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Kevin O'Leary
Wishing a very happy 3rd anniversary to my friends at @wkdgoodcupcakes to day!
CNBC is bringing you 4 hours of Shark Tank every Tuesday & Wednesday. Tune in starting at 8pm ET! #SharkTankNation…
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Changing things up a little at 4pm. Bringing you @ScottWapnerCNBC @kaylatausche & @kevinolearytv for the full hour. Tune in!!
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Shout out to @kevinolearytv for taking a picture with dunwoody high school finance.
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Straight up just saw @kevinolearytv and got a picture with him too! (Not included) (needed royalties)
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Remember friends: whatever you pay attention to what are you going to start paying attention to today? Make your Monday count!
Watching #NFL buddies when the photo album comes out, me in 1974. I have decided to grow my hair back!
In the elevator on the way home from the rock show with @theLindaOleary #NYC
Incredible night in #NYC with 100k people at the @GlblCtzn Festival, see more images at
Recovering from the #SharkTank premier in #NYC heading to #GlobalCitizenFedtival in #CentralPark thanks @EricOrtner
Thanks for tweeting with me and see you all next Friday! #SharkTank
Luckily I can still see profit potential even when I get something in my eye and it starts watering... #SharkTank
Sharks have feelings too!! A moving story, but I don't make business decisions with my emotions. #SharkTank
.@BarbaraCorcoran is never going to brush her teeth again after getting a taste of Mr. Wonderful's lips!! #SharkTank
I might have $30 to drop on a coffee mug, but this price point is way too high to make it in the mainstream market. #SharkTank
If anyone knows the toy industry it's me, & I know it's one of the hardest markets to crack no matter how great your product is #SharkTank
If you haven't heard the ice cream story yet, get it together and pick up a copy of The Cold Hard Truth! #SharkTank
Is this true!? RT "@clickflickca: I love the tv show #sharktank Kevin and the shark look the same! :)
Lowering that valuation was the right and ONLY option! Moral of the story, always listen to your Uncle Kevin! #SharkTank
Don't get off that couch! Episode 2 is coming up! Spoiler alert: Things get intimate with a certain witch... @BarbaraCorcoran #SharkTank
This valuation stinks like dirty socks!! #sockroaches #SharkTank
STOP THE MADNESS! This is one of the most horrible ideas I've ever heard in or out of the tank! I've never been so OUT. #SharkTank
Do these guys have any idea how expensive a finger scanner is?! Costs will be WAY too high to scale! #SharkTank
Rule #1: The numbers rule! Just believing in your business can only get it so far. #SharkTank
"The American dream is alive and well" - @mcuban (couldn't agree more) #sharktank
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Love the product, the people, and the profits...why'd they pick the wrong shark!? #SleepingBaby #SharkTank
.@Novafan23 Once in awhile my heart comes out of hiding...but only when there's money to be made too!
What can I say? Even Mr. Wonderful gets emotional sometimes! I relate to this business on a personal level AND it's profitable! #SharkTank
THE MADNESS HAS BEGUN!! Get ready to live tweet with me! #SharkTank
Let the countdown begin! T-3 minutes till #sharktank. [finally!!]
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Only 30 mins until Season 6 @ABCSharkTank premieres with two back-to-back episodes! Hurry up and turn on the TV! #SharkTank
Want to win $2,000 & a call w/ me! Correctly answer what I feature in my @QVC show tonight after #sharktank 10pm EST:
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The sharks are back & hungrier than ever! 2-hr #SharkTank season premiere tonight @ 8PM on CTV Two cc @kevinolearytv…
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Hey @kevinolearytv Check out this video commemorating Scotties 10 years of support for the @CBCF_ #letsfindacure…
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I'm a proud supporter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, are you? Help the cause by watching and sharing!…
RT: Scotties will donate $1 to CBCF for every view #ScottiesPowerOf10 — CBCF (@CBCF_) September 25, 2014 @adcd
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Psst... Somebody snuck me some top secret Season 6 footage to whet your appetite for tonight's premiere! #SharkTank…
... When #SharkTank goes too far! Lots of surprises on tonight's 2-hour premiere!
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on the set of @GMA right now witth @TheSharkDaymond ask us a question! #GMASharkTank
At Kurt Russell's @winesaloon trying his #Chardonnay. Llight oak crisp with a #Montrachet sensibility!
Only a few hours until #SharkMeet kicks off in Colombus! Let's see what Ohio's entrepreneurs can bring to the table #ITmartini