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Kevin Rose
Zuckerberg did a 30-min Q&A in Chinese. He learned Mandarin while running a company. You spent your day on Facebook
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New foundation episode with @biz , check it out:
Invites are gone, thanks all for playing :)
woohoo, @ProductHunt profiles have launched, follow me here:
I just found out that @hemeon has never seen MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL ….. WTF…. this is my co-founder?
looking for a research/BD intern at @n__ht________s @ reply me back. thanks!
Our new #hermanmiller office chairs look slightly alien
I used Apple Pay today, it's a taker of breath. love it.
cancel that, found it, it looks like this:…
remember the little "reader" button in Safari? Is that gone now? No more clean articles without the junk?
Who are your favorite football teams? Me: #1. Packers. #2 Any team playing the Cowboys.
GO PACK GO!!!!! hell ya!!!
I’m partnering with @Quarterly to bring you a curated Holiday Tech box! Sign up now and be the first to know more -
Apparently Yosemite is stuck in App Review.
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i'd be all about safari if it had multi-user support like Chrome does
wow, crazy action at the Apple event this morning, lots of new product to pick from:…
cars are driving themselves and whatnot but I still can't print wirelessly and spotify wants to update itself every 5 mins
Tiiny 1.2 is out! Better scrolling and video performance, notifications, and more!
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has anyone used Ruckus wireless routers? or Meraki?
my apple wireless routers have been giving me issues, who makes the best high end wireless home router?
Love Regulator layout, I blame @hodinkee. Excited for the apple watch but love old school watches.
Commercial director @simonwillows joins us on @tiinyapp. Follow him now for hilarious videos, search Simon Willows in tiiny!
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These days don't have enough hours in them
Meet @parkerthelabradoodle :)
Huge congrats to my buddy Anish on the launch of his product "snowball" android peeps check this out:
for @SlackHQ we push github, @sprintly, tweets, Zendesk, Heroku, New Relic, and Honeybadger right into dedicated channels, so nice...
I'm loving the combination of @SlackHQ & @sprintly to track all of our projects at @n__ht________s, great software.
A simple idea really well executed. Find out what customers really think about your product/service:
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FOUNDATION: I sit down w/ @dens for a Foursquare update, great episode!… thanks @dens!
We've had to remove Instagram authentication at their request. If you're having login issues contact @TiinySupport, thanks!
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Huge happy birthday to my mom yesterday. My moms the sweetest & kindest person I've met, still so much to learn from her. Love you mom!
Great day for the farmers market!
I'm so exited to introduce you to toasters cousin and @aubrey's new dog @langley_pup !!
URGENT: Do not update to iOS 8.0.1. It is causing major issues for those who have.
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The new @Circa News is up on @ProductHunt. If that's your thing, check it out! Doing an AMA there too.
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Tiiny 1.1 is now out, now login with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. + more.
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If I change the permissions of a Twitter app, will existing users get upgraded if they reauthorize or must they revoke the app first?
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One of my favorite videos from today :)