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Can Costa Rica pull an upset? I wouldn't mind seeing the underdog win.
Move it football head!
Too school for cool.
US is playing 3 up front. Do you think they should switch back to playing a diamond in the midfield to match Belgium?
I rooted for France through the group stages but I'd like to see the Super Eagles win this one. #GoGreen
After that goal I ran to class... Still praying for USA to make a comeback though.
Second halfs already starting, I'm glued to my seat. Guess I'm missing English 2.. God have mercy on me.
Pondering whether I should miss my first class to continue watching this USA game... What do you guys think?
Strong first half for the Americans. A steady back four and the counter attacks have been dangerous. My belief is increasing!
Germany's weakness are those outside defenders, they're slow. Look for Beasley to have a big game.
I sense the nerves... I feel it myself. Make some simple passes, gain some confidence.
Taken right before I left Nairobi, I was fortunate to meet these two great guys from @jacksgap. Special moment. (Photo cred: Finn Harries)
Final day in Nairobi...
About to meet @JackHarries and @FinnHarries in Nairobi. How strange and cool. #youtubers
My dad made me watch every James Bond movie growing up, he's obsessed. Wishing him a happy Father's Day.
These ladies caught me watching fault in the stars in Nairobi by myself... Fantastic movie :) They also said I should tell people that Kenya has areas that are more developed and "pretty." This is true.
Thanks @TheRealRyanHiga for allowing @JLin7 and I on your "Dare" episode. Click to see who wins:
Wasn't able to spend my birthday with friends and family back home, but I was able to feel welcome, regardless. Thanks to all you for the bday wishes (6/12).
My birthday's in two days... meh. I can't wait for the world cup ;)
Happy birthday to Mr. Higa. He's a very "deer" friend. Get it? Cause his profile pic is a deer? @TheRealRyanHiga #imfunnyipromise
5:15pm slum selfie. Walking to my bus stop with students John and Felix. I'm reminded of the reality of others. This ends my batch of selfish selfies. I wanted to show you a day in the life at Jumba high.
5:00pm last bell selfie. Form 2 is feigning excitement after a long day at Jumba High. As a student though, I am blessed to share in their passion for education, growth, and community. They send you a warm hello. 'Til next time.
3:20pm football selfie. After a long day of classes, the Jumba high school students have P.E. The older boys like to have a serious football match. Brb, time to do some spanking.
12:45pm lunch break selfie. 8th graders Larry and Derek invited me to have lunch in their home (little brother Eugene is on the left). They made a special rice dish and brewed chai black tea. Their gratitude is unexpected... I pray they do well on their exams next week.
10:45am office selfie. Usually reserved for the director, the school granted me this space for my stay. The office allows for handling daily affairs, for writing/reflecting, and for carrying on private studies. Exciting stuff, I assure you :)
10:05am selfie. Jumba high school shares the same grounds as the primary school. After a brief walk today, I decided to intrude on one of their classes. At the school, you'll see these kids in particular, throughout the day. During attendance in the morning, and also during break times when they are
Good morning, here's a 7:45am Bus selfie. This is how I get to Jumba high school on weekdays. Usually only costs 25-40 cents. The bus is crowded and it plays really loud music, sort of wakes you up.
That's all for now. I sincerely apologize for spamming your twitter feeds.
People play futbol (soccer) more than they play candy crush. #thirdworldawesome
If you know Jesus, you can pretty much get along with anyone out here. #thirdworldawesome
I have yet to hear someone brag about a new diet they're trying. #thirdworldawesome
No one here keeps up with the Kardashians. #thirdworldawesome
Flip phones are still in. #thirdworldawesome
People interact with each other more than they interact with their smartphones. #thirdworldawesome
Having an actual chicken for an alarm clock. #thirdworldawesome
Walking 20 yards to the nearby fruit/veggie stand to get big, tasty mangoes and avocados for a quarter. #thirdworldawesome
We've all heard or experienced our fair share of #firstworldproblems. To entertain myself in Kenya, I came up with some #thirdworldawesomes.
The school you guys raised money for through JumbaFund. I'm here.
Currently in Nairobi with @TheSupply. Spending time with KJ high school. Today I'm a student. Just finished business class. History next!
Laguna. @justinchon
Just drove back from Vegas. I pondered life and listened to "Elements" by @kinagrannis. Please go get it... It's beautifully revealing...
In Vegas. Watching @notryanhiga film for YouTube. He looks sooooo happyyyy!