anyone have like ten thousand dollars they don’t want.
I already died before and let me tell ya...its not that bad! You can go back later & enjoy a new start! #TrueFact #NewLife #NewMe
I ve reached my #DeadEnd in #life! #NewLife #NewMe #ComingSoon #FuckThePast haha #NewYork #Newyorker :')
Moving to a new department can be a very long and tiring! #godhelp
#FuckYou haha #Bored #Colombia #Airport #lol #Swag #tbt
Naruto Storm 3 FINALLY GOT YOU!!! imma play all day everyday #PS3
"@kevin_mcguire_: love chillin with some good people" keep those people close & appreciate every moment cuz u never know if it could ur last
Yay today im gonna buy myself Naruto Storm 3 yay!!! Hahaa
We all should take our own choices...And build our own lifes our way! #NewLife #NYC #Graduate
Eating my emotions is my new hobby haha thanks nyc
When I was younger, $20 felt like $100. Now $20 feels like $1.
Thank you Crystal Castles haha Thank you VERY much :')
Why wasnt I born rich?! Why god?! #WHY?!
Daft Punk - Somerhing About Us ... Discribes perfecte my love life haha always
Did you just louse intrest in me? Could it be as simple as that? :(
Hah buena buena estuvo :) #oldtimes #memories #friends #missyou #yeah #prom
90% of all people who use illegal drugs have an above average IQ level.
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"@mariatecu: Al final todo va a salir bien. Y si no ha salido bien, es que todavía no es el final." Mega tweet #followher #now #newfollower
Trying to actively engage in conversation while holding in the world's biggest fart is just *Squeezes butt cheeks super tight* the worst.
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People just seem to love to ignore me...
Im gonna start a social awkward club haha wait no im too awkward to start a club.. FML
De solo pensar en el día que voy a tener hoy me dan ganas de dormirme y despertarme mañana! 😔😔
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Quiero dejar de buscarte y ver si tu me buscasba mi