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Kevin O'Leary
Season 6 #SharkTank just wrapped in #LA it's going to be fantastic watch premier Sept 26th 8pm on #ABC
6am & My day is getting off 2a bad start! Few things can turn a persons stomach like @kevinolearytv this early.
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It's #Hollywood from the hills!
What do you have to do to get a billboard in this town?! #LA #SharkTank
My girl and I always arguing every time we watch Shark Tank thanks @kevinolearytv @TheSharkDaymond
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@TheRealMrduFeu @kevinolearytv Only show worth watching...most others are just time fillers but #sharktank #inspires!
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Thanks for watching! RT @KatMullens: @kevinolearytv Thx for retweet & tweeting w/us! This is the ONLY reason not to DVR #TV, Learn so much !
@kevinolearytv is BY FAR my favorite shark! I want to make him a suit!
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Groove book is now a something burger thanks to Mr Wonderful! @kevinolearytv
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@kevinolearytv @GroovebookApp I want to try this! I have thousands of pics in my phone to be printed! #SharkTank
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@kevinolearytv @GroovebookApp Been a subscriber for 3 months now! Love my groove books ! Best 2.99 you will ever spend!
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@kevinolearytv - I thought you were going to bail when he said 6 million. The fact that you didn't says a lot about the product.
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@kevinolearytv I hope you know how awesome it is to have our #business icons tweet with us! #sharktankweek @ABCSharkTank
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Slideshare: Why Kevin O'Leary Bet Big on a Photo Book: In a sea of photo apps, Groovebook caught t... [featured]
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Used @kevinolearytv 's "This is your defining moment" speech that he sometimes gives to psych myself up for Medical School #SharkTank
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And they are growing like crazy, exploded after #SharkTank and doesn’t stop getting bigger - America loves #Groovebook! @GroovebookApp
I love @GroovebookApp! You have to see these books to believe it -- just $2.99, one hundred photos, with shipping and great quality
Sharktank is the best show on TV, hands down
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I think we *just* discovered why this is @kevinolearytv's favorite episode from Season 5! @GroovebookApp #SharkTank
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@kevinolearytv: Very cool concept with impeccable photo quality! I love this business! #SharkTank #groovebook
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I can never hear the word "perpetuity" without thinking of @kevinolearytv #SharkTank
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@kevinolearytv will offer a royalty in a deal “@SharkTankABC: Any predictions for next season of #sharktank fans? Let's hear it! #sharktank
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Very cool concept with impeccable photo quality! I love this business! #SharkTank #groovebook
That’s why they call me #MrWonderful! RT @tes_slam_jam: @kevinolearytv you probably had the best deal out of all of them
Is this for real? No one is buying this now and no one ever will! #SharkTank
This product has potential to make big money but he picked the wrong investor! #SharkTank
This is a great idea for kids to get active but the business plan needs a lot of work. It’s too early to invest. #SharkTank
Look who is hanging with the Sharks today! Yes its #JohnMayer great guitarist
At the #TorontoFilmFestval for #BillMurray 's new Film #StVincent
This #Emmy broke through security and is now demanding its own #shartank seat!
Wow I just turned on @CNBC and saw myself with hair on #sharktank
Look the #MrWonderful #Fender #Strat guitar is being born built by master luthier #DennisGaluszka
Shark in the #WhiteHouse shooting #SharkTank this place is beautiful! and dripping with history!
i love doing @CNBCClosingBell best place to debate the issues of the financial markets with really smart people.
Singing "Under The Boardwalk" on a hot summer night!
What crazy boots do. Stop the madness!