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Kevin O'Leary
Simply shocked at what's unfolding in Canada's capital. Thinking of you, Ottawa.
Congrats to one of my favorite #SharkTank pitches on their expansion into offline retail! @plated
Recording our first live album in Vancouver last night! @petergirges photo cred @cydneypope @roxy #vancouver
The easiest way to grow your money is by investing it. Here are 5 investment rules to guide you to financial freedom!
Entrepreneur: Somebody with a willingness to take risks to pursue freedom. #entrepreneurs #smallbiz
14-year-old Eagle Scout CEO shines in national TV debut; earns deal with @kevinolearytv #SharkTank
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Come see Kevin O' Leary LIVE and have a drink with him after the show! Nov 5 in Toronto
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You're never too young or old to fix your relationship with money!
Stop the madness!! The numbers aren't there! You'd have to be an idiot to value this company at more than 2.5 mil! #SharkTank
This crew needs a MAJOR reality check if they think these numbers are adding up. #WheresTheCashFlow??? #SharkTank
Devil?? I'm the patron saint of #CASHFLOW! #SharkTank
The best part of this company is the people. That becomes a BIG problem when it's time to scale a small business. #SharkTank
Real entrepreneurs don't just dream, they DO! I have a lot of respect for ppl who break out of the cubicle to be their own boss #SharkTank
"At the end of the day, business is about money." @kevinolearytv
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To all my followers who are also small business owners, I have a new lending partner! #SmallBiz #BusinessLending
20% equity just isn't enough to make my money feel safe & I always put my money's feelings first. #SharkTank
Floorspace is gold in the retail world! A product this size takes up A LOT of space... a big turn off for most retailers #SharkTank
Every parent's dream: a 2 in 1 toy that doubles as a trampoline and a cage to keep your kid in! #SharkTank
Hey @ABCSharkTank can we get one of these for the tank?? #SharkTank
5 minutes until a brand new episode of #SharkTank. Turn on that TV if you haven't already! @ABCSharkTank
Winter is coming and I'm staying warm in my beanie from @wkdgoodcupcakes. How about you?
Winter is coming! I'm staying warm in my cupcake beanie from @wkdgoodcupcakes, how about you?
Who's joining me tonight to live tweet a brand new episode of @ABCSharkTank at 9/8c? #SharkTank
A lot of people ask me how to get rich! Here's my answer: #SaveDontSpend #AlwaysInvest
It's my favorite day of the week again...Shark Friday! Who's tuning into @ABCSharkTank tonight?? #SharkTank
RDM: Joining us at 8:35am is Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary @kevinolearytv! We've got some great ideas to run by him...
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Found Stonyridge Terrace by IAN POOLEY with #Shazam.
Always remember: You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. #wordsofwisdomwednesday
Thanks to everybody who joined me and @CNBCPrimeTV for #SharkTankNation tonight1!!
@kevinolearytv like you said before. Your money is like soldiers in your army fighting against another's money. His money is dying here.
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I send my money out to battle so it can return with more money! This guy is a money killer plain and simple!! #SharkTankNation
#SharkTankNation @kevinolearytv agreed, wouldn't people just ask someone to hold the bag for them...
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There's nothing proprietary about this!1 #SharkTankNation
What about "No Sales"? RT @kevinolearytv: No two words make my stomach turn in thank as much as "pre-revenue" !! #SharkTankNation
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No two words make my stomach turn in the tank as much as "pre-revenue" !! #SharkTankNation
My daily goal is to go to bed richer than I was when I woke up. How?? By being a disciplined investor! #SharkTankNation @CNBCPrimeTV
@kevinolearytv hurricane or Mr Wonderful? What if the hurricane's name was Hurricane O'Leary! #disciplinedinvestor #thelegend
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I love the resilience and commitment of this pair but as an investment, there's just too much risk on the line #SharkTankNatio
Now that I'm watching this again I suddenly have a craving for a chicken slurpee...Stop the madness! @CNBCPrimeTV #SharkTankNation