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Kevin O'Leary
One of my favorite entrepreneurs- Noah at @boxpilots sent me this photo! Looks like he had to employ grandma's help to manage all the orders that have been pouring in! #PaperBoxPilots #SharkTank
I've had comments from people saying that Shark Tank isn't real. Tell that to my 91 yr old…
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Voila! One of the best @ABCSharkTank deals in history. @kevinolearytv: have the other sharks paid up for your wisdom?
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The ultimate truth about money: even though it doesn’t care about me or you, to make money requires us to care deeply about it.
Woke up today & pinched ourselves...#SharkTank dreams do come true! Thrilled to be working with @kevinolearytv and his (Mr.) Wonderful team!
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Nice day in the vineyards as we get ready to release the new O'Leary Fine Wine Special Reserve #Savannah & #Trevor wines
For anyone who enjoys real fine wine, let me share my personal favorite: #OlearyFineWine #MaybeImBiased #SharkTank
Nasty! My tongue is personally offended but I'm willing to overlook flavor if the numbers taste a bit better. Show me the $$! #SharkTank
Add that to his resume. @kevinolearytv - Oil Snob, Cash Whisperer, Lovable Shark. #SharkTank
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The numbers never lie! I'm an experienced cash whisperer and the only thing I'm hearing from the $$ right now is a cry for help. #SharkTank
$3 million invested and less than $75K in the bank?? Get me out of here, these numbers are giving me a migraine!! #SharkTank
Great recap from @breathometer! Congrats on your new product and retail rollout. Big things coming in the future!! #SharkTank
For everyone asking how to start their own honeymoon registry or gift fund, get started here! @Honeyfund #SharkTank
@kevinolearytv Haha. My friend just used @Honeyfund for his wedding. Such a brilliant idea! #HoneyFund #SharkTank
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I love that @Honeyfund lets you choose specific activities & experiences to fund! So much more personal than just giving a check #SharkTank
That's why they call me Mr. Wonderful! Soon they're going to change my name to Father Theresa #SharkTank #HoneyFund
Weddings are money vacuums & I'm all for helping people cut down the cost of their nuptials! Crowdfunded honeymoons? Brilliant! #SharkTank
I love the idea of gifting someone an experience or memory instead of a crappy blender they'll replace in 2 years! #HoneyFund #SharkTank
What do you guys think? Would you rather fund a friend's honeymoon than give a gift? #HoneyFund #SharkTank
I'm confident #Oilerie will find it's place but unfortunately it's not going to be near my bank account. #SharkTank
Franchising?I can see this doing well as a niche product in some regions but in big cities it'll be "just another olive oil store"#SharkTank
It's true, I take my olive oil collection almost as seriously as my money collection #SharkTank #Oilerie
Who's ready for another brand new episode of @ABCSharkTank!?? Coming your way in T-5 minutes!!
Less than 2 hours until #SharkTank time. Tonight's ep features one of my favorite deals of the season!! Don't you dare forget to tune in!
Everyday my motto is to go to bed richer than you woke up. There’s never enough money.
I'm live tweeting tonight during an all new #SharkTank! Who’s joining me??
.@jimmykimmel and @IAMGUILLERMO are headed into the Shark Tank!! What in the world will they be pitching?!
Preparing dinner for my wife Linda on one of our first dates! When you're young theres no need to waste money you don't have on lavish restaurants. Save your cash & impress that special someone with your own cooking skills!! #tbt
Every relationship you have is an investment, but how many of these relationships actually pay off?
Simply shocked at what's unfolding in Canada's capital. Thinking of you, Ottawa.
Congrats to one of my favorite #SharkTank pitches on their expansion into offline retail! @plated
Recording our first live album in Vancouver last night! @petergirges photo cred @cydneypope @roxy #vancouver
The easiest way to grow your money is by investing it. Here are 5 investment rules to guide you to financial freedom!
Entrepreneur: Somebody with a willingness to take risks to pursue freedom. #entrepreneurs #smallbiz
14-year-old Eagle Scout CEO shines in national TV debut; earns deal with @kevinolearytv #SharkTank
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Come see Kevin O' Leary LIVE and have a drink with him after the show! Nov 5 in Toronto
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You're never too young or old to fix your relationship with money!
Stop the madness!! The numbers aren't there! You'd have to be an idiot to value this company at more than 2.5 mil! #SharkTank
This crew needs a MAJOR reality check if they think these numbers are adding up. #WheresTheCashFlow??? #SharkTank
Devil?? I'm the patron saint of #CASHFLOW! #SharkTank
The best part of this company is the people. That becomes a BIG problem when it's time to scale a small business. #SharkTank
Real entrepreneurs don't just dream, they DO! I have a lot of respect for ppl who break out of the cubicle to be their own boss #SharkTank