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Kevin Rose
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Huge happy birthday to my mom yesterday. My moms the sweetest & kindest person I've met, still so much to learn from her. Love you mom!
Great day for the farmers market!
I'm so exited to introduce you to toasters cousin and @aubrey's new dog @langley_pup !!
URGENT: Do not update to iOS 8.0.1. It is causing major issues for those who have.
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The new @Circa News is up on @ProductHunt. If that's your thing, check it out! Doing an AMA there too.
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Tiiny 1.1 is now out, now login with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. + more.
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If I change the permissions of a Twitter app, will existing users get upgraded if they reauthorize or must they revoke the app first?
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One of my favorite videos from today :)
Amazing day for the @tonyhawkfoundation :)
Holy ***k I'm on the ramp!!!
Met with @weisswatchcompany today in LA. Small independent watch maker hand assembled here in LA. Super humble and great folks :)
that said, I purchased both for testing apps, kinda like the plus but the standard 6 is the perfect size.
the iPhone 6 plus is freaking massive… it's like Apple put a iPad mini in a box and changed the label.
Pro skaters joining Tiiny left and right, first @tonyhawk now @jimthiebaud - check suggested users in settings to watch him skate on Tiiny
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It's @ToasterPup's 4th birthday and @kevinrose bought him a cake and we both ate a piece before dinner #foodist
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Love that Tim is doing a book club: β€œ@tferriss: What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars”
I promise to slow down on the @tiinyapp tweets, just a note, 1.02 just shipped today, check out the "Rising" section under Popular. Thx :)
Tiiny 1.01 is now out! Twice as many popular posts, unfollowing is fixed, and tons o' performance stuff.
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To founders of photo & video sharing apps: Show real commitment, post videos of you *showering*, like @tiinyapp @kevinrose @hemeon . :)
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β€œThe Making of Tiiny” - a indepth look about how we made @tiinyapp… Thank you everyone for trying @tiinyapp!
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just made my first cup of coffee, bring on the work!! Happy Monday all.
hiring for an amazing backend engineer at @n__ht________s, must love all things cloud, python/go/c etc., email: kevinrose+jobs [at] gmail
Tiiny users, should we keep post around forever or keep deleting them after 24hrs? Please take this poll:
You guys, check out @tiinyapp - it's a fun little app that lets you make tiny looping videos & pics:
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ProTip: Swipe right to left over any of your photos or videos to delete!
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next @tiinyapp release will have a slightly better popular page with more items, that way it won't just be me showering
YES! β€œ@Doggzilla: Will it be ported to Android if its successful?”
we're working on rate limiting them (didn't expect this many posts!) and you can always turn them off in settings inside @tiinyapp
Thanks everyone for trying @tiinyapp (if you haven't go download now at a few people have asked about notifications
I built a fun little app called tiiny, I hope you'll check it out: (yes, for better or worse you'll see me showering)
.@kevinrose Launches Tiiny To Take The Anxiety And Megapixels Out Of Photo Sharing deep dive w Kevin on experimenting
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Tiiny is out, download here: and read about it here (why we built it):…
Our first app, @tiinyapp is "Processing for App Store", took up a little over 3-weeks to create, should be fun. :)
In my day, we used to stand in line for hours in the hot sun just to get our new iPhones.
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What if… what if the Apple Store never comes back online?
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yes I put a paper iPhone in my pocket today to see how it fit
you can join my game: 314255